18-year-old Chinese girl won the US Open with 2.5 million US dollars in prize money, soaring 127 places in the world ranking : Everyjing.com

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

The 2021 US Open (hereinafter referred to as the "US Open") was searched on Weibo in two weeks. In addition to the Chinese women's tennis player Zhang Shuai in the doubles Arena and won the second Grand Slam women's doubles championship, 18-year-old Chinese teenage Emma Rdukanu (Emma Raducanu) it is also the finals from the qualifying round and finally won the women's singles championship, setting the first time in the tennis Open era that a qualifying player won a Grand Slam. In the latest week the world ranking system, its ranking rose to No.23 career total exceeded 2.8 million U.S. dollars. In the tennis world, the four Grand Slam tournaments, known as the Australian Open, the French Open, the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, and the US Open, are the highest-level events in tennis, it also symbolizes the highest honor of the movement. Winner Grand Slam Championship is the ultimate goal of all professional tennis players. When you really win the championship trophy, in addition to Engraving your name with the legendary stars on the trophy, you can achieve the supreme glory of your career, it will also mean lucrative event bonuses and a spate of brand sponsorship. For any professional tennis player to be remembered by the audience in this sport, a Grand Slam is the best stage. Take the U.S. Open as an example. The USTA Billy Jane King National Tennis Center, located in Flushing Park, New York, is the annual venue of the U.S. Open. The center court, Arthur Ashe Stadium, can accommodate 23771 spectators at the same time. But not all players have the opportunity to enter the center court to show their skills. Raducanu's first three rounds were arranged in the outfield, and it was not until she reached the top 16 that she was placed in the Arthur Ashe Stadium. Before coming to New York, Radukanu's world ranking was No.150, and two weeks later, her world ranking No.23. At the same time, she also took in the amount of USD 2.5 million (about 16.13 million yuan) of the champion check before, she built her career total USD 261,000. The Grand Slam is the most rewarding event on the tennis tournament. Many players who make a living by the prize money have one of their goals to be shortlisted for the Grand Slam. The highest level champion that Raducanu won before winning the US Open is the ITF25K India Pune Station with a prize of $3935. While this form from the US, for example, even in the race the first round lose can harvest 76000 dollar bonuses (about 490,000 yuan). For those superstar players who have performed well in Grand Slam tournaments all the year round, the number of career bonuses is also amazing. To the men's singles world first Novak Djokovic as an example, so far, he in the 2021 season total harvest 4 titles which contains 3 Grand Slam titles of harvest about 7.45 million bonus. And throughout its career win 85 titles included 20 Grand Slam career total more than 0.153 billion dollars (about 0.987 billion yuan), this does not include its endorsements and business income. The tennis film "Gender War" released in 2017 tells the story of how the legendary female star Billy Jane King started the prelude to equal pay for equal work for men and women in tennis. In 1973, the U.S. Open took the lead in achieving equal pay for men and women for equal work, and then the other three Grand Slams also followed up. Tennis became the first sport in the sports world to implement equal pay for men and women. Prior to this, the total prize money of men's tennis matches was often more than double that of women. A glimpse of the income gap between men and women in competitive sports can also be seen from Forbes's 2021 global athlete income list. According to the list, there are only two female athletes in the world's top 50 in 2021, Naomi Osaka, who ranks 12th. And Serena Williams, 28, are both tennis players. Chinese women soccer players wang shuang in 2018, joined France Paris Saint-Germain football club women's salary is about 500,000 yuan, while at the same time, Chinese male football players Wu Lei, residing in the country, of overseas annual salary it has super tens of millions. The degree of professionalization of football matches is high, and there are differences in attention between men and women's matches. However, in some sports where the professionalization of both men and women's competitions is relatively lower, there are also significant differences in the salaries of men and women. For example, the Canada national men's top-of-the-line curling road races-whether it's the champion of the bonus of 70,000 Canadian dollar, while the women top-of-the-road races-whether it's your prize money for the 32,000 Canadian dollar. The high level of women's competition is no less than the men's competition. Take tennis as an example. The popularity of the game between tennis superstar Sharapova and Serena Williams is unmatched by many first-line men's competitions. Chinese women's tennis player Li Na's game was ratings guarantee according to China Central Television Statistics Li won the 2011 French Open women's singles final attracted about 0.12 billion Chinese television audience. Sports events need professionalization to have stronger vitality and influence, while sports with a high degree of professionalization need to break the inequality between male and female athletes and create a more open competitive environment, let the athletes conquer the audience and sponsors with their own strength and charm. If you need to reprint, please apply to the background of this public number and obtain authorization.

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