U.S. report: half of U.S. defense spending since the "War on Terrorism" goes to contractors

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

Overseas Network Sep 14th electric Brown University 14th released a research report shows, 2001, global "war on terror" since the beginning of the United States Department of Defense 14 trillion dollars in spending, as much as half went to defense contractors. According to the United States News Agency, the report is part of Brown University's ongoing "war cost Project", released a few weeks after the United States withdrew its troops from Afghanistan. Brown University study found that the "9 · 11" event since the 20 years, the United States Department of Defense's dependence on private contractors growing triggered on the accountability, transparency and effectiveness of profound problems. Brown Center for International Policy of William Dong entitled War Profits: "9 · 11" after the Pentagon spending surge of beneficiaries of the report found that, some businesses rely on profits from the "war on terror" to be "recognized as legitimate". However, some are seen as "the result of suspicious or corrupt business practices". William said that this phenomenon is problematic and will increase the risk of waste, fraud and abuse.

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