Just to simulate the Chinese J-20? U.S. F117 stealth fighter enters imaginary enemy forces

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

The reference to the United States F-117 stealth fighters, in the military circle is also a famous. It not only created the era of stealth fighters, but also because of the rapid development of Chinese and Russian military technology, and hard "died young"-2008, F-117 announced the official retirement. But now, it's back. S. "Power" website said on the 13th, the United States, California Fresno Yosemite International Airport ushered in a pair of special guests -- two black painted F-117 landing on the runway, at least one of them is not equipped with radar reflectors. According to the report, the public affairs department of the 144th fighter Wing of the California Air National Guard, which was stationed in the area, admitted that the F-117 stealth fighter's visit was "pre-arranged", they will train in the coming days with the Wing's F-15C/D fighters. "This is a major event. Although it has been rumored that F-117 has been acting as an imaginary enemy for a long time, the US Air Force has never clearly acknowledged it". As the world's first specially designed stealth fighter, the F-117 is highly recognizable with a quirky shape. Though it is usually dubbed the "fighter", but in fact it is the motor performance is poor, is mainly responsible for the bombing raids properties closer to the Su-34 of fighter-bombers. Since the F-117 service, has participated in the invasion of Panama, the Gulf War, the Kosovo War and other local conflicts, but its most famous experience is probably the fact that it was shot down by the old-fashioned anti-aircraft missiles of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the Kosovo War-the myth that stealth fighters were thus broken. Since then, due to the complexity of F-117 maintenance, the stealth effect can not be compared with the new generation of stealth fighters such as F-22 and F-35, in addition, the early stealth technology it used could not cope with the rapid development of anti-stealth radar technology between China and Russia, so this legendary fighter withdrew from the stage of history between 2007 and 2008. According to the Pentagon order, except for a few as museum exhibits, the other F-117 are kept in the form of "non-destructive storage" at Davis Munson Air Force Base. However, in recent years, American military enthusiasts continue to find that the F-117 figure reappeared in the major air bases in the United States and even the "red flag" exercise site. January this year, the US Air Force Air Mobility Command also issued strange command to ratify all the KC-135 tanker and retired 13 years of F-117 for aerial refueling task ". This order undoubtedly confirms that the F-117 has unofficially returned to the US Air Force sequence. American "national interests" Web site, with the stealth fighter proliferation of technology between China and Russia have been equipped Su-57, J-20 stealth fighter jets forced US military must be worked out against stealth fighter tactics. But the reality is that the U.S. Air Force is facing tremendous pressure to change, a large number of aging F-15 and F-16 fighters urgently need to be replaced with stealth fighters, not to mention the deployment of valuable F-22 or F-35 stealth fighters as imaginary enemies. In this case, the re-activation of the US military F-117 becomes a very reasonable choice. In theory, the use of F-117 in the "red flag" exercise can not only provide a highly realistic invisible imaginary enemy of the US fighter, early warning aircraft and surface-to-air missile forces, it can also avoid exposing the F-22 and F-35 the real radar cross-sectional area of the fighter, which plays a role of secrecy. However seriously U stimulates the foreign media have guessed with F-117 acts as a simulation Su-57 or J-20 stealth fighter of the enemy? The old driver was very skeptical about this. As mentioned earlier, F-117 aerodynamic performance is poor, poor maneuverability, low flight speed, coupled with the limitations of early electronic equipment, with outstanding Super mobility, over-the-horizon (OTH) operations and advanced avionics of annihilates-20 fifth-generation stealth fighter completely different. Therefore us it is very difficult to use the F-117 simulation annihilates-20 of the over-the-air characteristics, and even more in this regard to create targeted tactics. So what is the U.S. military restarting F-117 to act as an imaginary enemy? The "war zone" website said that the main available F-117 is still its invisible technology. And which aerial weapons use stealth technology in large numbers? In addition to advanced fighters, there are new cruise missiles and stealth drones. According to the report, the new generation of cruise missiles not only have low flight altitude, but also have very small radar and infrared signals. This is the main concern of US fighter jets responsible for homeland air defense missions, especially those protecting US maritime border forces. Reports that, including the National Guard's 144th Fighter Wing F-15C/D fighters, the implementation of homeland air defense missions of these U.S. fighters have been replaced with new active electronic scanning array (AESA) radar, so that they can better detect and attack stealth targets such as cruise missiles, and their "snipers" targeting pods can theoretically enable them to identify these targets at long distances, during the day or at night. And the F-117 will allow most U.S. military pilots to experience "challenges that have never been met before" by playing advanced cruise missiles or stealth drones, it allows the US military to understand "what it feels like to intercept unfamiliar targets that are so difficult to detect".

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