"13 Fragrance" is here, can the price reduction drive the fruit chain to strengthen? Understand Apple's new product launch in one article

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

Beijing time at 1 o'clock in the morning on September 15th, Apple held a new product launch conference in the autumn of 2021, officially released the long-awaited iPhone13 series, starting from the price of 5199 yuan. At the same time, 2021 models of iPad, new generation iPad Mini, Watch Series 7 and other products all debut. The iPhone 13 series will be equipped with a brand new A15 chip. The difference is that the iPhone 13/13 mini's GPU display chip is 4 cores, while the Pro Series is 5 cores, that is to say on graphics rendering, or the Pro Series is slightly better. In addition to the processor, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have also been upgraded in the screen bangs this year, thanks to the new micro-slit earpiece and tighter sensors, the iPhone 13 series of bangs than iPhone 12 was reduced by 20%. In terms of battery life, Apple claims that it has carried out a series of redesigns inside the fuselage of the iPhone13 series to accommodate larger batteries. Among them, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro battery life is 1.5 hours longer than the previous generation, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max life is 2.5 hours longer than the previous generation. The market's long-awaited 1TB storage has finally emerged this year, with Apple adding up to 1TB of storage space on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, which is by far the largest memory capacity of the iPhone, the iPhone 13 series continues to maintain a maximum of 512GB of storage space. While Apple has given so many improvements, the biggest highlight of the entire launch may be the price of the new iPhone this year. Under the premise of increasing the standard capacity to 128GB, this year's iPhone 13 series has been reduced to varying degrees from the starting price of the iPhone 12 last year. Among them, iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 starting price of 5199 and 5999 yuan respectively, compared with last year iPhone 12 series in the case of double storage capacity, retail price is 300 yuan; iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max start price for 7999 and 8999 yuan, compared with last year iPhone 12 Pro Series 500 yuan and 300 yuan respectively. According to past experience, the iPhone usually goes on sale a week and a half after Apple's new product launch. The market is expected, Apple is expected to launch a 5GiPhoneSE series in the first quarter of 2022, to supplement the low price of 5G mobile phone blank, is expected to further stimulate the 5GiPhone exchange demand. It is expected that 2022, iPhone shipments is expected to reach 0.245 billion-section. Pacific Securities said that from pre-industrial chain in advance stocking and follow-up to the stock rhythm, Apple on its second half of the new machine sales confidence jiao zu, the current market of new shipping expected up to 0.1 billion, year-on-year growth of 20%-25%. From the analysis of the pre-stock status, iPhone supplier performance is expected to usher in the "bright eye" of the third quarter after experiencing the "general" in the second quarter ", the shipments after the release of the new machine will largely determine the supplier performance in the fourth quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year. A- share Apple concept index has been warmed up in advance, since September, as of Tuesday's close, the index has risen about 3.1%. CITIC Construction Investment believes that the current consumer electronics sector in a similar position in 2019, iPhone 13 series to boost sales (similar to iPhone11), and new products such as iPhone 14 series and MR bring innovation expectations (similar to iPhone12 and Airpods and other new products). From the performance point of view, the organization is optimistic about Apple's New stocking and sales momentum; From the cycle position, the organization is optimistic about the long-term growth trend of the Apple industry chain company, and believe that the consumer electronics sector has a cost-effective and long-term layout value. Pacific Securities said that the current valuation of most of Apple's core targets has been suppressed near 20 times, the subsequent 2-3 quarters of the growth performance, is expected to drive the valuation repair of the relevant targets, it is recommended to pay attention to Lansi Technology. Industrial Securities overseas TMT industry chief Hong Jiajun believes that although the supply chain tension exacerbates the continued shortage of high-end chips, but Apple's product strength advantage is still, optimistic about its hardware shipments this year, related fruit chain companies or benefit peak season demand. In addition, Guo Mingxi, an analyst at Tianfeng Securities, pointed out that the iPhone 13 may support low-orbit satellite communications. If Apple turns on the satellite communication software function, it allows users to talk and communicate even if they are not within the 4G/5G coverage. The iPhone's use of low-orbit satellites will accelerate the growth of related services and parts shipments in 2022.

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