For the first time, two Russian combat robots directly participated in the war and used "patrol missiles" to attack

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

[Global Network reporter Zhang haichi] Russian defense ministry released news on 9.13, during the "western-2021" strategic exercise, the Russian army first incorporated and used two combat robots in the operation for the first time. A number of drones were also sent out to cooperate with the "Terminator" tank support vehicle to support the ground forces to counterattack. In addition, according to the Russian description, the Russian Army also used "patrol missiles" to attack personnel and armored targets that destroyed the ground. This may be the first public report that the Russian army has used patrol missiles. According to a report by TASS on September 13, the Russian Ministry of Defense said on Monday that "during the 'Western-2021 'military exercise, during the actual operation of the troops, the formation of conventional troops used Uranus-9' (Uran-9) and 'Nerekta' (Nerekhta) reconnaissance and fire support robots." According to the report, in particular multiple "Uranus-9" directly in the defense forces of the formation in action to combat, use Ataka anti-tank missiles, rockets, 30mm auto cannon and machine guns, simulated enemy troops and vehicles within a distance of 3000 to 5000 meters were eliminated. These combat robots also provide cover for infantry units during the transfer. The "Nereketa" combat robot is used for reconnaissance and fire support operations, equipped with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun and a 30mm AG-30M grenade launcher. In addition to providing support firepower, it can also correct artillery shooting and transport equipment and ammunition. The report mentioned that "Uranus-9" also has a version, "Uranus-6" (Uran-6) used to cooperate with engineering forces to clear the minefield to open up the path. This combat robot is equipped with a Karyer tactical laser tactical system that can detect and suppress optical reconnaissance and observation equipment on tanks, armored vehicles and infantry weapons. In addition, the Russian Defense Ministry said that during the exercise, "slow walkers" equipped with missiles, observation and aiming systems (Inokhodets, note: its export type is called "Orion") and "outpost" (Forpost) attacks, reconnaissance drones were first used to support ground forces in attack operations. The Terminator tank support vehicle also cooperated with the two drones to help the Russian armored infantry brigade, as well as the Armenian and Belarusian ground forces. The Russian Defense Ministry also revealed that the new "Swallow" (Lastochka) attack drone system was used in the exercise, in addition to attacking ground personnel, an armored target of the "enemy army" was also destroyed with a warhead with a fragment and a polyenergy charge. Inquiry information shows that "Swallow" is a small drone of 4.2 kilograms, operating within 50 kilometers from the control station. From the description, "Swallow" should be a patrol missile. On the whole, the previous reports on Russian military equipment and the use of patrol missiles are quite rare. This may be the first public report on the Russian military's possession of patrol missiles.

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