Cultivating Newcomers of the Times Calls Huang Danian-style Teachers

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

On the eve of the 37th Teacher's Day, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to the representatives of the Huang Dai Nan-style teacher team in colleges and universities across the country, which put forward the standards and direction of "good teachers, it also clarified the path and method of becoming a" good teacher ", which fully reflects the importance and expectation of the Party Central Committee for the majority of educators. In May 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping gave important instructions on the advanced deeds of Comrade Huang Danian. In July of that year, the Ministry of Education launched the National University Huang Danian teacher team creation activities, the first batch of 201 teacher teams in 200 universities across the country. 4 years, the ranking of the Chinese universities yellow year type teachers team created achieved remarkable results, the wide and long influence: it is the key indicator of the guide the majority of teachers in colleges and universities to Huang year Learn from Comrade, bearing in mind the "heart large me, sincerely serve the country, teach and educate people, dare to be the first, indifferent to fame and profit, and willing to contribute", and strive to be a good teacher in the new era; It is a "booster" to promote college teachers in teacher ethics, education and teaching, in terms of scientific research and innovation, social services, team building, etc., we will promote universities and related disciplines to become "double first-class"; It is a "catalyst" that stimulates the creativity and innovation of teachers, we have created a strong atmosphere of catching up with and surpass learning. We are based on their posts, learning innovative theories, and devoting themselves to education, and truly integrating patriotism and reporting into the great cause. "Teaching a thousand years of success, and educating people." The majority of college teachers should bear in mind the ardent entrustment of General Secretary Xi Jinping, take Comrade Huang Dalin as an example, set an example in "learning", a model in "for things", and a model for "people, contribute and make new contributions to the cultivation of socialist builders and successors with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor. Always take painstaking research as the fundamental requirement of "learning. In the new era, college teachers must adhere to a truth-seeking and pragmatic attitude, establish the concept of the unity of knowledge and action, and lifelong learning, constantly broaden their horizons, update the knowledge structure, and strengthen the purpose of academic research and strengthen basic scientific research, solving the problem of "neck jam" and other "The Big Country", combining the motivation of academic research with the realization of the second centenary goal, and combining the direction of academic research with the major needs of the country, with the tenacity of "sitting on the bench for ten years", the strength of "not breaking the Loulan and not repay", and the aggressive strength of "daring to teach the Sun and the moon to change the Sky", devote themselves to academic and meditation research, there are more original achievements of "from 0 to 1" and strive to promote the new journey of building a modern socialist country. Always regard pioneering and innovation as the fundamental direction of "doing things. We must not only see that our country is following a new path of modernization that has never been seen in human history, but must strengthen the "four self-confidence" and bravely explore and innovate; We must also see that we are facing major changes unseen in the world in a century, open a new game in a change and breed a new machine in a crisis. The key to continuing great cause and achieving great dreams lies in cultivating newcomers of the times who have lived up to generations; Cultivating builders who can do things and accomplish things, and successors who dare to open up and innovate. Always regard Lide self-cultivation as the fundamental connotation of "being a person. Teachers have firm ideals and beliefs, and their morality is open and aboveboard, so that students can have ideals, beliefs and responsibilities. To establish morality and self-cultivation is to understand the great morality, guard the public morality, and be strict with private morality. College teachers should not only be good "classics" who spread knowledge and impart skills, but also be good "teachers" who shape character, sharpen conduct, and improve taste, and guide students with personality charm, influence students with lofty demeanor, and be a good guide for student growth.

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