Three Departments Issue Guiding Opinions to Promote the Healthy Development of China's Tea Industry

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced on September 14 that in recent years, China's tea industry has developed rapidly, and the total output and consumption rank first in the world. However, there are disorderly expansion in some areas, insufficient development and utilization of tea products, and weak technological innovation capabilities, outstanding problems such as not deep excavation of cultural connotations. In order to promote the healthy development of the tea industry, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration, and the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of the Tea Industry". Clear to 2025, tea plantation area stability in the current level of the tea industry science and technology contribution rate of 65%; The dry tea output value reached 350 billion yuan, tea exports reached 2.5 billion billion US dollars, to cultivate a number of annual sales of more than 2 billion yuan of large modern tea industry enterprise group; Tea science and technology has increased significantly, tea culture vigorously carry forward the tempo, three, one, two, three industry integration of tea industry high quality development landscape has been shaped by the experience. The first is to build a green ecological tea garden. Optimize the production area layout, and scientifically delineate the main tea production advantageous areas such as green tea, black tea, oolong tea, black tea and white tea. Improve the production capacity of tea gardens and improve the rate and specialization of tea gardens. Promote the green technology model, carry out in-depth zero-growth action in the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, select a number of key counties in the advantageous areas to carry out pilot projects for replacing chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers in tea gardens, and build a number of demonstration tea gardens for the integration of unified prevention and control and green prevention and control. The third is to build a business circulation network. To cultivate well-known brands, each tea area should integrate existing brands, create regional public brands with distinctive regional characteristics and outstanding product characteristics, increase the protection of historical famous tea brands, and expand market influence. Actively expand marketing channels, innovate and develop offline sales channels, combine the implementation of the "Internet" agricultural products out of the village into the city project, establish a new online sales system, encourage the development of new business formats, and promote the transformation of consumption patterns. Build a regional trading center, relying on a large tea trading market, to create a regional trading center with complete infrastructure, complete information functions and diverse trading methods. Explore the establishment of a market price monitoring system for producing areas to correctly guide production, circulation and consumption. The fourth is to improve the ability to support factors. Strengthen scientific and technological support, carry out the protection of tea tree germplasm resources and the cultivation of new varieties, focus on key technologies, and integrate and promote a number of advanced and applicable technology models. Improve the industrial standard system, and promote the construction of a tea industry standard system for the whole industry chain with reasonable layout, scientific indicators, and coordination. Strengthen the construction of the talent team. The fifth is to promote the deep integration of the industry. Cultivate and expand the main body of integration, and create a group of leading tea industry enterprises with strong competitiveness and high market share. Encourage the development of tea industrialization consortium. Promote the integration of the whole chain, and guide the tea areas to coordinate the tea industry and all links of the main body to build the key chain of the whole tea industry chain and typical counties. Promote business models such as "leading enterprises, cooperatives and production bases. We will promote the integration of tea culture and tourism, develop new forms of tea culture and tourism integration such as "tea brigade + B", "tea brigade + study" and "tea brigade + Health", so as to tell the story of Chinese tea culture. The sixth is to strengthen the guidance of regulatory services. Strengthen policy support, coordinate project funds for the construction of advantageous characteristic industrial clusters, modern agricultural industrial parks, Strong Towns in agricultural industries, and agricultural products producing areas for cold storage and fresh-keeping facilities, and actively support the development of the tea industry. Strengthen market supervision, strict market access, crack down on illegal production, non-compliance with food safety standards and other illegal acts in accordance with the law, and investigate and deal with illegal acts such as failure to clearly mark prices in accordance with regulations and collusion to increase prices, strengthening the maintenance of market order, to investigate illegal marketing and hype such as "Shantou Tea", "Year Tea", "Special Tea", "Special Tea", "Non-sold products", "Tasting", "Service Tea" and "Gift Tea. To promote the upgrading of the tea industry in poverty alleviation areas, the central government to promote rural revitalization subsidy funds and agricultural integration funds for poverty alleviation counties, it is necessary to increase support for the tea industry and promote the transformation and upgrading of the tea industry.

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