US media: Stop blaming China, America’s own "moral building" is vulnerable

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

The US Foreign Policy Institute website article on September 13, original title: Don't blame China for the rise of digital authoritarianism in Africa. China is a model for using digital tools. Because of its reliance on imported new technologies, Africa risks becoming a passive consumer of competing tech giants from China and the West. These tech giants are exporting their own "surveillance capitalism". Digital technology provides tools for governments around the world to communicate with citizens, measure popular sentiment, assess political risks, adjust policies and respond more quickly, but the same technology has given Governments new means of control. However, it is somewhat hasty to blame China alone for the rise of digital authoritarianism in Africa. Western countries, especially the United States, do not hesitate to accuse China of exporting digital authoritarianism to the African continent, ignoring the active role of African countries in acquiring Chinese surveillance technology, at the same time, African regimes and leaders have not been held accountable. The West alone blames China for "The risk of oversimplifying a complex situation" and the risk of ignoring the role played by other dealers. In addition, the narrative of China's support for digital authoritarianism in Africa cannot be analyzed without considering the hegemonic countries waging a war on science and technology and waging a comprehensive struggle to gain dominance. By portraying China as a deviant participant in the desire to weaken digital democracy, the United States has placed itself above a moral high ground. However, this "moral edifice" is vulnerable-after all, they monitor their own citizens. Thanks to Snowden, he ripped at us the coat of U.S. intelligence agencies engaged in extensive surveillance. In addition, France, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Germany also provide high-end surveillance technology, espionage and hacker software to democratic countries and authoritarian governments and apply for review. In the final analysis, the view that China is bent on exporting its "technology governance model" globally is the same as its accusation against China. It is not only full of loopholes, but also extremely hypocritical. We must avoid falling into the trap-this convenient argument and generalization that describes China as a "digital villain. (Author Mandia Bagwatian, translated by Chen Kang)

Note: This is auto-translated version of an article meant for Chinese audience. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.