UEFA Champions League: Bayern 3-0 Barcelona scored twice

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

At 3: 00 a.m. on September 15, Beijing time, the first round of Group E of the 2021-22 season ushered in a strong dialogue. La Liga Giants Barcelona sit at the Nou Camp against Bundesliga Champions Bayern Munich. In the game, Muller scored the first goal and opened the record, and Levan scored twice in the second half. In the end, Bayern won Barcelona 3-0 away. In the history of the Champions League, the two teams have played a total of 9 times. Barcelona has 2 wins, 1 draw and 6 defeats, scored 13 goals and lost 26 goals, which is absolutely at a disadvantage. At home, Barcelona played 2 wins and 2 losses against Bayern, scoring 8 goals and losing 5 goals. The two teams shang sai meet in 2019-20 next season's Champions 1/4 summary, was Barcelona 2-8 defeated Bayern. In the opening stage, both sides played more cautiously. Levan was defended by Araujo in the penalty area. The referee did not say anything; Roberto's volley in the penalty area was higher than the crossbar. In the 19th minute, Bayern formed a real threat. Pawar made a pass from the bottom of the right, Barcelona defender's header was not far away. After the chest stopped in the restricted area, he volleyed with his left foot. In the 27th minute, Bayern played a counterattack after breaking the ball. Mueller passed the ball to Musiala. The latter's low shot on the right side of the penalty area was blocked by the defender. In the 28th minute, Depe opened a free kick in the frontcourt to the penalty area, and Araujo in the middle of the road was slightly higher. In the 34th minute, Bayern broke the deadlock. Many players on the left side of the frontcourt made a consecutive kick. In front of the penalty area, Sani knocked back. Mueller shot with his right foot in front of the arc. The ball hit Eric Garcia and then refracted into the net, bayern leads Barcelona 1-0. In the 38th minute, Alba made a 45-degree pass from the left, and Luc De Jong, who played for Barcelona for the first time, did not reach the header. The end of the first half, Bayern temporarily 1 ball leading Barcelona. In the second half, it was easy to fight again. Barcelona made a cross from the left. Pamecano headed the ball in the penalty area. Buskts greeted the ball in front of the penalty area. Muller stretched his foot to block the ball out of the baseline. In the 5 2nd minute, Sanet took the ball from the left into the penalty area. After cooperating with Levan to hit the wall, he faced the goalkeeper and pushed the ball out with his feet. In the 56th minute, Bayern expanded the lead, Alfonso Davis volleted on the left side of the penalty area and was blocked by the defender. Musiala got the ball in the middle of the penalty area with his right foot and shot back. Levan made up the goal in front of the small penalty area, bayern 2-0 lead Barcelona! Two goals behind, Koeman made personnel adjustments, Garvey, Demir, Mingza, Coutinho one after another. In the 68th minute, Coutinho was in the far corner of the left side of the penalty area, and the ball was slightly wide. In the 77th minute, Coutinho played a long-range shot again and Neur confiscated the ball. In the 8 2nd minute, Bayern replaced Koeman, Sabitzer and Stanisic. In the 84th minute, Gnaburi scored the ball, Sabitzer followed up with a small angle burst, and the ball hit the side net. In the 85th minute, Bayern went to the next city, Gnabry received a pass on the right side of the penalty area, and the right foot shot bounced back near the post. Levan stopped the ball and then shot the left foot. Bayern 3-0 lead Barcelona. In the end, Barcelona lost 0-3 at home to Bayern. Barcelona: 1-Terstgen/4-Araujo, 3-Pique, 24-Eric-Gassi (66 '22-Mingza) A/20-Sergi-Roberto (59' 11-Demir), 21-Frankie de Jong, 5-Busquerz (59 '30-Garvey), 16-Padri, 18-Alba (74' 31-Balde)/17-Luc de Jong (66 '14-Coutinho), 9-Depay Bayern Munich: 1-Neuer/5-Sharad Pawar (66'21-Lucas), 2-for the month of February, Kano, 4-Poly le (82'44-Shahristani xi qi), 19-Alfonso-Davis/6-Gretzka/10-Sone (82 '11-Koeman), 25-Muller (82' 18-Sabitzer), 8-Gretzka, 42-Musiala (70 '7-Gnabry)/9-Lewandowski

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