Liu Haocun will partner with Guo Qilin as a couple

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

Today, the film "Spirit of the Dragon Horse" written and directed by Yang Zi officially launched, and exposed the three leading actors of Jackie Chan, Liu Haocun and Guo Qilin. The fresh lineup brought many surprises. It is worth mentioning that in the start-up photo of the actors gathered, there is also a horse, which is eye-catching. This unique heavyweight actor, who will play Jackie Chan's love horse in the movie, has a pivotal role. In 2020, Yang Zi's film "Love" won the New Year's Day box office champion, and the performances of many "cute pet actors" impressed everyone. In this movie "Dragon Horse Spirit", in addition to the anticipated comedy and action elements, director Yang Zi will also guide the horse to shoot action scenes. The size of animal actors becomes larger, and the difficulty also escalates. What kind of sparks between people and horses is also curious. The movie "Dragon Horse Spirit" is also another masterpiece produced by Ali Pictures's "Jincheng Orange Joint System Project" after "Assassination of Novelists" and "Bomb Dismantling Expert 2" and other films. The quality lineup has aroused full expectations. Focus generation Dragon martial artist of the story Jackie Chan's "60 years in the industry" star The fallen dragon and tiger martial artist Lao Luo (Jackie Chan) and the love horse Red Rabbit are dependent on each other, because the red rabbit is involved in a debt dispute and faces a separation crisis. In a hurry, Lao Luo turned to his daughter Xiaobao (Liu Haocun) and his boyfriend Nai Hua (Guo Qilin) who misunderstood him deeply. In the road of self-help of three people and one horse, many jokes were made, and they gradually approached each other. They tried their best to defend love and the fearless spirit of Dragon and Tiger Martial Arts... The story of the movie "Dragon Horse Spirit" revolves around people and horses, and Jackie Chan will also play an old Dragon and Tiger martial artist. Dragon and Tiger Martial Master is the most thrilling group of people in action movies. Jackie Chan, who has been in the industry for 60 years, has suffered countless injuries and has also made a lot of contributions to Chinese action movies, it can be described as a representative of this. This time, Jackie Chan's role as a dragon and tiger martial artist will surely bring a lot of surprises and touches to the audience. Liu Haocun Guo Qilin joined the collision fresh spark Mysterious horse actor staged a wonderful action scene Director Yang Zi's previous work "Pampering" gave the audience a lot of laughter and warmth on New Year's Day in 2020. It not only showed the cute and agile display of small animals incisively and vividly, but also vividly told ordinary people about family affection, the pursuit and guardianship of friendship and love. It is reported that this horse actor can be called a star in the horse industry. In the movie, how the story of Dragon and Tiger Martial Arts and horses will be staged, and what wonderful action scenes the mysterious horse actor will contribute is curious. In addition to Jackie Chan and Ma, the new generation of actor "Mou Girl" Liu Haocun, who played with stray dogs in "Pampering" and contributed more than tears, will also participate in the performance. Such a fresh lineup made many viewers express "unexpected", looking forward to the spark collision of this pair of combinations, and also looking forward to the wonderful story of "three people and one horse" to meet the audience as soon as possible. (Clock Akane)

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