Supervision Post : The real perfunctory behind the fake photos

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

Recently, the Tongyu River Joint Inspection Team in Guanyun County, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, during the daily inspection of the Xiaoyi section of the Tongyu River, it was found that the Wolf Ditch, a tributary of the Tongyu River and the river chief of the river section-Xiaoyi Town, Guanyun County, the rectification photos submitted by the United Front Committee member Wang Bin showed that the area was not consistent. In particular, the light intensity of one of the photos was obviously inconsistent with the weather conditions of the day, which attracted the attention of the inspection team. Could the photo be a fake? Is there a formalism problem behind the photo? The inspection team promptly reported the problem clues to the Guanyun County Discipline Inspection Commission. Subsequently, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection to the board accredited to the eighth discipline inspection team carry out verification, Lianyungang City Commission for Discipline Inspection Board seventh supervision examination room the whole process supervision and guidance. The investigation team was divided into two groups. One group of personnel found the main person in charge of Xiaoyi Town and the personnel of the Tongyu River Joint Inspection Team to check the situation, and found that Wang Bin had perfunctory and coping behaviors in the work of river patrol inspection and problem rectification. On August 3, the Tongyu River joint inspection team assigned Wang Bin in charge of the direct discharge of sewage in the river area, and asked for the establishment of reform, however, the Tongyuhe Joint Inspection Team has twice carried out "looking back" on the rectification of the problems and found that the problems have not been rectified in place. Another group of people who are according to Wang Bin for the tour River area along the field investigations, to ask the villagers and village cadres found 5 photos on the place and not inspection requirements WB rectification of the River area, it was a photo of the remediation work of other rivers in the town sent to him by two village-level river chiefs. Thereafter, the investigation team WB before sending the other river training work of information content verification, found in Aug 4 submitted 5 water pollution problem rectification photos even is fake. "The Tongyu River Joint Inspection Team asked you to rectify the problem of direct sewage discharge. How did you rectify it?" The investigators found Wang Bin and directly entered the theme. "Then what happened to the photos you sent to the inspectors?" "The place in the photo is obviously not the area where the inspection team asked you to rectify." Investigators directly point out the facts of the false photos. In front of the evidence, Wang Bin admitted his mistake. "When the inspection team asked about the rectification situation, because he did not rectify it in time, he sent a fake photo to deal with it." In the end, Wang Bin was given a government warning for perfunctory and false rectification in the process of implementing the sewage treatment and rectification of the tributaries along the Tongyu River. In response to the formalism and bureaucracy exposed in the case, the Guanyun County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision carried out a special inspection on the problem of formalism in river patrol rectification. Up to now, the responsibility of River Patrol has not been implemented, there are 20 problems such as untimely rectification and failure to be in place. 18 people were collectively interviewed 3 times, and 6 "top leaders" of relevant units were interviewed individually. (Correspondent Zou Shuaiping Wang Haiyang)

Note: This is auto-translated version of an article meant for Chinese audience. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.