Financial Times: Biden proposed a face-to-face summit but Xi Jinping did not accept the proposal

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

(Zaobao News) The British "Financial Times" reported on Tuesday (14th) that US President Biden proposed a face-to-face summit when he spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping last week, but the two sides did not reach an agreement on this. Biden and Xi Jinping spoke on the phone on September 9th. This is the second time Biden has spoken to Xi Jinping since he took office in January. The newspaper quoted a number of people who listened to the briefing on the day as saying that Xi Jinping did not accept Biden's proposal, but insisted that Washington take a less tough stance on Beijing. A source briefed on the 90-minute conversation confirmed that the Financial Times report was correct. "Xi hinted that the two sides first need to improve the tone and atmosphere of bilateral relations," the source said." According to a statement issued by the White House on September 9, Biden and Xi Jinping conducted "extensive and strategic discussions" covering the common interests of both sides and areas where the two countries have differences in interests, values and views. The White House said that Biden emphasized the United States' lasting interests in peace, stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region and the world. The leaders of the two countries also discussed the responsibility of China and the United States to ensure that the competition between the two countries will not turn into conflict. Xi Jinping pointed out that for some time, the China policy adopted by the United States has caused serious difficulties in Sino-US relations, which is not in the fundamental interests of the two peoples and the common interests of all countries in the world.

Note: This is auto-translated version of an article meant for Chinese audience. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.