UEFA Champions League: Juventus 3-0 Malmo Morata scored

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

At 3: 00 a.m. on September 15, Beijing time, the first round of Group H of the 2021-2022 season ushered in a focus game. Serie A Giants Juventus went to the away game against Swedish team Malmö. In the first half, Sandro headed the ball to open the scoring, then Morata made a point, Dibala scored a penalty, Morata scored in stoppage time; In the second half, neither team scored again. In the end, Juve defeated Malmö 3-0 away, ushered in a good start to the Champions League and the first victory of the season. The two teams have only played against each other twice in history, both in the Champions League group stage of the 2014-2015 season, when Juve killed Malmö at home and away with a score of 2-0. However, Juve's current situation is not good. Serie A has three rounds, and the Bianconeri has not yet won. In the third minute, Juventus took the lead in the attack, Cuadrado passed the penalty area 45 degrees on the right, and Sandro headed the ball in the middle. In the 10th minute, Juventus got another chance, Morata made a pass in the midfield, and Dibala went offside into the penalty area. After receiving the ball, the ball was high and off. In the 17th minute, Malmö got the opportunity. Bergert passed to the penalty area from the right side of the field. Ricks volleted with his right foot and the ball hit high. In the 2 3rd minute, Juventus broke the deadlock, Cuadrado passed from the right, and the previous point of Bentancourt did not reach the top, and Sandro in the middle of the fish jumped to the top, and Juventus led Malmo 1-0. In the 28th minute, Bonucci put a long pass in the backcourt, and Sandro plugged in at high speed on the left. After entering the penalty area, his left foot shot at a small angle and low, and the ball rubbed the column out of the bottom line. In the 30th minute, Malmö got a free kick in front of the penalty area, Billancevic took the penalty directly, and the ball bypassed the wall and came out of the bottom line. In the 3 2nd minute, Juve made a threat again. The long pass near the midfield of Danilo found Morata. The latter received the ball in front of the penalty area and chose to shoot in the face of the attacking goalkeeper. Diyavala threw the ball down. In the 4 3rd minute, Juve went to the next city. The pass on the right side of the frontcourt found Morata in the penalty area. Lasser Nelson pulled the Spaniard in defense. The referee awarded a penalty and gave Nielsen a yellow card. Dibala took the penalty, he scored in the middle of the goal, and Juve 2-0 led Malmö. In the first half of the injury time in the first half, Shichenny made a big kick in the backcourt. Morata scrambled for a header to Rabio, and the latter sent a wonderful pass. Morata got the ball in the penalty area and got a single chance, he faced the goalkeeper to pick and break the goal, Juve 3-0 lead Malmö. At the end of the first half, Juve locked the victory ahead of time. In the second half, he changed the side and fought again. Malmö's Christiansen received the ball at the top of the arc and shot under the Defense of Dlikht. In the 5 2nd minute, Sandro passed the ball from the left to Morata, who entered the penalty area and hit a high left foot volley. In the 57th minute, Cuadrado passed the ball 45 degrees from the right to the penalty area. The back point Morata headed the ball and the ball was confiscated by Diavala. In the 59th minute, Delicht fouled and got a yellow card. In the 6 2nd minute, Juve made a quick counterattack, Cuadrado made a pass from the right, and Dibala's heel in the penalty area was passed. Morata received the ball and was pushed by the goalkeeper. In the 70th minute, McKenny sent a straight line in the front court. Keane received the ball in the front court. He passed Diavara and hit the empty goal, but the linesmen signaled that he was offside and the goal was invalid. In the 84th minute, Martin Olsen made a cross from the left in the frontcourt, and the ball was slightly topped. In the 90 2nd minute, Martin Olsen shot at a small angle from the left side of the penalty area, and Schenny quickly fell to the ground and confiscated the ball. In the end, Juventus defeated Malmö 3-0 away and won the first victory of all competitions this season. Juventus: 1-Wojciech Szczesny/6-Danilo, 4-deli (USTR 86'24-Lu Ghani), 19-Bonucci, 12-Sandro/30-the effect of Chur (68'14-McKinney), 25-Rabio, 27-Locatli, 11-Cuadrado (83 '8-Ramse)/10-Dibala (83' 44-Kulusevsky), 9-Morata (69 '18-Moise-Keane) Malmö: 30-Diavala/32-Bergert, 15-Ahmadhogich, 24-Nelson, 31-Broson, 5-Rex (75 '13-Martin-Olsson)/10-Christiansen, 20-Innocent (75' 37-Nancy), 7-Rakip (59 '22-Nalik)/19-Birmancevic (59' 17-Abu Bakari), 9-Colak

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