North Korea test-fired cruise missiles, but the South Korean military did not detect them in real time? Defense Minister Han responded to queries: relevant trends have been detected

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] After North Korea announced the successful test of cruise missiles, the US and South Korean governments did not immediately release relevant information, which caused public speculation. South Korean Defense Minister Xu Xu Xu said later on the 14th that before North Korea announced the test launch of a new long-range cruise missile, South Korean and US military equipment had detected related trends. South Korea, the United States and Japan also held a tripartite meeting in Tokyo on the same day to exchange views on North Korea's missile test and humanitarian assistance to the DPRK. North Korea announced on the 13th that it successfully tested the newly developed long-range cruise missile on the 11th and 12th. Before Xu Xu made a relevant statement at the political meeting of the National Assembly, South Korean political circles and public opinion hyped that the South Korean military did not detect the missile in real time. Yonhap News Agency quoted government sources as saying on the 14th that the US and South Korean governments seem to face some restrictions and difficulties and have not yet mastered details such as flight routes. According to the report, the average flight range of the missile is about 1500 kilometers, and the altitude is only more than 100 meters. It is difficult to detect long-range radar by the curvature of the Earth. In the face of doubts, Xu Xu said that South Korea-US military equipment has detected a new long-range cruise missile tested by North Korea and is currently conducting preliminary analysis. Since this is an important information from South Korea and the United States, details cannot be disclosed. But a lawmaker retorted that this is the fifth time that North Korea has launched a cruise missile, and the government will immediately announce the news of North Korea's missile test before April 4, 2020. Xu Xu reiterated his original position that in principle, the cruise missile News will not be announced. South Korea, the United States and Japan held a tripartite meeting in Tokyo on the 14th. South Korea's "Seoul Shimbun" stated that the Japanese side expressed unease about the "provocation" of North Korea's "not crossing the red line", and the United States emphasized a diplomatic solution. South Korea KBS television said, South Korea and Japan to chao dai biao following Jun first, after the meeting, after 3 months together again. The three parties once again stressed the importance of strengthening relevant cooperation. After that, South Korea and the United States also held bilateral meetings with the DPRK representatives. The report paid special attention to the relevant statement of the US representative: "Regardless of the progress of denuclearization, the United States is ready to provide humanitarian assistance to the DPRK"; "The United States is not hostile to North Korea, I hope that the DPRK will respond positively to our various proposals". South Korea's representative of the DPRK and the Minister of Foreign Affairs on the Peninsula Peace Negotiations, Lu Guide, returned home after the consultations on the same day. He said in an interview at the airport that if the DPRK and the United States restart the dialogue, it is expected to fully discuss the concerns of both sides. He said that the US side can take multiple measures to establish mutual trust with North Korea, and this trip confirmed the US's willingness to seek relevant solutions. Yonhap News Agency said that these words were interpreted as if the DPRK and the United States restart dialogue, they will discuss and relax sanctions against the DPRK in accordance with the denuclearization process. (Li)

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