Lithium new energy explosion market is coming? Well-known fund managers quickly settled the market

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

Sep 14 Ningde era intraday rise Super 7% in Ningde era under the leadership of the new energy sector collective upside, new energy industry ETF intraday rise ultra-5%. Regarding the investment strategy of the new energy industry in the fourth quarter, a number of fund managers said that "carbon neutrality" is a big opportunity given by The Times, and under the structural market, it will make rotation between sub-industries. During the morning session, new energy industry ETF at one point, had also had an surged ultra-5% afternoon slightly callback close by nearly 10 battery, new energy vehicles related ETF gains in the 3%-4% range. Sun Haozhong, manager of Xincheng emerging industry fund, said that today's rise in the new energy sector has many influencing factors. Individuals are more concerned about the expansion announcement of the Ningde era, there is also the strategic cooperation between Jiangte Electric and Guoxuan Hi-Tech. Of course, we should also consider the previous situation of power restriction in Yunnan. Power restriction may bring a certain degree of scarcity for high energy consumption, such as the graphitization of the negative pole. Therefore, from the plate today, the negative electrode actually performs relatively strongly, behind it is also such a big background for power rationing. "In fact, there has been no clear adjustment in the past period of time, especially in the direction of Xinyuan car, but the rising links are different. Just before the resource side was relatively strong, then the midstream is relatively weak, everyone is a little worried about the upstream price rise on the midstream profit squeeze, and then to this point in time today, this midstream appears to be relatively cheap in valuation and other aspects, in addition, there are some individual stocks or industry catalysis, so today, the midstream has risen more, and the upstream has relatively adjusted." Sun Hao mentioned, "The photovoltaic level is adjusted, because now everyone is still a little worried about the price of silicon, and the price of auxiliary materials is high, especially when the price of auxiliary materials is high, for links like the auxiliary material EVA particles, when the price has been at a high level, it may start to worry about the terminal demand again. This may be a reason for the adjustment of photovoltaic." The reporter noted that since the beginning of this year, the new energy index rose 54%, related industries ETF also rose astonishingly, such as rare earth ETF fund (516150. Sh), photovoltaic ETF fund (159863. Sz) during the year cumulative increase was as high as 74.02%, 73.19%. Rare Earth ETF(516780. Sh), new energy ETF (516090. Sh), new energy 80ETF(516850. Sh) has a cumulative increase of more than 60% during the year. On the one hand, the new energy industry ETF has risen astonishingly, on the other hand, the share of related ETF has shrunk significantly. The reporter counted more than 40 new energy industry ETF including the words "new energy, new energy vehicles, batteries, photovoltaics, rare earths, carbon neutralization, etc.", of which 36 have just been listed this year. Wind data show that the new energy related ETF years combined share resulting in the reduction of more than 8.5 billion parts according to the interval clinch a deal the price calculation, cumulative capital surplus 12.2 billion yuan. Cathay Pacific Fund said that with the increasing maturity of investors, investors in the layout of new energy and other volatile sectors, the early new energy growth is relatively large, there are indeed some choices "low layout, high throw". ETF as a tool product, investors to sell high and low suction is a normal operation. However, as a professional organization, it is still recommended that investors choose a longer-term way to hold promising industries and products. Generally speaking, it will be more difficult to "get on the bus" after making the band ". In particular, the short-term volatility of the new energy sector is strong, and it is recommended that investors lay out related products from a more medium-and long-term perspective. Sun Haozhong, manager of Xincheng emerging industry fund, said that in addition to ETF, most of the funds ranked higher in the whole market are in the direction of new energy. Recently, the market is a little afraid of new energy. He said that the track with medium and long-term prosperity, including the chemical industry, is in a relatively high position. April this year, new energy plate out brings with it a powerful rally in Apr to Aug of 5 months, the CSI mainland New theme consecutive rise. At the same time, public funds have increased their holdings in the new energy sector. According to statistics, the number of funds holding new energy concept stocks rose sharply from 1385 at the end of the first quarter to 12957 at the end of the second quarter (share calculated separately), an increase of more than 8 times. However, after entering September, the new energy sector, which had been advancing by leaping, began to fluctuate and adjust, and the investment strategy of fund managers became the focus of market attention. Lu Bin, manager of HSBC Jinxin Intelligent Pioneer Fund, said that "carbon neutrality" is a great opportunity given by the Times. Don't just focus on new energy. "Carbon neutrality" has three main investment lines. First, achieving the goal of carbon neutrality means a disruptive energy revolution. Second, in the context of carbon neutrality, the investment value of cyclical manufacturing leaders is expected to be revalued. The development of new energy will also provide new demand for some cyclical products, opening the industry growth ceiling. Finally, the environmental technology industry is expected to accelerate development, opening a new round of growth. "Pay attention to structural opportunities and don't take new energy as a whole. The business climate, industry fundamentals and valuation risk gaps between sub-sectors are still relatively large, and they will still make rotation between sub-industries." A new energy fund manager in Shanghai mentioned. Wang Yang, manager of Cathay Pacific Smart Automobile Fund, said that in terms of investment, the research and allocation of the entire new energy industry chain is relatively balanced. Upstream concerns are indispensable resource varieties. Midstream manufacturing is in the middle of the dumbbell, the pressure will be relatively large, mainly benefit from the business climate. While paying attention to the demand of the upper and midstream industries in the battery stage, it is also necessary to look forward to the automotive industry towards an intelligent and interconnected world. The downstream is still in the "Spring and Autumn Era". In the global wave of new energy vehicles, the transformation of traditional fuel car companies, the rise of new car-making forces, the entry of Internet car-making, etc., will eventually come out, it remains to be seen. In addition, the industry is moving towards high-quality development, and it is more necessary to increase efficiency through cost reduction. In this context, suppliers of advanced equipment, suppliers of new materials, and suppliers of new technologies will have greater opportunities. In the medium and long-term dimensions, semiconductor, computer, electronics, communications and other scientific and technological fields will become the main engine of automobile intelligence and the Internet. Sun Haozhong, manager of Xincheng emerging industry fund, said that it is relatively optimistic about the whole medium and long term of new energy, including the fourth quarter, from industrial price expectations, sales expectations and industrial policies, he thought it was better for a resonant quarter. Then next year, we may have to observe the changes overseas, especially the industrial policies of new energy vehicles in the United States, including changes in its sales and changes in new models. In the midstream, some more screening will be done. Due to the scarcity of graphitization production capacity, enterprises with relatively high self-sufficiency rate are also relatively concerned. Other companies such as ternary front-drive, some of the distinctive lithium iron phosphate companies are also relatively concerned, the photovoltaic level for civil construction, the inverter is relatively more concerned. Zou Hui, manager of the stock fund of Societe Generale Energy Innovation, said that the new energy industry has a long chain, a wide range, and a large space. Under the general trend of "carbon neutrality", he is optimistic about wind power in the short term. In terms of long-term development, we are optimistic about new energy vehicles, photovoltaics and new materials. The energy storage track may catch up in the second half of this year or next year. Under the background of "carbon neutrality", the entire new energy industry will spiral, and outstanding companies in related fields will also usher in a period of strategic opportunities for rapid growth. From the perspective of the energy structure of global carbon emissions, carbon emissions mainly come from the power industry and the transportation industry, which will have huge investment opportunities in the process of achieving emission reduction targets.

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