Ningde Times plans to acquire Canadian Lithium Corporation for 377 million Canadian dollars

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

Chinese companies are competing to lay out the key materials needed for electric vehicle batteries, and the bidding war for Canadian mining companies Millennial Lithium Corp. Has entered a white-hot stage. People familiar with the matter said the Ningde times for the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda is 0.377 billion Canadian dollar (USD 0.298 billion) to buy Canadian mining enterprises Millennial behind the mystery buyer. Millennial said on September 8 that the company received a non-binding offer from a foreign lithium battery manufacturer, offering a price of C $3.85 per share. Ganfeng Lithium had Jul fen announced that will share 3.60 Canadian dollar acquisition Millennial to have total price is about 0.353 billion Canadian dollar. People familiar with the matter said that Millennial's assets also attracted the interest of Luoyang Molybdenum. One of the people familiar with the matter said that Luoyang Molybdenum may consider a joint bid with the Ningde era. People familiar with the matter said that the relevant consultations are still in progress, and it is uncertain whether buyers will continue to advance with binding offers. At present, the Ningde era has not yet officially responded to this.

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