Japan warns of increased risk of terrorist attacks in 6 Southeast Asian countries

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

[Global Network Reporter Lin Zeyu] The Japanese embassies of the Philippines, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries warned around the 13th that there was news that, the risk of "suicide bomb attacks" in places with dense crowds such as religious facilities has increased, urging local Japanese citizens to stay away from relevant places and people, so that the countries that have been "named" cannot be touched. The Associated Press reported on the 13th that the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the above warning through the embassy, urging local Japanese citizens to be vigilant, pay close attention to the news and information in the area, and be cautious. Japan referred to the country, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Burma, a total of 6 countries. The Associated Press said that in this regard, some of the countries that were "pointed out" were quite confused. They said that they did not know that such threats existed in the country, nor did they know the details of the source of information provided by Japan. According to the report, a spokesman for the Thai Foreign Ministry said that the Japanese side did not disclose the source of the warning, saying only that it was "not against Thailand"; The Thai police also said, the Thai security agencies themselves have no information on potential threats; Similarly, the Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that they were not aware of any information about the rising threat level; the spokesperson of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied that there was any warning to Japanese citizens; The Malaysian police said that they had not received any relevant information and did not find any security threats. The Associated Press said that the Japanese side did not give specific time and details. The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs refused to disclose the source and did not further explain whether it would share information with relevant countries.

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