National Games women's basketball team: Olympic team won the championship

2021-09-15: [Original Article Link].

On September 14, Beijing time, in the National Games women's basketball final, the Olympic team won the championship with a 100-52 victory over Jiangsu, Jiangsu team won the second place, and Guangdong team won the third place. Han Xu scored 18 points and 9 rebounds, and Li Yueru scored 14 points and 6 rebounds. Olympic team Han Xu scored 18 points and 9 rebounds, Li Yueru 14 points and 6 rebounds, Yang Liwei 11 points, Wang Siyu 10 points 5 rebounds, Shao Ting 10 points; Jiangsu team Sun Li 13 points, xu Chenyan 12 points and 8 rebounds, Chen Xiaojia 11 points. In the previous game, the Olympic team showed a huge advantage of destruction. They successively won Guangdong by 110-51, beat Beijing with 89-43, and won Sichuan with 123-52, and easily advanced to the top four with a record of three wins. In the semi-final contest, the Olympic team won the final with a 110-74 victory over Shandong. The first 4 games, Olympic Joint team field jun ying under 53 min shows great advantage. Jiangsu team in the group that has been made in 3 battles won all of the record, easy access to first in the group, in the semi-finals 83-51 victory over Guangdong qualified for the final. In the first quarter of the game, Wang Siyu turned and scored, Li Meng made a jumper, Wang Siyu and Yang Liwei jointly grabbed points, and the Olympic team made a 10-0 dream start. Chen Xiaojia hit the basket, Sun Li and Xu Chenyi attacked one after another, and Jiangsu chased the score to 10-15. Li Meng jumper succeeded, Li Yueru and Shao Ting attacked one after another, Li Yuanzhong hit, helping the Olympic team to end the festival with a 27-12 lead. Sub-quarter, Han Xu jumper scored, start tong tong built into a 2+1 Shao Ting rush into Olympic joint team to 36-17 still stick to the field of optimal advantage. Gong Li and Xu Chenyan continuously hit the basket, Li Shanshan hit a jumper, helping Jiangsu to chase the score 27-38. Li Yueru's offense under the basket showed power, Yang Liwei broke through to the basket, Wang Siyu and Li Yueru continuously grabbed points, helping the Olympic team to end the half with a 50-32 lead. In the third quarter of the game, Li Yuru made a layup, Li Meng made a three-point shot, Huang Sijing succeeded in the second attack under the basket, and the Olympic team continued to expand the difference on the field with 59-34. Shao Ting counterattacked the basket, Han Xu and Wu Tongtong all made three-point shots, Huang Sijing easily made up the basket, and the Olympic team led by 73-36. Han Xu easily ate the cake, Zhang Ru made a layup, helping the Olympic team to end the festival with a 79-39 lead. In the last quarter of the game, Zhang Ru's basket attack showed power and scored 6 points in a row. Han Xu's basket attack made 2 1, followed by her fast break and jumper, and scored 7 points on her own, the Olympic team led by 92-45, and the next game was completely reduced to garbage time. The Olympic team maintained the advantage and won the championship smoothly. The starting lineup Olympic team: Yang Liwei, Li Yueru, Wang Siyu, Li Meng, Pan Zhenqi Jiangsu: Zhang Manman, Chen Xiaojia, Xu Chenyan, Sun Li, Jin Weina

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