"Zhujuzi" asks for bribes and finally trips himself up

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

"The bribery case of Zhu Tiejun, former deputy director of the Management Committee of the Western New Town Development Zone and director of the Construction Bureau, has sounded the alarm for us. Since the beginning of this year, our street has comprehensively rectified the loopholes in the system of project approval, financial management, and rules of procedure for major matters exposed in the case, and a total of 18 systems have been improved." Recently, the third Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Changchun City, Jilin Province, said when "looking back" on Tongxin Street (formerly Western New Town Development Zone) to carry out disciplinary inspection and supervision suggestions on rectification and reform, the relevant person in charge of the street said. Zhu Tiejun was born in 1964. He joined the Army at the age of 16. With the training of the organization and personal efforts, he stepped from an ordinary soldier to a grassroots leadership position. In December 2011, Zhu Tiejun was promoted to deputy director of the Management Committee of Changchun Western New Town Development Zone and director of the Construction Bureau, and became a department-level cadre with real power. The West New Town Development Zone of Changchun is the main economic battlefield of the Lvyuan Park. The organization transferred him here, placing high hopes on him and giving him great trust. However, Zhu Tiejun, who should have regarded the reuse of the organization as the driving force of work, and paid more attention to learning and self-improvement, did not do so. Instead, he took the study of political theory as a decoration, went through the formality and formality, and his thinking declined all the way. According to the investigators: "When he attended the warning Education meeting, he was often absent-minded and could not listen; The democratic life meeting spoke lightly and dealt with things." There has been an "ant nest" in the mind, and the hidden danger of the dike has been buried. As he said in his confession, "with power, thoughts began to decline, hedonism and money worship prevailed in the depths of their souls, and began to gradually aim at high-end consumption." In December 2012, Yang, the person in charge of the individual engineering team, used the qualification of a construction engineering group limited liability company to contract the main project of Optimus Prime steel structure in the Western New City area. During the construction process, Zhu Tiejun often used the name of advancing the progress of the project and supervising the construction of the construction site. One person goes to the construction site to "pick faults" for the project ". Yang see potential bad realized that he was deliberately gossip, will take the hint, busy to Zhu army sent 20,000 yuan, Zhu Tiejun nodded this quarry. The experience of collecting money this time made Zhu Tiejun's courage. After that, he completely lost his sense of shame and awe, and even more reckless and willful use of power. At the beginning of 2015, the Minyue Xinju Project, an important relocation project in the Western New City of Lvyuan, entered the implementation stage. As the general manager of the project, Zhu Tiejun should have shouldered the main responsibility and smoothly promoted the project as soon as possible. However, he regarded it as a "cash cow" and used his crooked mind to ask for bribes by "making stumbling" and "wearing small shoes" for contractors and construction parties to realize power and money transactions. After helping Zhang Moumou, general manager of an engineering consulting Co., Ltd., to undertake the supervision project of Minyue Xinju's relocation community, Zhu Tiejun, to the construction party, clearly marked the price for "rebate" on the grounds of "approval difficulties", by convention, a certain gave Zhu Tiejun 700,000 yuan. In December 2017, Ding Moumou, general manager of a greening engineering Co., Ltd. (handled separately), contracted the greening, landscape lighting and other projects of the relocation housing community in Minyue Xinju. During the project bidding, zhu Tiejun deliberately delayed the signing of the construction contract on the grounds of lack of supervision. As soon as possible into the construction contract, and in the inspection and acceptance of finished projects in a smooth adoption of the D so-and-so in 2018, May gave Zhu Tiejun 100,000 yuan. In October 2018, Zhu Tiejun was transferred to the deputy director of the Chuncheng Sub-District Office in Luyuan Park. Even if he arrived at a new position, he still did not forget to "make a profit" on this project ". 2019, Jan Zhu Tiejun commitment help Ding so-and-so in min yue carpet fetched project on handle matters relating to, to ask for 12,000 yuan. According to investigation, 2012, to 2019, Zhu army who, by taking advantage of their office, making it very convenient in contracting and project approval, illegally accepting, ask for others had a total of 908,000 yuan. "It is greed that makes me go on the road of no return." Zhu Tiejun self-analysis. On August 18, 2020, the Supervisory Commission of the Green Park Discipline Inspection Commission filed a case for Zhu Tiejun's suspected serious violations of discipline and law and took Lien measures. On November 17, the same year, Zhu Tiejun was expelled from the party and public office. 2020, 1Feb 31 zhu tie floundering on charges of taking bribes term of imprisonment for 2 years and 6 months, and shall also be fined 200,000 yuan. chuan dao jiang xin bu lou chi. Zhu Tiejun forgot his identity as a member of the Communist Party before the temptation of interests, and even his duty to use his power fairly and for the benefit of the people, however, I don't know that "the word of greed is almost poor, and the word of greed is almost burned", and its depraved trajectory has deeply alerted party members and leading cadres. (Correspondent liu hong jun)

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