China Post broke the news: The top U.S. military general was worried about Trump’s war on China and secretly communicated with Beijing in private

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Miriam general in 2021 years 9 months 1 day at the Pentagon news conference. General Mili, the top military general of the Pentagon, was so worried about Trump's mental state that he would wage war against China in the last few days of his term of office, so that he called privately to communicate with China secretly. The United States "the Washington post" reporter Bob Woodward (Bob Woodward) and Robert Costa Robert Costa at its forthcoming book "Dangerous" (P, ril) said that the US Army will be, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Army, Mark. Chief of Staff Milley took the initiative to call the Chinese general to ensure that the United States would not attack China. According to the "Washington Post" and CNN excerpts, after Trump's presidential election on November 3, Admiral Miley also promised his aides that if Trump makes extreme orders, especially the use of nuclear bombs, not comply promptly. As U.S. intelligence reached the conclusion that China believed that the U.S. attack was imminent, Chief of Staff Miley called Li Zuocheng, Chief of Staff of the Joint Staff of China's Central Military Commission, once on the eve of the presidential election on October 30, one was on January 8th, two days after the incident on Capitol Hill. The Washington Post reporter collected the testimony of more than 200 anonymous U.S. officials. According to the book, Millie said in the first phone call: "General Lee, I assure you that the United States is stable, everything will go well." "We will not launch attacks and take any military strikes against China". After the bloodshed on Capitol Hill, General Millie spoke to General Lee again two months later: "Everything is normal, the democratic system is sometimes a bit chaotic." It was pointed out that Millie, who also called a meeting of staff officers at the time, said that if Trump ordered an attack, he should be first informed. The officers attending the meeting stared nervously with their eyes. Miley asked all the participating officers to express their views. According to the two Hua Post reporters, Miley was simply asking the officers to "swear". The author of "Danger" said, "Some people may think that Miley has exceeded his authority and given himself excessive power." But Miley is convinced that what he has done is what he should do, "in order not to have a historic break in the international order and not to have an accidental war with China. Don't use nuclear weapons." The U.S. Staff did not comment on media inquiries. But Republican Senator Rubio, angered by General Miley's actions, called on Biden to remove the chief of staff immediately. "General Millie tried to justify his actions by claiming that military judgment was more balanced than that of civilian command," Rubio wrote in an open letter." "This is a dangerous precedent that could be used by General Miley or others in the future," he added. "It has the potential to undermine the established principle of U.S. civilian control of the military." The book reads: CIA Director Ms. Hasper said, "The situation is dangerous. Are we going to attack for the president's ego" Millie's second call to General Lee Zuocheng came after a call with House Majority Chairman Pelosi, who wants to make sure Trump doesn't use the nuclear code. Pelosi had publicly mentioned that call with General Millie, but did not mention details. Bob Woodward and Robert Costa published records of the phone conversation in the book: Pelosi asked: "What are the possible measures to prevent an unbalanced president from launching military hostilities or preventing it from using nuclear codes to initiate a nuclear war?" Pelosi added: "If they can't even stop him from attacking the Capitol, who knows what else he can do?" She added. "He was crazy. You know he's crazy (...), and what he did yesterday further proves his madness." General Milley replied, "I totally agree with you." However, he assured her that the nuclear command system must go through "numerous control procedures" to prevent the president from abusing the nuclear bomb.

Note: This is auto-translated version of an article meant for Chinese audience. A mature and nuanced reading is suggested.