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2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. (Observer Network News) On the 20th local time, UN Secretary-General Guterres met with US President Biden. According to the official website of the White House, Guterres praised the relationship between China and the United Nations and described the cooperation of the United States as the "fundamental pillar" of the work of the United Nations ". At the meeting, Biden first praised the "strong partnership between the United States and the United Nations, which is based on common values and principles," a bond that is more important than ever. After that, Guterres followed Biden's words. "The cooperation between the United States and the United Nations is a fundamental pillar of the work of the United Nations." Guterres mentioned the role of the United States in addressing climate change and once again mentioned that "the United States is a fundamental pillar of our United Nations activities." Guterres also told Biden that the United Nations is "extremely happy" to work with the U.S. mission to the United Nations. "You can be absolutely assured that we share the same values and have the same concerns, it has the same commitment to the people of the world." It is worth mentioning that in history, the United States, which has the highest proportion of United Nations dues, has repeatedly defaulted on dues. As early as 1995, 10 yue United States arrears to the organization and normal contributions and peacekeeping in a total amount of 1.43 billion dollars, leading to the financial situation of the United Nations deterioration. 2015, 10 yue United Nations member states in arrears of the regular budget expenses exceed 0.95 billion dollars, of which the United States arrears in the amount of USD 0.8 billion; Last September at the end of the United States "of course" in arrears on 2020, payment of their financial contributions to the United Nations 1.09 billion dollars, this represents 73% of the total outstanding contributions. What is the situation this year? According to the list published by the United Nations, as of 20 August, 123 Member States, including China, had fully paid their regular budget assessments for 2021-a list that still does not contain the name of the United States.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [Text/Observer Network Wang Shicun] After years of rumors that it would buy a "Fierce Dragon" fighter, the Argentine Ministry of Defense finally decided to purchase a new fixed-wing fighter. (Reuters)-Sep 22nd reported Argentina defense Sep 22nd released said in a statement, the country is considering the purchase of 0.664 billion billion dollars of multi-role fighter to protect its airspace, however, the Argentine Ministry of Defense did not announce the model and purchase quantity of the purchased fighters. The Argentine Ministry of Defense said in an official statement that the current plan to purchase fighters "is evaluating the five options based on technology, cost performance and financial status". A source with knowledge of the negotiations told Reuters that the Argentine Air Force is considering warplanes from China, the United States, Russia, South Korea or Israel. Although the Argentine side did not determine the final purchase of which fighters, but Pakistan's "Dawn" said on the 19th that Argentina has planned to buy 12 JF-17 Block-III "Fierce Dragon" fighters from Pakistan. Argentina's defense ministry said it had formally set out the budget for the planned purchase of warplanes in the 2022 budget proposal, which will be voted in the Argentine Parliament in the coming weeks, where Argentina's ruling coalition holds a majority. But Argentina's economic situation may eventually lead to the Argentine military not having enough money to purchase new fixed-wing fighters. Reuters said Argentina is in the midst of a severe economic crisis, which has been exacerbated by the neo-Covid pandemic. Regarding the statement of the Argentine Ministry of Defense, the United Kingdom and the United States have not yet made a statement, and the governments of South Korea, Israel and Pakistan mentioned by the source have not made a statement on this. The Argentine Air Force used to have a large-scale fixed-wing aviation force, but this aviation force was hit hard in the Anglo-Ama War that broke out in 1982 and has not yet recovered. Since the end of the Horse Island War, subject to Western sanctions and pressure, the Argentine Air Force has not been able to obtain new fighters. After retiring the old "Mirage 3" fighter in 2015, the Argentine Air Force almost lost the combat capability of the fixed-wing fighter. It was only in recent years that it took off again to A- 4AR the "Super Skyhawk" fighter. The A- 4AR of the Fifth Fighter Squadron of the Argentine Air Force took off from the Ogajes Air Force Base, and in 1982, the Argentine Air Force set off from this base to attack the British expedition Fleet Source: Argentine Air Force For Argentina's plan to purchase fighters, Pakistani media said that Argentina plans to purchase "Dragon" fighters. Pakistan's "Dawn" said on the 19th that Argentina has planned to buy 12 JF-17 Block-III "Dragon" fighters from Pakistan. "Dawn" believes that the JF-17 is very in line with the needs of the Argentine Air Force model. It is an advanced, light, all-weather, multi-purpose fighter, jointly developed by the Pakistan Aviation Complex (PAC) and China's Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation, without too much consideration of British pressure. The JF-17 Block 3 fighter is the first major improvement model of the JF-17 series of fighters. It is planned to install more advanced avionics systems and active phased array radar to deal with the threat of the next generation of fighters in India. Pakistan Air Force plans to produce 50 JF-17 Block 3 s after 2020. If this news is true, Argentina will become the third country to import "Dragon" fighters after Myanmar and Nigeria.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. (Observer Network News) According to the Philippine News Agency (Philippine News Agency) on the 2 1st, Philippine Foreign Minister Teodoro Lochin (Teodoro Locsin Jr.) on the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia plan to form a new Indo-Pacific security alliance "AUKUS" welcomed it, saying it is conducive to maintaining peace and security in Southeast Asia. According to the report, Lochin said in a statement that an ally is adjacent to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean, hereinafter referred to as Asean), which shortens the response time, this enhances the military capabilities of ASEAN's neighbors and allies, able to respond to threats and even challenges to the status quo in the region in a timely and proportionate manner. But that would require enhanced Australia's capabilities, coupled with the capabilities of its main military allies, to achieve that effect. He pointed out that "the imbalance in the military power of ASEAN member States, whether individually or collectively, does not have the military funds needed to maintain peace and security in South-East Asia, and therefore does not encourage the sudden creation of a crisis there, and try to avoid excessive and hasty reactions to hostile powers". 16, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the new trilateral security partnership is to "advance the strategic interests of the United States and maintain an order based on international rules, promote peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region" and acknowledged that this partnership is related to China, and the United States welcomes fierce competition with China. But she said the United States "does not want a conflict [with China]". Although the agreement does not explicitly mention China, according to two US officials quoted by the US "Politician" News Network, the subtext of "AUKUS" is, this is another move by Western allies to curb China's rise in the military and technological fields. Lochin claimed that Australia's move reflected its concerns about the "geographical imbalance" in the Indo-Pacific region and its desire to help maintain regional peace and security. He added that for the Philippines, it is vital that Australia is committed to putting the ASEAN outlook first in the Indo-Pacific and ASEAN-led mechanisms. Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the cooperation between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia has seriously undermined regional peace and stability, intensified the arms race, and undermined the international nuclear non-proliferation agreement. The United States and Britain export highly sensitive nuclear submarine technology to Australia, which once again proves that they use nuclear exports as a tool of geopolitical game and adopt "double standards". This is an extremely irresponsible act. Liu Pengyu, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in the United States, said that countries "should not establish exclusive groups that target or harm the interests of third parties. In particular, they should get rid of Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice ". Ambassador Wang Qun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations in Vienna, emphasized that the United States and Britain, as nuclear-weapon states, openly support the development of military nuclear technology by non-nuclear-weapon countries such as Australia. This is a naked act of nuclear proliferation.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. May 10-12 is the fifth China Brand Day ", Chinese enterprises" going global "and building brand attention was also drawn to. In this regard, Observer Network interviewed Lu Yoliang, vice president of Sada Times Group, who is deeply cultivated in Africa, to talk about the stories of Chinese companies in Africa. "Africa is caught in China's debt trap" has become a common tactic for the West to provoke China-Africa relations. But for Chinese enterprises deeply cultivated in Africa, these rumors have long been in the face of reality: Chinese brands continue to gain local recognition, local staff rate of more than 90%. The Chinese are here, the opportunity is coming, and the development is coming. Observer Network: We have learned that the media group Siderh has been expanding the African market since 2002. Up to now, the business has spread to 37 African countries, with operation teams stationed in more than 20 countries, ranking 16th among the top 100 influential brands in Africa. It should be said that after more than ten years of deep cultivation, the Sidar era has become a bright business card for China in Africa. I think the Sada era also has a more say in the topic of Chinese enterprises "going out" and building brands, can you please start talking about it? In fact, "Chinese companies go global" and "how to do a good brand" are two things. Chinese companies have gone out for a long time. From the perspective of the external environment, for China and Africa, the current Chinese enterprises should have gone through three stages. The first stage is the responsibility and commitment between major powers, such as some aid construction, investment, electricity and urban infrastructure in Africa in the 1950s and 1960s. This is to solve the problem of connecting the city to the city. The second stage is opportunity-oriented, that is, many Chinese businessmen participate in economic and trade activities between China and Africa, which not only gave birth to some markets and business districts such as Yiwu, Huaqiangbei and Canton Fair, it also gave birth to companies such as Huawei and Voice. On the one hand, they do mobile network deployment and coverage, on the other hand, they enrich the choice of smart phones and make low prices, so they also solve the problem of connection between people through communication construction. If the third stage is still summarized by "connection", I think it is a connection under the premise of cultural and commercial integration. What the Sidar Times is currently doing is this connection between culture, commerce, and media. Therefore, the ties between China and Africa will become more and more deep, diverse and rich. From the perspective of "brand", we are now increasingly emphasizing the integration of investment, construction and operation in Africa. In fact, this marks the current market characteristics of Africa. Investment reflects strength (investment and financing); Construction reflects capacity because of the need for technology (Engineering delivery capacity); Operation reflects concentration, because the operation phase needs to take root in the local market, doing a good job of local service and forming a local brand requires strategic confidence and strategic patience. In the past, China's investment in non-investment, generally through financial support or specific project construction support, in this way, first of all, the efficiency of the use of funds may not be high, and secondly, some venues, after infrastructure projects such as transportation, it was found that local operating capacity was relatively weak. The characteristics of the Chinese people often do more and speak less; They don't want to say it, and they are not good at saying it. Now we can see that the country's awareness in this area has been continuously strengthened, and at the same time "do local things well and tell the Chinese story well" while increasing its ability and investment ". Now the country pays attention to the integration of investment, construction and camp, not only to give funds and projects, but also to empower the local area. In fact, the integration mode of investment, construction and operation has many positive effects on China itself. For example, the industrial chain has become longer. After the industrial chain becomes longer, the participation of Chinese enterprises in all aspects will be greatly improved. In the investment link, financial institutions such as the Bank of China (Export-Import Bank of China) and the Development Bank (China Development Bank) will be involved in the investment link; there are also four and more companies joining in the operation link. Of course, Sada Times itself is a company with full-link capabilities for investment, construction, delivery, and Operation. In the past 20 years in Africa, we have accumulated experience, capabilities, brands and tens of millions of users. Observer Network: In terms of investment, construction, and Operation integration, how does Sida do in Africa? Our four times are actually quite good. Technically, we have built four basic network service platforms: Program relay, live satellite, terrestrial TV and Internet video; it undertook the "Ten Thousands of Villages" project announced by President Xi at the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in 2015, and implemented the satellite digital TV project for 10112 villages in 23 African countries; at a time when the African continent is facing the wave of digitization and informatization, it advocates the digital transformation of radio and television business model, and signed project contracts or cooperation intentions with more than 20 African governments. In the operation of content and users, Sida Times integrates the program content of hundreds of channels and landed in Chinese mainstream media. Including internationally renowned channels such as Discovery Channel, FOX, Al Jazeera; Uganda National Television, local African channels such as Kenya National Television (TV stations in almost all African countries and private TV stations with top ratings);CGTN, CCTV-4, CGTN-F, CGTN-D, 23 mainstream Chinese media channels such as CNC; 43 Sida self-run channels such as Kung Fu Channel and Chinese Film and Television Drama Foreign Language Channel. The program covers almost all types of news, synthesis, film and television, sports, entertainment, children, music, etc. The languages involve 11 languages including Swahili and Hausa in English, French, Portuguese and African. Sida Times has also been selected as one of the top ten national cultural and technological integration demonstration bases jointly recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Internet Information Office, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the General Administration of Radio and Television. At the same time, compared to competitive brands, Siderge is the only company to develop the B2B and B2C markets at the same time, and Sada Times was a technology company on the day of its establishment in 1988, providing technical solutions and organizing construction for several domestic and foreign cable television stations has helped Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and other countries to complete digital transformation, therefore, Sada Times is a media company with a technical background. In the B2C field, the Siderh era opened up the African market with terrestrial TV technology, which quickly accumulated tens of millions of users due to low user access costs, and also lowered the average price of the African digital TV industry, the access fee was reduced from $200 to $47. In addition, Sada Times is the only digital TV operator covering the three major African language regions (English, French, and Portuguese) at the same time, providing a one-stop broadcast program for domestic partners. The Sidar era is improving the marketing system from African capitals to cities and villages to help more Chinese goods reach all corners of African society, we drove LED projection equipment to many rural areas through the "film and television Caravan", similar to our past open-air movies, bringing Chinese excellent film and television drama content and the fight against the Covid epidemic and other sanitary content to the African countryside, the average number of spectators per game is 500-1000. Finally, the star after years of intensive cultivation, the construction and operation, has accumulated deep user base, as of now, we have developed 13 million have spending power of quality of home users, 27 million new generation mobile video consumer user, as well as more than 1000 million users of social media, multi-platform, multi-channel and multi-level user our strong user base, it also provides space for new business development (payment, e-commerce, logistics and distribution, etc.) in the Sida era. Observer Network: I just mentioned that the domestic industrial chain has become longer. When you do some local projects, such as satellite dish pots and some parts, they are all purchased and shipped from China? If you want to cultivate an industrial chain in the local area, it is actually not easy. Start with electricity and railways, and then simple factories can be built gradually, and then there is something else. On. In fact, the development of the industrial chain can be reflected from the current comparison between China and the United States, or the comparison between China and other countries. Why is China's industrial chain the most complete? In fact, it is determined by many foundations, including the industrial base. China's huge population generates basic market demand. China's economic development has enabled the Chinese people to increase their spending power and give birth to new demand, it also promotes industrial upgrading, such a cycle. In fact, many of our foreign trade-oriented industrial chains are only the natural result of our production development and are driven by domestic consumption. Including the factors of China's education development and the improvement of population quality, in the process of China's manufacturing development and upgrading, to ensure the supply of engineers. Therefore, the industrial transfer of our country to Africa is echelon. Observer Network: Speaking of Echelon transfer, I think of China's "King of women's shoes". They have built a park in Ethiopia. We are indeed based on the industrial base of Africa and put simple manufacturing, the handicraft industry is cultivated first. Yes, but this is different from transferring excess capacity. It still starts from market demand. What does Africa need most at this stage? The African market there are several natural characteristics, first of all, its space is very big, is a large continent of the concept, there are 30 million square kilometers, 1.2 billion per cent of the population, and with an annual population growth rate is 2.6%. Most of the world's population growth is now contributed by them. Secondly, the growth of the market is strong, not only the spatial dimension is very large, but the time dimension is also very long, which is worth long-term investment. So we need to have strategic patience and strategic confidence. In short, in Africa, as long as we follow the right path, all the dividends since China's reform and opening up can be gone, such as demographic dividend, science and technology dividend, policy dividend and so on. What do you mean it's a bonus? There is a view in Economics: The dividend is that demand is temporarily unmet. Chinese companies or Chinese brands want to go out and face such a big market, such a big dividend, and such a big opportunity? First of all, we must look forward-looking to the market and identify its own market role. For example, look at the demand first. Is there a natural combination of corporate products and the market? The Ethiopian shoe factory mentioned just now is very large, first because of the rich supply of workers there, and second, because the market demand is already very large. Through products continue to meet market demand, establish their own brand. Secondly, a very important premise is to be willing to make the brand good. Some people don't understand this, are some people not willing to do a good brand? Yes, a lot of us actually don't have brand awareness on the outside. Because at present, there are indeed many opportunities in the African market, especially for those who have worked hard in the Chinese market, there are many ways to meet the needs of the African market, there are many short and fast ways to make local money, but in the long run it will damage the brand of the enterprise. From the perspective of enterprises, the willingness to be a brand is to pursue sustainability and self-growth. The so-called brand is actually the accumulation of trust by Chinese enterprises in a market, it is the cornerstone of sustainable, effective and stable development. Behind the brand is trust, trust is the fulfillment of promises, what to fulfill? It's products and services, in other words, the user's experience-I feel the value after buying it. If the growth of the enterprise itself is not high, it does not pursue sustainability, or even overdraft some local trust, then many things will be impossible to talk about. Third, there must be a collective sense of the brand. It is necessary to realize that the overseas brands of Chinese enterprises not only represent themselves, but also represent China's national image and China's national influence overseas as a collective. Let me give you an example. In Africa, people's understanding of the quality of Chinese mobile phones; The quality of Chinese shoes, socks, clothes and hats; The quality of Chinese hardware products and even infrastructure projects, in fact, it is interlinked. The African people's perception of brands is relatively strong, and China once had such a historical stage. There are also many people who used to trust Japanese goods, German goods, american goods, I believe that as long as it is an American product, it represents high quality. This phenomenon has slowly changed in China, but in Africa, change may be lagging. Therefore, I think our enterprises should have a sense of collective brand and realize that their own brand is also related to the national image. If this collective image is done well, it will be good for the enterprise itself. On the contrary, it can also bring great disadvantages. The Brand Collective image represents the trust in the whole made in China. The local language dubbing competition operated by Sida in Africa, the winner can work at the Sida Times Beijing headquarters, which is very attractive to locals. Observer Network: I learned that the brand of the Sida era has done a very good job in the localization of African branches. The local staff rate of more than 95% is how to do it? I think there are two reasons. First, our overseas data TV service is to C business, which is for the African public. Second, our business has more service attributes, and we ultimately hope to provide digital TV services to the African public. This requires a relatively high degree of localization. The first is localized content, such as language, and the second is localized channels. We have built the entire marketing system and logistics system throughout Africa, which needs to be done very deeply. After the Chinese employees go, they will actually decentralise their power to the local employees. Because we believe that, as a service-oriented and Operational Enterprise in Africa, first of all, African faces can best represent Africa, and locals can best represent local demands, so we should understand the local culture, local people must be fully trusted. In my opinion, China mainly plays a role in delimiting the general direction. The format of the African market is that locals will definitely do better than us. This process is actually a process of mutual trust building, which takes time and is also a process of brand growth. In fact, the percentage of local employees is a figure, which is a result, and trust building is a mutual process. We believe that locals can help us do a good job in our business. If we don't trust them, we will do less work for local people. If we can't get exercise and experience, we can't grow up and trust can't be built, the more mistrust, the less it can be done. As a result, the more the Chinese do, the more the local, the less the business pressure makes managers feel that Chinese employees must be used for efficiency, this becomes a vicious circle. Brand growth needs to invest time, which returns to the previous topic. Operation reflects determination, rooting in the local market, doing a good job in local services, and paying attention to strategic confidence and strategic patience. We often say that we are a "grow out of the ground" company, we have a "Farming" thinking, is in a market through a long period of development and intensive cultivation, long-term returns through long-cycle inputs, which we believe are in line with China's national strategy. China's "Belt and Road" initiative proposed has been 6 years, which is already for a long time, but its African friendship dates back to "the Tanzania-Zambia Railway" at that time, china's foreign minister's first visit every year is Africa. This is different from the "Hunting" thinking of some countries and enterprises. If you see it, you can't retreat. It is precisely the establishment of brand and trust. The Sidar era continues to be optimistic about Africa, deeply ploughing Africa, and making big companies stronger brands. We are also happy to go out to sea with Chinese companies, land in Africa, and provide experience and ability to learn and cooperate.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Although faced with many crises and obstacles, the "Wancun Tong" project in the country was still carried out in an orderly manner, and it also won the welcome and respect of the local villagers. In the Southern Osun State, a village chief also carefully handwritten a thank-you letter to cheer for "Wancun Tong. [Guide] After the installation was completed, the villagers and children were extremely excited. The villagers told us that after they went to sea every day, they had more expectations of going home because they wanted to go home to watch wonderful TV programs. At parting, the villagers had to give the staff some seafood they went to the sea to catch, saying that the TV show brought them happiness and hope, I also hope that the seafood they just caught will bring good luck to the staff. In December 2015, in order to promote the construction of China-Africa comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, China proposed to focus on the implementation of the "Ten Major Cooperation Plans" with the African side ", in which people-to-people and cultural cooperation set out in the plan for Africa 10,000 villages were implemented to watch satellite TV project". The Ministry of Commerce in conjunction with the publicity department of the Central Committee of the CPC, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and television and the Party Central Committee and the State Council approval of the selected StarTimes Group as the project implementation unit. As one of the important projects of the "Ten Major Cooperation", the implementation of "Ten Thousands of Villages" has become the focus of attention of local governments and people in Africa. The aid construction personnel of China and Africa have made concerted efforts to give full play to their respective technical and empirical advantages, solved a series of practical problems, and successfully set up satellite TV to various remote areas. Take Nigeria as an example. It is the most populous country and the largest economy in Africa. It is precisely because of many "first" that the implementation of the "Wancun pass" project here faces many difficulties and obstacles. Although Nigeria's total economic output is not the first, its economic structure is single and uneven, mainly concentrated in the south, and the northern region is relatively poor. In particular, the three northern states, Borno, Yobo and Adamawa, chronically poor and infested by the terrorist organization Boko Haram, are extremely dangerous in rural areas except for the capitals of the three states, basically, they are infiltrated by Boko Haram forces, and the unstable local political situation also makes Boko Haram have no fear in these places. As a national-level aid project, the "Ten Mt." project is to be implemented in all 36 states and federal SAR throughout the country, the security situation in the three northern states undoubtedly made it extremely difficult to install the entire project. In the village of Pakka, Adamawa, a remote village with rugged roads and severe security, when the construction expedition arrived for four hours under police escort, the villagers who learned the news in advance were already waiting for the village. The living conditions of the whole village are not superior, but the village head still tidied up the best house to receive the inspection team. When talking about the security guards in the process of specific implementation, the village chief specially proposed to arrange two people to follow the installation personnel to the material distribution center to take equipment. Parents and children are very excited when they talk about the project will install projection TV for public areas, especially when children can also see the program, they are looking forward to this "gift" they never thought ". In the process of transporting the goods to the village, the two villagers also guarded the goods as if they were their lives. However, there was still an emergency in the middle of the road. The local armed personnel (due to the severe security situation, there are usually armed personnel along the roads in the northern three states to set up a card to check) and deduct the material, they were extremely arrogant with steel guns. Just when the installers were helpless, the two villagers in Pakka village used the local "local accent" to talk to the armed men, these farmers who had been honest all their lives, in the face of threats to the "property" you are about to receive, a great deal of courage broke out. In the end, through many explanations by the locals, both people and things were released, and the "hope" of the villagers and the "gifts" of the children were preserved. In front of the dilapidated house, projection TV opens the windows of the world for villagers While the security situation in the north threatens the implementation of Wancun Tong, the dense environment of the southern river network also makes it very difficult to install, especially in several states close to the sea, there are even several villages on the island, but the construction team still needs to take a few hours on the island to install the villagers. On the way to the village of NKO, the waves almost overturned the boat on which the construction team was riding, and many installers from the inland were tortured by the bumpy boat. After the installation was completed, the villagers and children were extremely excited. The villagers told us that after they went to sea every day, they had more expectations of going home because they wanted to go home to watch wonderful TV programs. At parting, the villagers had to give the staff some seafood they went to the sea to catch, saying that the TV show brought them happiness and hope, I also hope that the seafood they just caught will bring good luck to the staff. Although faced with many crises and obstacles, the "Wancun Tong" project in the country was still carried out in an orderly manner, and it also won the welcome and respect of the local villagers. In the Southern Osun State, a village chief also carefully handwritten a thank-you letter to cheer for the "Wancun Pass. "Wancun Pass" came to the village. For the villagers who regard agriculture as their foundation, it is like a planter of hope. It broadcasts information, knowledge and entertainment to thousands of households through digital TV, it has also deepened the understanding and recognition between China and Africa, between governments and the people.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. (Observer Network News) After the Australian submarine contract was vicious, France canceled the French and British Defense Ministers Meeting after recalling the ambassador to the United States and Australia. In order to appease his allies, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson verbally "confession", calling London's "love affair" with Paris "unshakeable". US President Biden took the initiative to talk to French President Macron. According to the White House website, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said on the 2 1st that at the request of U.S. President Biden, a telephone call with French President Macron will be held this week, discuss the recent submarine trading Storm and the Indo-Pacific Alliance. According to a report by France Europe 1 (Europe 1) on the premise of the submarine trading crisis, the telephone conversation between Macron and Biden will be "clarification" rather than "reconciliation", the telephone talks will be held this week at Biden's request. According to a report by the US Television Broadcasting Network (CBS News) on the 19th, France's confidence in the United States is "seriously broken". Macron once said in this incident: "There is a moment of shock, anger... Now, we have to move forward." Atal said that after recalling the ambassadors of the United States and Australia, French Foreign Minister Jean Yves Ldrian (Jean-Yves Le Drian) met with the two ambassadors on 19, and discuss "whether the current crisis will lead to strategic problems". On the 18th, Le Drian severely criticized Australia's actions, arguing that there were lies, duplicities, serious violations of trust and contempt in Australia's decision in the submarine incident, and stressed that there is a serious "crisis of trust" between France and these three countries ". The Australian side and France have their own words on whether they were told beforehand. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison argued on the 19th that he had raised concerns about Australian-French submarine orders during talks with Macron in June, according to the US Broadcasting Corporation (CNN). He said that France has long known about the Australian government's plans to cancel the purchase of French submarine contracts and stressed that the contract between France and Australia cannot meet Australia's strategic interests. "I understand France's disappointment, but I will never regret the decision to put Australia's national interests first," Morrison said." According to CNN, French ambassador to the United States Philip Etienne (Philippe Etienne) said that the French side had not received any information about the submarine contract beforehand, french cabinet ministers also received no indication that the agreement would be canceled when they met with their Australian counterparts. Etienne said: "When we were told by the White House on the morning of the 15th, Australia, the United States and Britain had signed a new agreement (involving submarine technology), it was a bit late." According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on the 20th, in response to the cancellation of the submarine contract, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on the 20th. This is the first recall of ambassadors in the history of France and the United States, showing that this is a serious political act. Le Drian showed considerable dissatisfaction: "When we saw the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Australia announced a new agreement with Boris, this was a very serious act for the breakdown of trust between allies. In a true alliance, we should talk to each other, not hide, and respect each other. I think Australia's decision to unilaterally cancel the agreement was a huge mistake." Etienne said: "My departure from Washington is already the most direct response of the French government, marking the seriousness of the incident, and the French side is still discussing what to do next." According to previous reports, due to the Indo-Pacific alliance (aukus) after the founding of the resulting in France and Australia in 2016, of a value of at least 66 billion billion dollars building 12 submarine contract an unexpected termination of, france now calls it a "serious crisis". On the contrary, Australia and the United States and the United Kingdom signed 8 of a nuclear-powered submarine of the protocol, the move angered the French government, France recalled in the United States and Australia's ambassador to indicate the severity of the crisis. A defense meeting between French Defense Minister Florence Barry (Florence Parly) and British envoy Ben Wallace (Ben Wallace), which was scheduled to be held in London, England, Reuters reported on the 19th. According to internal sources, the meeting was personally canceled by Barry. At present, the French Ministry of Defense has not given any information on this, and the British Ministry of Defense declined to comment. "We will continue to discuss the meeting with the French side and continue to maintain a close and productive security relationship with France," Wallace said, according to the US Daily Taylor (Taylor Daily Press) on the 20th, france is a staunch ally." On his way to New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly on 19 March, Johnson expressed his desire to restore the gap between London and Paris, saying that the friendly relationship between Britain and France is very important, london's "love affair" with Paris is "untouchable". Boris responded to the signing of the new Indo-Thai alliance AUKUS between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, and the diplomatic crisis with France. He stressed: "These things do not require anyone to worry about, especially our French friends." According to the British Guardian on the 18th, Le Drian responded that the ambassadors were recalled to reassess the situation. He believes that there is no need for France to recall its ambassador to the UK. Because Britain "always pursues opportunism", its role in the new relationship with the United States and Australia is "a bit like a third party".
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. On September 21, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released the latest economic outlook report. It is expected that the growth rate of China's economy in 2021 and 2022 will reach 8.5% and 5.8% respectively, it is in line with the OECD's growth forecast for May. 2021, global economic growth is estimated to have reached 5.7%, the group of twenty members of economic growth is estimated to have reached 6.1%, May this year prediction, respectively, as compared to the cut by 0.1 percentage points and 0.2 percentage points. In addition, the OECD also predicted in the US and the eurozone economy respectively, an increase of 6%, 5.3%. The report pointed out that the recovery and growth of the global economy is still facing an extremely uneven situation and full of uncertainties. Different advantages and disadvantages of economies before the outbreak of the Covid outbreak and different responses during the epidemic have led to a continued imbalance in the global economic recovery, in particular, the slow vaccination process and the emergence of new variants of the virus may cause weak growth and greater employment problems, and add pressure to global supply chains. Therefore, OECD calls for countries to strengthen international cooperation to provide low-income countries with the necessary resources for vaccination, while ensuring the necessary macroeconomic support policies and flexible fiscal policies. In addition, the report pointed out that there are also significant differences in the global inflation outlook. The inflation rate of the United States and some emerging market economies has risen sharply, but the inflation rate of developed economies such as the euro zone is still relatively low. The report said that these inflationary pressures should eventually subside, and inflation in the G20 countries is expected to peak at the end of 2021 and slow in 2022.
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2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Subsequently, two new-generation Advanced Trainer instructor-10 arrived and landed on the tarmac of Zhuhai International Air Show Center. Both models are the first to participate in the China Air Show. According to reports, the J-16d will be statically displayed at this air show, and the teaching-10 will be shown in flight. J-16D is F 16 a modification of the aircraft, it in the name of "D" from the Chinese word "electronic. It is reported that the prototype F-16 as compared to annihilates-16D removed infrared search and track (IRST sensor and 30mm cannon to fuselage enough to hold the electronic device. In addition, several antennas are installed around the fuselage. The J-16d is also equipped with two huge electronic intelligence pods at the wingtips, similar to the devices on the E/A-18 "Roar" electronic attack aircraft. In combat operations, the J-16d will first use jammers to disrupt the targets and fire control devices of the enemy's air defense system, and then launch anti-radiation missiles that are equally deadly to the enemy's mobile and fixed air defense systems. Jia-10 is an advanced trainer. It made its debut on the National Day parade ground on October 1, 2019. On the same day, a huge group of trainers flew over Tiananmen Square as the "final axis" of the air echelon, including the teaching-10. It is reported that the teaching-10 aircraft has begun to equip a large number of Chinese air force and naval aviation. This fighter can train a large number of third-and fourth-generation fighter pilots for our army. This year's air show, teaching-10 will be a flight display.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. The local epidemic in our province, there are 2 medium-risk areas, please pay close attention to the epidemic dynamics, such as with the activity trajectory of positive infected people, or 14 days have domestic high-risk areas, if you live in an epidemic-related area, you will immediately take the initiative to report to the community (village) and work unit, and cooperate with the implementation of prevention and control measures. If fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, smell (taste), diarrhea and other symptoms, please do not take medicine by yourself, wear a mask as soon as possible to the nearest medical institution fever clinic for investigation and treatment, avoid taking public transportation during the visit, and take the initiative to inform the travel history and contact history.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Wang Kaiwen on September 21, local time, the general debate of the 76th UN General Assembly kicked off at the UN headquarters in New York. Biden, who spoke at the UN General Assembly for the first time as President of the United States, attracted much attention. After a series of incidents that have swept the diplomatic credibility of the United States, such as the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the "knife" behind France, Biden tried to appease his allies and boasted that he would "stand up" for them ". He declared that the United States does not seek a "new cold war" and is ready to cooperate with "any country that seeks peaceful solutions to common challenges" and opposes "strong domination of weak countries" and so on. On the other hand, many US media have noticed that although Biden did not directly mention the word "China" in his speech, he was still targeting China innuendo. In addition, Biden also stressed that the United States will compete and will "compete fiercely (compete vigorously)". Based on CNN, Reuters, United Nations News and other reports, Biden elaborated on his vision of leading the United States into a "new era of diplomacy" in his speech on the 2 1st, and trying to tell the skeptics that he is leading America out of the "America First" era. Biden boast their own office 8 months in multilateralism and to a renewed partnership we owe all the achievements made over the United States reaffirmed NATO collective defense provisions of the commitment, recovery, with the European Union, enhance the Quartet partnership between the United States, Australia, India and Japan, return to the Paris Agreement, re-participate in the work of WHO, etc. He said that the United States will continue to defend its own interests and its allies from attacks, including the threat of terrorism. The United States is also prepared to use force when necessary, but the use of force is to defend vital national interests, and these tasks "must be clear and achievable", it will be done with the Americans "informed and consensual" and cooperate with allies as much as possible. "We will stand up for our allies and friends." Biden said. Biden said the performance of the United States, but he did not mention the submarine trade storm that triggered the diplomatic crisis with France. According to CNN, The recently recalled French ambassador to The United States, Philip Etienne, recently recalled on CNN's "The Situation Room" program, europeans still maintained the international order of multilateralism. "Therefore, when we saw that the current US government took more unilateralist actions, we were indeed a little disappointed." At present, the submarine trading turmoil has become one of the "most serious cracks" between the United States and its allies. In addition to the "anger" of France, the European Union and its Member States have also stood on their own people on this issue, it is believed that the Australia-Britain-US agreement has sounded the alarm for the EU. At the United Nations General Assembly, Macron did not go to the United States, and Biden will talk to him on the phone "in the next few days". The outside world is watching how the United States will appease France, the "oldest ally". In his speech on the 2 1st, Biden talked about another decision criticized by his allies-to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. He continued to defend the operation, claiming: "We are no longer obsessed with the wars of the past, rather, it focuses on directing our resources to challenges that are critical to the collective future: ending the (Covid) epidemic; Addressing the climate crisis; Managing changes in global power dynamics, important areas such as networks and emerging technologies shape world rules; Face the threat of terrorism today." "We have ended 20 years of conflict in Afghanistan, and as we end this ruthless war, we are ushering in a new era of tireless diplomacy." Biden said. In an interview with The Associated Press last week, UN Secretary-General Guterres said with concern that Sino-US relations were "completely out of balance" and called for avoiding a "new cold war". The White House responded that the Biden administration did not agree with this description of US-China relations. "Our relationship with China is not confrontation, but competition." At the UN General Assembly on the 2 1st, Biden did not mention the word "China" in his 34-minute speech, but said, "We are not seeking a new Cold War, or a world that splits into a rigid group. The United States is ready to work with any country that comes forward and seeks a peaceful solution, even if we have serious differences in other areas." However, in other US Media, Biden's speech is obvious to China. CNN noted that Biden stressed in his speech that "the United States will compete and will compete fiercely (compete vigorously)". The report believes that although Biden does not want to have a "new cold war" with China, he hopes to engage in "fierce competition". In addition, Biden also mentioned that the United States is shifting its focus to the Indo-Pacific region. Reuters also said that although Biden did not say "China" or "Beijing", the entire speech "implicitly" mentioned the increasingly powerful "competitor" of the United States ", the two countries have differences on the Indo-Pacific region, trade and so-called" human rights "issues. On the occasion of the UN General Assembly's speech, Biden will also launch a series of diplomatic activities, including a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Morrison and British Prime Minister Johnson on the 2 1st; Hosting the Global Covid vaccine online summit on the 22nd; And with Australia, India, the leaders of the three Japanese countries met to host the first face-to-face summit of the Quartet Security Dialogue (Quad). Earlier, the Washington Post pointed out that Biden hoped to use his speech at the UN General Assembly and his meeting with leaders of other countries this week to prove the "leading position of the United States on the world stage". Before the speech, Biden also made a bold statement again, saying that "the United States is back". However, in CNN's view, after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the submarine crisis in the United States and France, the biggest challenge of Biden's debut is how to prove to allies that he is not Trump.
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2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Xiamen Daily News on September 22: On the morning of the 2 1st, Governor Wang Ning attended a video conference for cadres at all levels in Tongan District of Xiamen City, emphasizing the need to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on epidemic prevention and control, earnestly implement the relevant requirements of Sun Chunlan, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, when he came to Fujian to investigate and guide the prevention and control of the epidemic, recognize the grim situation, strengthen confidence in winning, encourage energy, sink to the front line, and make the work faster, stricter, more practical and more detailed, and resolutely win the war of epidemic prevention and control. National Disease Prevention and Control Bureau deputy director Sun Yang, the provincial Party Committee, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhao Long, attended the meeting and gave a speech. Wang Ning pointed out that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in our province is still grim and complex, and cadres at all levels should effectively enhance the sense of crisis and urgency, earnestly implement the requirements of fast and strict, overcome difficulties, break through the key points, and take more effective measures, resolutely block the spread of the epidemic. It is necessary to promote the flat and efficient operation of the command system, improve the efficiency of decision-making, implement the efficiency, and race against the virus. It is necessary to promote the speed and quality of nucleic acid detection, rationally arrange sampling points and collection stations, strengthen on-site organization and management, realize the interlocking of collection, transfer, testing, and reporting, and operate efficiently to ensure that all inspections should be inspected, accurate detection. To promote the flow adjustment investigation to speed up and improve the quality, every "yang" must be reported, every "Yang" is reported, the report must be checked, first tube and then screened, so that it should be separated, resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic. It is necessary to promote the continuous strengthening of community control and control, strictly implement the requirements of "Area closure, stay at home, and door-to-door service", strengthen the standardized management of isolation points, and do a good job in the supply of living materials and service guarantee for isolated personnel, actively provide convenience for special key groups. Wang Ning stressed that epidemic prevention and control is the touchstone for testing cadres. Leading cadres at all levels should further boost their spirit and spirit, carry forward the continuous combat style, go down to the grass-roots level and sink to the front line, and work with the majority of community workers and volunteers to face difficulties and work under pressure, promote the implementation of various prevention and control measures. The Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government will coordinate the resources of the province and the city, fully support the prevention and control of the epidemic in Xiamen and Tongan, and strive to extinguish the epidemic in the shortest possible time. Zhao Long stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the confidence of victory and resolutely win the battle of security and the defense of Xiamen. At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in our city is still grim and complex, especially Tongan is the top priority of the epidemic prevention and control, and is the main battlefield for the decisive battle. All departments at all levels in the city, especially the broad masses of party members and cadres in Tong'an District, should grit their teeth, strengthen their confidence, work hard and overcome difficulties in accordance with the provincial and municipal work arrangements, go all out to promote the implementation of various prevention and control requirements, and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic. Zhao Long demanded that we should be strict and practical, and do our best to implement the work. At present, the prevention and control of the epidemic is in a state of confrontation. It is necessary to start ruthlessly, quickly and forcefully, and make various prevention and control measures from the fast and strict, and implement them in detail. It is necessary to speed up the speed of nucleic acid testing, improve the accuracy of flow investigation, increase the intensity of community control, and control the epidemic risk to a minimum. We must continue to carry forward the spirit of not being afraid of fatigue and continuous combat, and resolutely win the war of epidemic prevention and control. All departments at all levels must tighten the strings of thought, pull the bow of responsibility, show the hard work to stop the spread of the epidemic, with hard work to curb the spread of the epidemic, at the same time to do their own protection, do not appear non-combat attrition, ensure a comprehensive victory in epidemic prevention and control. Sun Yang stressed that the epidemic situation in Fujian and Xiamen was sudden, and the epidemic momentum was very strong. From the current point of view, the situation is very serious. The virus we are facing this time is a very dangerous opponent, highly contagious and short incubation period. For prevention and control, it is three words: sealing, screening, and separation. Sealing is sealing, screening is screening, and isolation is isolation. Sealing and controlling must stay at home. We must control in place, service in place, health monitoring in place, education in place, and care in place; Screening is nucleic acid screening, all staff screening, so as to achieve no leakage, at the same time, orderly organization; Isolation is centralized isolation, and resolutely and quickly isolate close and sub-close personnel.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. According to the Nihon Economic News website, Japan has gathered many powerful game development companies. It was once a market that firmly supported local games, but now more and more players are turning to Chinese games. United States company Sensor Tower statistics show that Japan mobile games market scale 2021, 1 to Jun is about 9.7 billion dollars. With 2017, 1 to Jun phase increased by 63% per cent over the, pull the whole of the locomotive is the last 4 years to achieve the growth of the Chinese game. According to the game, 2021, 3 Chinese gaming among the Japanese market income ten. Among them, the highest ranking is Netease's shooting game "Wild Action-Mobile Edition Battleroyale", ranked seventh, role-playing game "original God" (ninth) and "placed girl: the Dazzling Moe Ji Monumery (tenth place) is second. In the top ten in 2017, there were no Chinese games. According to the top 100 games, only 8 Chinese games in 2017, currently increased to 22. In the global game market, Tencent Holdings and other Chinese companies have risen significantly, and finally entered the Japanese market, which is difficult to enter before. In the Japanese market growth of 3 Chinese companies make use of Japan's game industry and sub-culture of the aggregation and foundation. In June 2020, NetEase opened a game research and development base "Sakura Studio" in Shibuya, Tokyo, actively attracting Japanese developers.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. According to a report on the website of the British "Guardian" on September 21, a port in Western India seized nearly 3 tons of heroin from Afghanistan in a raid, the heroin combined market capitalization of USD 2.7 billion. The Indian Tax Intelligence Agency said it seized the heroin posing as talcum powder in the port of Mondla, Gujarat, and arrested two Indians. According to the report, the shipment-one container containing nearly 2 tons of heroin and the other containing nearly 1 ton of heroin-came from Afghanistan and was shipped to Gujarat from an Iranian port. The Indian Tax Intelligence Agency said the investigation also found that Afghans were involved, but so far no Afghans have been arrested.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. According to a report on the Bloomberg News website on September 21, China appealed against a WTO dispute ruling that rejected China's claim against the United States. During the Trump administration, the United States took protective measures against solar panels imported from China, and China filed a complaint. The report pointed out that the WTO Appellate Body lacks a statutory number of members to sign the new ruling, which means that China's move will actually play a role in rejecting the ruling because the case has fallen into a legal vacuum.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Reference News Network reported on September 22 that the Malaysian government supports China's accession to the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (ctpp), he said "look forward to China becoming one of them". Among the Southeast Asian members of ctpp, Singapore also welcomed China's accession. According to the report, Malaysia's Ministry of International Trade and Industry said on the 19th that China's application to join ctpp is "very exciting", and member states will negotiate this as early as 2022. China is Malaysia's largest import and export target country. Singaporean Foreign Minister Weiwen said in a meeting with visiting Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi that Singapore welcomes China's accession to CPTPP.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Core tip: "Controlling the pandemic depends on two factors: government leadership and public behavior. Compared with other countries, the United States has performed poorly in these two areas." Reference News Network Sep 22nd reported Itar-Tass New York Sep 22nd reported Johns Hopkins University 22nd released data show that the United States the Covid outbreak death toll of more than 676,000 people, higher than the number of deaths during the Spanish flu period (1918-191919). The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide the data show that the flu to the Spanish flu of 675,000 deaths. Prior to the Covid epidemic, the Spanish flu was the deadliest outbreak in U.S. history. According to the report, with the spread of the Delta variant strain, the number of Covid deaths in the United States continues to rise, especially in the southeastern states where vaccination rates are low. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data show that in the past week, the average number of confirmed deaths per day exceeded 2000. According to a report on the British "Financial Times" website on September 20, the number of Americans who died of the Covid has exceeded the number of people who died of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. This terrible milestone comes as a new wave of severe and hospitalizations in the largely unvaccinated population in the Southern and Midwestern states of the United States. Experts have warned that the spread of this highly contagious Delta variant is putting the health systems of the worst-hit states into crisis and threatening the US economic recovery. They say the ongoing political debate over wearing masks, vaccinations and booster needles complicates and threatens to prolong the fight against the pandemic. Reference News Network Sep 22nd reported Itar-Tass New York Sep 22nd reported Johns Hopkins University 22nd released data show that the United States the Covid outbreak death toll of more than 676,000 people, higher than the number of deaths during the Spanish flu period (1918-191919). The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide the data show that the flu to the Spanish flu of 675,000 deaths. Prior to the Covid epidemic, the Spanish flu was the deadliest outbreak in U.S. history. According to the report, with the spread of the Delta variant strain, the number of Covid deaths in the United States continues to rise, especially in the southeastern states where vaccination rates are low. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data show that in the past week, the average number of confirmed deaths per day exceeded 2000. According to a report on the British "Financial Times" website on September 20, the number of Americans who died of the Covid has exceeded the number of people who died of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. This terrible milestone comes as a new wave of severe and hospitalizations in the largely unvaccinated population in the Southern and Midwestern states of the United States. Experts have warned that the spread of this highly contagious Delta variant is putting the health systems of the worst-hit states into crisis and threatening the US economic recovery. They say the ongoing political debate over wearing masks, vaccinations and booster needles complicates and threatens to prolong the fight against the pandemic. The Spanish flu is modern history the most serious pandemic global killed at least 50 million people. Ali Mukdade, a professor of global hygiene at the University of Washington, said: "Controlling the pandemic depends on two factors: government leadership and public behavior. Compared with other countries, the United States has performed poorly in these two areas." The report pointed out that although the United States is in the lead in obtaining the Covid vaccine, it lags behind other rich countries in vaccination. Experts say Republican voters are reluctant to get vaccinated, and some black and Hispanic groups are only slightly better off, and the spread of false information has contributed to this phenomenon. Since only 54.6% of the country have completed vaccination, people are vulnerable to infection. In Idaho, officials warned last week that Covid hospitalizations, mainly among those who are not vaccinated, have climbed to record levels, leading to a rush of staff, available beds and resources. Only slightly more than 40% people in Idaho have completed the vaccination, one of the lowest rates in the United States. Matthew Krezelus, an intensive care unit nurse who works at a Michigan Hospital, said: "It is very frustrating that there is another surge in Covid cases in the hospital, which could have been avoided. About 99% of the Covid patients we saw in the intensive care unit were not vaccinated...... This is the impact of disinformation." According to the report, doctors also felt the pressure and expressed disappointment that politicians and the public failed to take effective measures to deal with the Covid crisis. Jennifer Caputo-Seidler, a doctor who works at Tampa General Hospital in Florida, said: "This wave of outbreaks is too difficult because we didn't have to do it again. The vast majority of patients in intensive care units are not vaccinated." Caputo-Seidler says only stronger leadership can reverse the Covid epidemic. Some unvaccinated patients hold anti-vaccine religious or other personal beliefs, she said, but others are simply confused by all sorts of mixed messages. She said: "If you see our leaders unanimously advocate wearing masks and vaccinations, and send a unified message, it will be more influential than every state and every town."
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. According to Yonhap News Agency's New York news, South Korean President Moon Jae-in's speech at the United Nations on the 2 1st proposed that the Korean War from 1950 to 1953 should be officially ended. He said at the 76th UN General Assembly: "When the parties concerned in the Korean War unite to declare the end of the war, I believe that we can make irreversible progress in the denuclearization of the peninsula, and open an era of complete peace." According to the report, this is Moon Jae-in's last speech at the annual UN conference, and his five-year term will end in early May 2022. (Compilation/Wang Qun)
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Reference News Network reported on September 22 that the general election of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Election Committee subsector in 2021 was successfully held a few days ago, and the new election committee was successfully elected. People from all walks of life in Hong Kong spoke highly of the election and believed that the implementation of the new electoral system will enable Hong Kong to have a more stable social environment, political environment and a better business environment. According to a report on the website of Hong Kong's "Sing Tao Daily" on September 20, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Carrie Lam said that this is the first election under the system of "Patriots ruling Hong Kong" after the improvement of Hong Kong's electoral system, it can be restored to the original heart of "One Country, Two Systems. She pointed out that for a long time, some anti-Chinese and Hong Kong elements have entered the political system through public elections in Hong Kong and adopted a pan-politicized stance in Parliament, to some extent, it has hindered Hong Kong's economic and livelihood development. This election will lay a solid foundation for the future election of the Legislative Council and the election of the chief executive next year, describing Hong Kong as entering a new era; Coupled with the support of the central government in the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the planning of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, with the recent expansion of the Qianhai Cooperation Zone, Hong Kong's future and future will be better and better under "One Country, Two Systems. Carrie Lam pointed out that this is the first election after the improvement of Hong Kong's electoral system. It is of great significance and symbolizes the implementation of the principle of "Patriots ruling Hong Kong" in the political system of the SAR and insisting on safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests ensure that the practice of "one country, two systems" is stable and far-ranging.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. This election of the Election Committee has multiple meanings and has a profound impact on the future of Hong Kong. Because its composition and role have been carefully considered, the purpose is to achieve long-term stability and avoid the recurrence of catastrophic unrest. First of all, the Election Committee is an important "safety valve" in the entire electoral system. In addition to being responsible for the election of the Chief Executive of the SAR, 40 of the 90 members of the Legislative Council are elected, moreover, all candidates for the Legislative Council election must be nominated by members of the Election Committee to ensure that both the Chief Executive and members of the Legislative Council are patriots and Hong Kong, prevent "anti-China chaos" and "radical forces" from entering the governance structure and seizing power through the election. The first election after the central government improved the Hong Kong electoral system was successfully held on the 19th, which marked a new era of the SAR election system. This not only involves the reform of the system, but more importantly, the entire political ecology has also changed. Today, when Hong Kong's economy is in a downturn, the situation is very timely, and with the removal of inferior political "cancer cells", The SAR will return to the right track, administration and legislation work together to focus on solving deep-seated people's livelihood issues, effectively revitalizing the economy, thereby eliminating political and social instability, and bringing Hong Kong's development back to a virtuous circle that has been lost for a long time. The first election after the central government improved the Hong Kong electoral system was successfully held on the 19th, which marked a new era of the SAR election system. This not only involves the reform of the system, but more importantly, the entire political ecology has also changed. Today, when Hong Kong's economy is in a downturn, the situation is very timely, and with the removal of inferior political "cancer cells", The SAR will return to the right track, administration and legislation work together to focus on solving deep-seated people's livelihood issues, effectively revitalizing the economy, thereby eliminating political and social instability, and bringing Hong Kong's development back to a virtuous circle that has been lost for a long time. This election of the Election Committee has multiple meanings and has a profound impact on the future of Hong Kong. Because its composition and role have been carefully considered, the purpose is to achieve long-term stability and avoid the recurrence of catastrophic unrest. First of all, the Election Committee is an important "safety valve" in the entire electoral system. In addition to being responsible for the election of the Chief Executive of the SAR, 40 of the 90 members of the Legislative Council are elected, moreover, all candidates for the Legislative Council election must be nominated by members of the Election Committee to ensure that both the Chief Executive and members of the Legislative Council are patriots and Hong Kong, prevent "anti-China chaos" and "radical forces" from entering the governance structure and seizing power through the election. In addition, the new election committee will have a broader representation and diversity, avoiding these forces using various means to manipulate the results, triggering a serious crisis between the SAR and the central government. This makes the politics seriously inferior, and the objective and rational discussion of politics no longer exists. The electoral system has completely embarked on a destructive path, the government has been unable to maintain normal governance, governance has basically failed, and economic and people's livelihood issues have been shelved. Seeing that Hong Kong is hard to cure, the Central Government has finally decisively targeted the "source of the disease". First, It formulated Hong Kong's national security law to calm the chaos, and then reformed the electoral system and established a security mechanism to prevent radical forces from entering the governance structure again through elections, ensuring that power is controlled by people who love the country and Hong Kong, eliminating the threat of subversion and seizing power. The three elections under the new system are expected to achieve several effects. First of all, the radical struggle will come to an end, and the ecology of political inferiority will also change. Politicians will return to rational discussion of politics, "talking about heroes" with the ability to govern Hong Kong, and focus on effectively improving people's livelihood. In addition, the society is no longer opposed and torn apart, and has turned to a constructive attitude to seek common ground while reserving differences. In this new political environment, the government will be able to greatly improve the effectiveness of governance and concentrate its efforts on reviving the economy and promoting development. The new electoral system has created a new era. With the elimination of inferior politics, there will be a new atmosphere in the political arena. The next step for the government and politicians to do is to revitalize the economy and improve people's livelihood, this is also the greatest expectation of the general public.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [Global Network Reporter Lin Zeyu] According to a report by Japan's "Tokyo News" on the 2 1st, Tokyo Electric Power Company announced on the same day that, at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant for filtering contamination of water "more radionuclide removal-your-own-devices" (ALPS) have been discovered in the 5 filters were destroyed, the total number of 29, in addition, radioactive contamination has been detected near a part of the filter. However, TEPCO still claims that "there is no impact on the outside world". According to the report, the filter's function is to prevent the discharge of gas containing radioactive particles into the air when the ALPS is running. Tokyo Electric Power Company said on the 2 1st that radioactive contamination was detected near the outlet of some filters. However, Tokyo Electric Power Company argued on the grounds that "the scope of pollution is not wide", "there is no pollution to the staff's body, and there is no impact on the outside world." At the same time, the report mentioned that the Tokyo Electric Power company also said that in the course of their investigation, discovered 5 filters damage. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has a total of 76 ALPS, and Tepco is investigating filters for all equipment. TEPCO stressed that the investigation activities had no impact on the measures to purify nuclear sewage. However, some netizens in setting out the Tokyo Electric Power Company, a variety of the latest allegations after referred to, the Tokyo Electric Power Company 2 years ago found damage problem, but a lack of analysis of the reasons caused the damages of and conduct regular inspection. The netizen asked, "Is Tokyo Electric Power Company worth believing?" Some netizens said, "'radioactive contamination' is not affected by the outside world. Isn't This a perfunctory conclusion without consideration? The information published by Tokyo Electric Power Company is unbelievable." Some netizens said that companies like Tokyo Electric Power Company, which "did not analyze the cause of the damage and conduct regular quality inspections," claimed to discharge "diluted and safe nuclear sewage" into the sea of Fukushima, can this be believed?" According to reports, Tokyo Electric Power Company has found that 24 of the 25 filters have been damaged. It is worth noting that Tepco 2 years ago found damage problem, but a lack of analysis of the reasons caused the damages of and regular Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, only New continues. In response to the filter damage to the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on the 15th that it is not the first time that China has seen such a report. This first makes people wonder whether Japan's nuclear-contaminated water treatment equipment is reliable enough, which also reveals how chaotic the management of Tokyo Electric Power Company, which is directly responsible for the disposal of nuclear contaminated water. Reminiscent that the company has repeatedly tampered with data, concealed accidents and other criminal records, anyone who cares about this matter can't help but ask: Is Teleco capable of handling a huge amount of nuclear pollution water? Is the Japanese government's regulation in place? Is the Japanese decision to discharge nuclear-contaminated water to the ocean responsible? These issues require the Japanese side to give an account to the international community. The disposal of nuclear contaminated water in Fukushima, Japan, must be cautious and must not be lost.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [Global Network Report] According to the "Russia Today" (RT) report, the Secretary of the Russian Federation Security Council Patrusev said in an interview with the media on the 2 1st local time, the establishment of the trilateral security alliance AUKUS and the deployment of nuclear submarines deep in the Pacific Ocean is a hostile move, not only against China, but also against Russia. According to the report, Patrushev said that AUKUS will inevitably become another military group aimed at containing and confronting the two most powerful non-Western countries. Patrushev contrasted AUKUS with the "quartet security dialogue" (QUAD). According to Patrushev, QUAD is "a military-political group with a distinctly pro-American nature". "Just a few days ago, another military group, AUKUS, was formed in the region, to pursue the same goal," Patrushev said, adding that AUKUS would enable Britain and the United States to provide Australia with technology to develop and deploy nuclear-powered submarines, this is a threat to "The entire Asian security architecture. The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia announced on 15 September a new trilateral security partnership. The United States and Britain will support the Australian Navy to establish a nuclear submarine force. Australia will cooperate with the United States and Britain to build nuclear submarines in Australia. The Australian government immediately announced that it had decided to suspend the supply contract for the purchase of 12 submarines previously signed with the French Naval Group. French Foreign Minister Le Drian said that Australia's approach is to "stab the back" for France, and US President Biden has done a "unilateral, rude, like his predecessor Trump, unpredictable" decision. The French Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the 17th, saying that at the request of French President Macron, French Foreign Minister Le Drian decided to immediately recall the ambassador to the United States and Australia for consultations. New Zealand in the "Five Eyes Alliance" stated that Australian nuclear submarines will be banned from entering New Zealand waters. On September 16, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference that the small group violates the trend of the times and runs counter to the wishes of regional countries. It is unpopular and has no way out.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Social media video shows a F-16 fighter hovering at low altitude above the George Washington Bridge in New York City, assisting a small plane moving from the area. According to the report, the huge noise from the flight of the fighter plane triggered a car alarm. The North American Air Defense Command responded on Twitter that F-16 fighters intercepted a small, single-engine general aviation aircraft that violated regulations into a temporary restricted flight zone near New York. The aircraft was escorted out of the temporary restricted flight area at around 14:00 p.m. Some officials said that this seemed to be a simple mistake made by civilian pilots without any malice. Reported that the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident. The Independent said that Biden delivered a speech at the UN General Assembly at 10:00 a.m. local time on the 2 1st and left New York City after a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Morrison and Iraqi President Barham. According to the report, at about the same time as the above incident, Biden took off from Manhattan by helicopter "Marine Corps One" and went to Kennedy Airport in Queens for 15 minutes. At around 14:24 P.M. in the afternoon, Biden ride "Air Force One" from Kennedy Airport returns at Joint Base Andrews.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [Global Network Reporter Kang Bohao] According to Taiwan media reports such as "TVBS News Network" and "Sanli News Network", a number of Hong Kong and Taiwan artists performed on stage at CCTV and the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala across the mainland in 2021, many Taiwanese media have noticed that there were also Taiwanese artists such as Ouyang Nana, Zhang Shaohan, and Guo Ceijie who had previously firmly stated their patriotism. In this regard, the island's green media report appears "sour", but some netizens on the island praised Ouyang Nana and expressed support. Taiwan's "TVBS News Network" noticed that many Taiwanese artists took the stage at the Mid-Autumn Festival gala across the mainland, including Ouyang Nana, who had previously "caused controversy" on the island because of singing patriotic songs from the mainland, angela Chang and Guo Cai-Jie are also on the list. The report mentioned that Ouyang Nana, dressed in a white dress, not only sang songs on stage, but also returned to her old business and played the cello again. This time, the island's green media did not respond much to Ouyang Nana and others on stage on the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival party, "TVBS News Network" mentioned in the report that Ouyang Nana and Guo Cai Jie had previously "caused controversy" on the island for singing mainland patriotic songs ". The pro-green "Sanli News Network" only mentioned in related reports that Ouyang Nana and the Liangshan Symphony Orchestra played a cello ensemble, however, it is also mentioned that this "Dawan District Mid-Autumn Festival Gala" is based on the word "Bay", which is considered to mean Taiwan and seems a bit "sour". According to previous reports, Ouyang Nana, zhang Shaohan was threatened by the Taiwan Mainland Commission and the cultural department to "investigate and punish" according to law "for singing songs such as" My Motherland "and" Guardian "with others by the Taiwan Mainland Commission and the cultural department". But Ouyang Nana also did not respond to the matter at that time, and as usual to Sun the beautiful photos of life, and in social media Instagram in English to write "life is very good". In addition, this year marks the 90th anniversary of the September 18th Incident. She also forwarded @ People's Daily and @ CCTV News about "Don't Forget National Shame" with Taiwanese artists such as Zhang Junning and Wang mainland, after the discovery of the island's green media, the performance was "sour", while mainland netizens praised them, calling them "three Views". However, some netizens on the island also expressed support for Taiwanese artists such as Ouyang Nana to take the stage in the mainland Mid-Autumn Festival party. Some netizens on the island said, "Nana is really good, come on!" ↓ Some netizens said after watching the party, "(the performance) is rich and compact for two hours, it is really beautiful, great" and "like". ↓ Another netizen said, "Taiwanese artists can show their faces in Beijing is also a glory for their ancestors". ↓
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [Global Network Report] Australian Prime Minister Morrison, who has been murderous to demonstrators in the country, has fully demonstrated that he can also be "extremely well-behaved"-when meeting with US President Biden. In this photo of the meeting released by the Associated Press, Morrison looked respectful and looked at Biden on his side. He held each other's knees, his feet were tightly attached, his waist was slightly arched, and his lips were closed, with three-point tension and seven-point worship on his face, his mask has been taken off. Biden on the side, with Erlang's legs tilted, looked ahead, and talked freely, with his hands open in the air, symbolizing his control of the dialogue. Unlike Morrison, Biden's suit top is buttoned open and also shows his confidence. The meeting was on the 2 1st local time. The official website of the White House showed that the two celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the "US-Australia Alliance" and mentioned the so-called "free and open Indo-too" and climate issues. However, Australian netizens and the media have mentioned that Biden called Morrison "that guy" a few days ago. Some people satirized Morrison and said: Does he know who you are? A few days ago, Australia was severely criticized by France for canceling the large order of French conventional submarines and switching to the United Kingdom and the United States. However, Morrison responded that it was for "national interest" and said that he "will never regret it". According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on the 2 2nd, in his speech after the meeting, Morrison once again emphasized his previous statement, saying, "For months, we have made it clear that, the ability of conventional submarines poses serious risks in the environment we now face." He also said: "The environment in which we operate has changed. I don't think there is any controversy about this." Morrison also tweeted that he and Biden reiterated the U. S.-Anglo-Australian AUKUS partnership and mentioned the so-called "free and open Indo-Tai" and so on. He specially accompanied the picture of the two people meeting. However, such a Twitter with little information unexpectedly "overturned. Netizens have ridiculed Biden's forgetting Morrison's name in a video conference a few days ago and calling him "that guy" in front of him. "You mean the guy from Delaware?" "Does he (Biden) know who you are?" Others contacted what the United States and Australia had done to France a few days ago, imitating Biden and Morrison's tone: "We are committed to seeing how far we can anger our allies." Not only netizens, but even the Australian media are still bitter. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation used this headline in its report: US President Joe Biden and "The Australian guy" met after the General Assembly. However, the text of this report does not mention the "allusion" that occurred a few days ago ". Here's what happened: Last Wednesday, when Biden spoke on a new security partnership with Britain and Australia, he seemed to forget Morrison's name and used "that guy" instead. He first said to Johnson on screen: "Thank you, Boris." Biden then turned to face Australian Prime Minister Morrison in the video footage and said: "I want to thank, uh, the guy from the southern hemisphere. Friends. Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister." Morrison, on the other hand, smiled back and gave a thumbs up. The incident attracted a lot of criticism of Biden and ridicule of Morrison on Twitter at the time.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. On the 2 1st local time, the Associated Press published an article entitled "China spends a high cost to curb the spread of the virus before the Olympics", claiming that the Chinese government's "sudden and severe" response to the epidemic, it has hampered efforts to recover the economy. The Associated Press then moved the article to Twitter and wrote: "China adopts a 'zero tolerance' strategy to try to isolate every case and stop the spread of the new coronavirus, the country that first discovered the virus was largely freed from the disease. But the public and businesses are paying a high price for this." "For a more than 676,000 people died in the Covid but without in any way not to be ashamed of, understand China's" zero tolerance "policy is indeed very difficult. China regards people's lives as priceless. The American people deserve better treatment than the white flag planted on the National Mall." The English version of the Global Times Twitter account reposted the Associated Press tweet on the 2 1st and hit back. ↓ More than English version of Global Times of the kind, there are users AP tweet under Counter wrote: "But not nearly 1 million Americans die of high price." ↓ There are also Chinese netizens who said: "It is more important for no one to die because of the Covid. In addition, except for high-risk/medium-risk areas, everyone is free to go to office or travel, and most Chinese people benefit from this strategy. You can count it." ↓ In accordance with the Johns Hopkins University Real-time statistics, the United States currently has accumulated confirmed more than 42.4 million Covid cases, which killed more than 678,000 people. The United States has reached another serious milestone in the fight against the devastating neo-Crown pandemic: since the country reported its first confirmed case, accumulatively, one out of every 500 Americans dies from the new coronavirus. On the 2 2nd, @ The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League also released the news of the "Global Times Return to the Associated Press. Many netizens praised "doing a good job" and "hope that more Chinese media can keep up and speak for China's positive energy!" ↓
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. President Xi Jinping attended the general debate of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly by video in Beijing on the 2 1st and delivered an important speech entitled "firm confidence to overcome difficulties and build a better world. Xi Jinping said: "The success of one country does not mean that another country will inevitably fail. This world fully tolerates the common growth and progress of all countries. We must adhere to dialogue without confrontation, tolerance but not exclusivity, build a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness and justice, and win-win cooperation, expand the convergence of interests, and draw the largest concentric circle."
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. According to Agence France-Presse, the United Nations reported on September 21, US President Biden said on the 2 1st that the United States does not seek a "new Cold War", at the same time, he said to get out of the "9 · 11" event of conflict, from climate change to the Covid crises, such as the outbreak in global leadership. Speaking for the first time at the United Nations annual summit, Biden declared that he did not want to create divisions. "We do not seek a new cold war, nor do we seek a world split into rigid blocs," he said." "The United States is willing to join forces with any country that acts in the face of common challenges and seeks a peaceful solution, even if we have serious differences in other areas," Biden said." According to the report, after the controversial withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, Biden declared himself the first US president to have not fought in 20 years. Biden said the United States wants to work closely with allies. He said the use of force must be a "last resort". (Compilation/Wang Qun)
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [Financial New Network] (reporter Zhao current comprehensive) in early summer decreased American children cases recently exponentially increase the past 4 weeks children cases of a total of more than 925,000. As Sep 16 the United States has more than 5.5 million children of COVID-19 tested positive. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children's Hospital Association, as of Sep 16th the United States last week reported a total of more than 226,000 cases of children with the Covid confirmed cases. Since the beginning of the pandemic, children accounted for 15.7% of the total number of cumulative cases. For the week ending September 16, children accounted for 25.7% of the reported weekly COVID-19 cases (children under 18 made up 22.2% of the US population).
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [] (Reporter Zeng Jia) On September 20, after the White House announced that the United States would open its borders to "fully vaccinated" international tourists in November, according to the New York Times, S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) spokesman Thomas Skinner said in a statement that as long as the Covid vaccine certified by the World Health Organization was fully vaccinated, it will be recognized by the US and will be exempted from isolation when entering the United States. So far, a total of 8 Covid vaccine gained WHO's emergency license, including China's R & D and production of Sinovac vaccine and Chinese medicine vaccine; in addition 6 is BioNTech/Pfizer R & D of the two vaccines, modarnism na vaccine, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca R & D of the two vaccines.
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2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. On September 21, 2021, President Xi Jinping attended the general debate of the 76th UN General Assembly by video in Beijing and delivered an important speech entitled "Strengthening Confidence to overcome the difficulties and Building a Better World. Xi Jinping pointed out that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the 50th anniversary of the restoration of the legitimate seat in the United Nations. China will solemnly commemorate this historic event. We will continue to actively promote China's cooperation with the United Nations to a new level and continue to make new and greater contributions to the noble cause of the United Nations. Xi stressed that a year ago, leaders of various countries attended a series of summits on the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, pledging to cooperate in the fight against the epidemic, work together to meet challenges, uphold multilateralism and strengthen the role of the United Nations, constructing a common future for present and future generations. Over the past year, the world's unprecedented changes and the new coronary pneumonia epidemic have intertwined the impact of the global pandemic. People of all countries have more ardent expectations for peaceful development, stronger calls for fairness and justice, and firmer in their pursuit of win-win cooperation. Xi Jinping stressed that at present, the epidemic is still raging around the world, and human society has been profoundly changed. The world has entered a new period of turmoil and change. Every responsible politician must answer the issues of the times and make historical choices with confidence, courage and responsibility. First, we must overcome the epidemic and win this major struggle for the future and destiny of mankind. Humanity is always achieving greater development and progress in the constant overcoming of challenges. We must adhere to the supremacy of the people and the supremacy of life, carry forward the scientific spirit, uphold the scientific law, coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and strengthen international joint prevention and control. In order to make vaccines as global public goods and ensure the accessibility and affordability of developing countries, it is imperative to distribute vaccines fairly and reasonably on a global scale. China will endeavor to put in place over the course of the year provided 2 billion doses of vaccines to "the Covid vaccine plan donated 0.1 billion dollars on the basis of the year re-developing countries donated free of charge 0.1 billion vaccines. China will continue to support and participate in global scientific traceability and resolutely oppose any form of political manipulation. The first is to insist on development priority. Putting development in a prominent position in the global macro-policy framework, strengthening policy coordination in major economies, maintaining continuity, stability and sustainability, and building a more equal and balanced global partnership for development, promote synergies in the multilateral development cooperation process and accelerate the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The second is to insist on taking the people as the center. In development, we should protect and improve people's livelihood, protect and promote human rights, so that development is for the people, development depends on the people, and the fruits of development are shared by the people, so as to continuously enhance the people's sense of happiness, gain and security, to achieve the all-round development of people. The third is to insist on inclusive and inclusive. Pay attention to the special needs of developing countries, support developing countries, especially fragile countries with particularly great difficulties, through debt relief, development assistance, etc., and strive to solve the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development among and within countries. The fourth is to insist on innovation-driven. Seize the historic opportunity of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productive forces, and create an open, fair, just and non-discriminatory environment for scientific and technological development, to tap the new momentum of post-epidemic economic growth and work together to achieve leapfrog development. The fifth is to insist on the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Improve global environmental governance, actively respond to climate change, and build a community of human and natural life. Accelerate green and low-carbon transformation and achieve green recovery and development. China will strive to achieve carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2060. This requires hard work, but we will go all out. China will vigorously support the green and low-carbon development of energy in developing countries and will no longer build overseas coal power projects. The sixth is to adhere to the action orientation. Increase investment in development resources, focusing on promoting cooperation in areas such as poverty reduction, food security, combating epidemics and vaccines, financing for development, climate change and green development, industrialization, the digital economy and connectivity, building a community with a shared future for global development. Third, we must strengthen unity and practice the concept of international relations of mutual respect and win-win cooperation. A world of peaceful development should carry different forms of civilization and must be compatible with the diverse paths towards modernization. Democracy is not the patent of any country, but the rights of all peoples. External military intervention and the so-called democratic transformation are endless. We must vigorously promote the common values of all mankind of peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, and freedom, and abandon small circles and zero-sum games. The success of one country does not mean that another country will inevitably fail. The world is fully tolerant of all countries to grow and progress together. We must adhere to dialogue without confrontation, tolerance but not exclusivity, build a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness and justice, and win-win cooperation, expand the convergence of interests, and draw the largest concentric circle. The Chinese nation inherits and pursues the concept of peace, harmony and harmony. We have not in the past, and we will not invade, bully others, and will not dominate the King. China has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, a defender of international order, and a provider of public goods. It will continue to provide new opportunities for the world with China's new development. Fourthly, we must improve global governance and practice true multilateralism. There is only one system in the world, an international system with the United Nations at its core. There is only one order, an international order based on international law. There is only one set of rules, which is the basic norm of international relations based on the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations. The United Nations should hold high the banner of true multilateralism and become the core platform for all countries to jointly safeguard universal security, share the fruits of development and jointly grasp the destiny of the world. We must work to stabilize the international order, enhance the representation and voice of the vast number of developing countries in international affairs, and take the lead in promoting the democratization and rule of law in international relations. It is necessary to balance the three major areas of security, development, and human rights, and implement the commitments of all parties to multilateralism. Xi Jinping finally stressed that the world is standing at the crossroads of history. I firmly believe that the trend of peaceful development and progress of mankind is unstoppable. Let us strengthen our confidence, work together to deal with global threats and challenges, promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind, and jointly build a better world!
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to closely follow the requirements of normalization, focus on key tasks, and firmly grasp the new tasks and requirements of the normalized struggle against triads and evils. Focus on "chasing a batch of 'fish slipping through the net", starting with a batch of key clues, in-depth investigation of a batch of 'protective umbrella', a number of major cases, continuous prevention and rectification of 'Village tyrants', and deepening the rectification of key industries, list and supervise a number of key cases, supervise and promote a number of key cities, select a number of key cities and cities, select a number of advanced models of anti-triad and evil, set off a wave of propaganda boom, and promote the deepening of anti-triad and evil. It is necessary to continuously improve political judgment, political comprehension, and political execution, and further combine the normalization of the fight against triads and evil with the fight against separatism and anti-terrorism and stability, and strive to consolidate and expand the results of the special struggle, we will earnestly forge a comprehensive and excellent political and legal iron army, maintain the sustained and long-term stability of the overall social situation, and strive to build a higher level of safe Xinjiang and the rule of law in Xinjiang.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in his important speech at the meeting celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China: "We must continue to carry forward the glorious tradition, continue the red blood, and always inherit the great spirit of party building, carry forward!" The nuclear industry is a high-tech strategic industry, which is of great significance to national security and development. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, over the past 60 years, several generations of nuclear industry people have worked hard to start businesses, pioneered and innovated, and promoted China's nuclear industry from scratch, from small to large, and achieved world-renowned achievements, it has made outstanding contributions to national security and economic construction. On the new journey, we must inherit the red gene, inherit and carry forward the great spirit of party building, carry forward the spirit of "two bombs and one satellite", adhere to safe development, innovative development, and adhere to the peaceful use of nuclear energy, comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of the nuclear industry and continue to write a new glorious chapter in China's nuclear industry. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Guotai Min'an is the most basic and universal wish of the people. To realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and ensure that the people live and work in peace and contentment, national security is a top priority." In the 1950s, in order to break the nuclear blackmail of imperialism and safeguard national security, the CPC Central Committee made a strategic decision to develop China's atomic energy industry. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, China's nuclear industry started from scratch, and successfully developed the atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and nuclear submarine "two bombs and one boat", the establishment of a complete nuclear science and technology industrial system owned by only a few countries in the world, consolidating the new socialist regime and providing a strong guarantee for the Chinese people to lead a peaceful life, it has greatly inspired the ambition of the Chinese people and strengthened the cohesion of the Chinese nation. The successful development of "two bombs and one boat" is a vivid manifestation of the belief of people in the nuclear industry to strive for the nation, win glory for the motherland, and meritorious service for the people. Deng Jiaxian, Wang Ganchang, Peng Shilu and other meritorious heroes who have the courage to innovate and create, "Do earth-shattering things and be incognito people" are outstanding representatives of the new China's nuclear industry. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "The people's yearning for a better life is our goal." To continuously meet the people's growing needs for a better life, enterprises are required to persist in promoting high-quality development, promote supply-side structural reforms, and provide higher-quality products and higher-level services. The development and utilization of nuclear energy is a focus of China's energy production revolution and supply-side structural reform. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. The majority of nuclear industry people have inherited and carried forward the spirit of "two bombs and one satellite" and transformed it into a powerful material force. From the Northwest Gobi to the coast of the East China Sea, researchers have concentrated on tackling key problems with their firm belief in self-reliance and self-reliance, strive to master key core technologies, and use practical actions to interpret the loyalty of the nuclear industry in the new era to the party, live up to the people's innocence. Entering a new stage of development, China's nuclear energy industry must accelerate the pace of independent innovation, increase total factor productivity, and use digitalization from the height of implementing new development concepts, building a new development pattern, and promoting high-quality development, modern technologies such as artificial intelligence build higher-level nuclear power plants, promote controlled nuclear fusion research, and use green energy to light the future. In order to achieve the goal of "peak carbon and carbon neutrality", solve the energy that mankind faces together, environmental issues provide China programmes. The nuclear technology application industry is the main battlefield for nuclear science and technology to serve economic and social development and continuously meet the people's growing needs for a better life. In the fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, nuclear technology irradiation sterilization in efficiency shows a significant advantage, the original need for 7 to 14 days of disinfection and sterilization time to less than 24 hours, for medical protective clothing, latex gloves provide irradiation sterilization services; Testing kits, temperature measurement products and other nuclear technology products for epidemic prevention and control, nuclear specialty medical treatment is bringing more gospel to patients. In order to meet the needs of the people for a high quality of life, we should accelerate the development of nuclear technology application industries, form new products and industries that benefit the people's livelihood, and create new economic growth points and growth poles, strive to achieve both industrial scale and development quality. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has attached great importance to the development of the nuclear industry, and the development of China's nuclear industry has ushered in a rare historical opportunity. At present, the world has not seen a century of major changes to accelerate the evolution, the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and the game of major powers intertwined superposition. Nuclear technology is one of the core focuses of the world's scientific and technological competition, and it is a strategic battleground. The development of the nuclear industry is related to the future and destiny of the country and the nation, and the mission of the nuclear industry is glorious and arduous. This requires us to coordinate the "two overall situations", have the "big one in mind", observe and analyze problems from a political perspective, think and promote work from a political perspective, and improve strategic thinking, bottom line thinking, dialectical thinking and other scientific thinking ability, with the work of seizing the day, never slack, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, and further build the important cornerstone of national security, to make new and greater contributions to building a modern and powerful socialist country in an all-round way. The leadership of the Communist Party of China is the most essential feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the greatest advantage of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. In the 1960s and 1970s, China was able to develop "two bombs and one boat" in a short period of time to build a complete nuclear industry system, it depends on the institutional advantages of the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee and the concentration of socialism to do great things. On the new journey, we must uphold and improve the leadership of the Party, give full play to the political advantages of China's socialist system, and insist that the party flag refers to the charge, the more difficult it is, the more forward, to provide a strong guarantee for the completion of major national tasks. Continue to improve the integration of Party building into the innovation management model of major projects, and summarize and refine a batch of replicable and popularized practical experience. Focus on the key and difficult issues of the project, give full play to the role of the Party branch as a battle fortress and the Vanguard and exemplary role of party members, stimulate team synergy, and form a strong atmosphere and strong joint force for major project battles. Explore the establishment of a collaborative innovation system leading industry-university-research collaborative innovation system to provide a strong organizational guarantee for promoting the "stuck neck" problem and achieving high-level scientific and technological self-reliance.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. The model worker spirit of "love and dedication, striving for first-class, hard work, courage to innovate, indifferent to fame and wealth, and willing to contribute" vividly interprets the core values of socialism and is our precious spiritual wealth and strong spiritual strength. -- Excerpt from the speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping in 2015 at the celebration of the "May 1st" International Labor Day and the National Conference of Model Workers and Advanced Workers The model worker is the elite of the nation, the model of the people, and the hero of the Republic. In 1950, the party and the state commended model workers for the first time. For more than 70 years, the heroes of all fronts have emerged and the stars are brilliant. Especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China's working class and the broad masses of working people have worked hard, striving for the first-class, and climbing the peak in the process of realizing the Chinese dream, in order to build a well-off society in an all-round way, the decisive battle against poverty has played a major role. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, "For a long time, the majority of model workers have created extraordinary achievements with ordinary labor, and they have created 'love their jobs, work hard, strive for first-class, work hard, have the courage to innovate, and be indifferent to fame and wealth, the spirit of model workers who are willing to contribute has enriched the connotation of the national spirit and the spirit of the times, and is our extremely precious spiritual wealth." Nowadays, the majority of model workers and advanced workers give full play to their exemplary and leading role, constantly enrich the connotation of the spirit of model workers, encourage the broad masses of working people to strive for the new era, and promote the formation of respect for labor in the whole society, labor glorious good fashion. The model worker is an outstanding representative of the working masses and the most beautiful worker. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that model workers are outstanding representatives of the working masses and the most beautiful workers. Model workers are outstanding representatives of the broad masses of working people. In the 1930s and 1940s, the Communist Party of China issued a call to "do it yourself, get enough food and clothing" in revolutionary base areas such as the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region, and launched a mass production movement with labor competition as the main form, A large number of model workers have emerged. They have made outstanding contributions to the production of self-help and the construction of revolutionary base areas. From September 25 to October 2, 1950, New China held a national meeting of model representatives of workers, peasants and soldiers. Mao Zedong and other Central leading comrades attended the opening ceremony. At the meeting, the Central People's Government awarded 464 people the title of "National Model Worker. Since then, the "Summary Report on the National Conference of Workers, Peasants and Soldiers" proposed that it is necessary to "form a fixed system for the selection of model workers". Forward hat, Chinese mountain suit, rough face with a simple smile-in the British model exhibition area of Anshan Iron and Steel Museum, photos of Meng Tai, the first generation of model worker in New China, are displayed. In the early days of the founding of New China, Meng Tai organized personnel to conduct joint research, solved more than a dozen technical problems, and successfully made large-scale rolls, filling the gap in the history of China's metallurgy. "I would rather live less for two decades, and desperately want to win the big oil field", led the oil workers to fight tenaciously, and the Iron Man spirit has become a powerful force that inspires the people of all ethnic groups to devote themselves to socialist construction, in exchange for ten thousand people, the dung worker who was clean, won countless honors, and still carried dung buckets in the streets and alleys every day...... Their deeds have inspired the confidence and enthusiasm of the people of the whole country to build socialism on their own, and they have been inspiring. Reform and opening up, Vientian renewal. The party and the state called for respect for knowledge and talents, fully affirmed the status and role of intellectuals, expanded the extension of the model worker team, enriched the connotation of the model worker team, and emerged with Wu Wenjun, chen Jingrun, Jiang Zhuying and other intellectuals and scientific research workers represented by model workers. At the same time, "worker inventor" Bao Qifan, "Gold medal riveter" Yang Jianhua, "expert worker" Li Bin...... A large number of model workers in the knowledge-based industry have bravely established the trend of the times and are determined to reform and innovate. They dare to gnaw hard bones and dare to walk in dangerous beaches, and they are blooming in the magnificent historical process of reform and opening up. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era and paid more attention to promoting the spirit of model workers. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to build an army of knowledge-based, skilled, and innovative workers, and promote the spirit of model workers and craftsmen. From "small railway giant" Ju Xiaolin to "gold medal welder" Gao Fenglin, from "big country craftsman" Hong Jiaguang to "the" light messenger "Zhang Liming...... They integrated the spirit of model workers, the spirit of Labor and the spirit of craftsmanship, and wrote a new chapter of "Chinese Dream and Labor Beauty", allowing the spirit of model workers to continue to be passed on among thousands of workers. Since the founding of New China, the party and the state has met 16 times the national labor models and advanced workers in recognition of the General Assembly, in recognition of the national labor models and advanced workers more than 30,000 people. Model workers have always been a shining group in our working class, witnessing the firm ambition and tenacity of climbing the peak bravely, and are also vivid interpreters and most beautiful inheritors of the spirit of model workers. People of all ethnic groups in the country must learn from model workers and take model workers as examples The model worker is the leader of the times. In different eras, batch after batch of model workers with lofty spirit and characteristics of the times have inspired the broad masses of the people to work hard for the rejuvenation of the nation and the prosperity of the country. "Love your job, strive to be first-class, work hard, be brave to innovate, be indifferent to fame and fortune, and be willing to contribute", 24 words, accurately summarize the rich connotation of the spirit of model workers, it shows the fundamental reason why model workers can stand out among the broad masses of workers, and puts forward the goal and direction of the broad masses of workers in the new era. -- Love and work hard and strive for first-class, which reflects the true nature and pursuit of model workers. "I love the tall tower crane, the long iron arm, the hot ladder leading to the heavenly road, and the atmosphere of steel." When it comes to his love for his work, Wang Hua, a national model worker and a tower crane worker of the China Construction Bureau, once expressed his feelings in poetic language. To do one line, one must love one line and do your duty. Three hundred and sixty lines, the line is the champion. There is no distinction between high and low jobs, only contributions. From Shi Chuanxiang, bus conductor Li Suli, to water and electricity worker Xu Hu, postman Wang Shunyou...... Countless model workers who have come out of ordinary positions convey a distinct value orientation: Workers can only base themselves on their posts and their own jobs, work conscientiously and strive for excellence, only by making contributions to the society and the country, while realizing their own life value, is widely recognized by the society. To do one line, one must also be dedicated to strive for first-class. Early model workers were born in Labor competitions, and in a sense, model workers were "compared. Xu Zhenchao, a gold medal worker who has set a number of world records, once said: "We can't be a scientist, but we can practice a 'unique work' and be a skilled craftsman." In 2003, the 53-year-old Xu Zhenchao and his teammates unloaded 3400 containers at a speed of 6 hours and 27 minutes, creating a new world record for a single ship efficiency 339 natural boxes, the whirlwind of "revitalizing efficiency" has been set off in the whole society. -- Hard work and courage to innovate, which reflects the style and quality of model workers. Hard work is not only an important part of the spirit of model workers, but also a fine tradition of the Chinese nation. "There is nothing difficult in the world", the model workers over the years have one thing in common, that is, to work hard and work hard. Struggle, let Dou Tiecheng, a senior power technician of the China Railway First Bureau Electric Power Company, who only has a junior high school culture, stand at the forefront of technology and become a senior technician and knowledge worker. From 1999, which at the time was at the age of 43, he from the identification of a letter to start practicing typing, delve into the CAD DRAWING, writing nearly 2 million words of the study notes, remember the full 90 multiple work notes, solve 69 technical problems and create a number of patents. Creating extraordinary performance and being brave to innovate is the key. In recent years, the proportion of model workers, senior technicians and scientific research soldiers has been increasing, and knowledge-based and innovative workers have continued to emerge. "Do a little more, innovate a little, and accumulate over time, and the 'highway' can become a 'peak' and promote the transformation of Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation." Xia Li, a national model worker and a fitter of the 54th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, said. -- Indifferent to fame and wealth, willing to contribute, reflecting the realm and cultivation of model workers. The model workers of all ages have a valuable quality: they silently devote their sweat and wisdom to the cause of the party and the country and the happy life of the people. Not for fame, not for profit, wholeheartedly doing socialism-this is the creed that the national model worker Wei Fengying has always adhered. From 1953 to 1965, she achieved 177 technological innovations and 58 major technological innovations. All the bonuses she received were used to purchase scientific research materials, build libraries, and focus on innovation. "Model workers, not labor is what kind of model!" Shen Jilan, a national model worker and former deputy secretary of the Party Branch of Xigou Village, Pingshun County, Shanxi Province, has never stopped the pace of planting trees and greening barren hills for decades. She led the villagers to unremittingly plant trees and green, and restore the ecology, turning the former barren hills into a forest park with lush vegetation. Yang Huaiyuan, a national model worker and former seafarer of the Shanghai Maritime Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, always carries a small pole. When boarding and disembarking, he uses the pole to pick up and remove the luggage of passengers. He has served for 38 years, written the "pole legend" of serving the people "...... General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The people of all ethnic groups in the country must learn from model workers, take model workers as an example, give full play to the spirit of striving for the day, and jointly participate in the grand cause of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." The times are changing, but the spirit remains unchanged. "The spirit of model workers enriches and expands the connotation of the Chinese spirit and fully demonstrates the spirit of the working class and the working masses in the new era of China, it provides a strong spiritual impetus for the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." Li Ke, dean of the School of Labor Education of the China Institute of Labor Relations, said. Constantly creating greater performance for the party and the people at a new starting point Since the birth of the first batch of national model workers in 1950, model workers, a social honor with unique Chinese characteristics, has affected the life pursuit of several generations with the development and progress of New China. The central word of "model worker" is a "labor" word, and the key is a "model" word. "Model" embodies the value orientation of "demonstration" and "model", and embodies the role of an example. The significance lies in allowing the majority of workers to learn and carry forward the spiritual quality of model workers. Under the guidance and influence of the spirit of model workers, generations of workers have been in line with and paid tribute to the spirit of model workers, and practiced the spirit of model workers with their own practical actions, and gathered the powerful force of Labor to hold up the Chinese dream. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the spirit of model workers has been continuously carried forward and glowing with a new era. As China's economy shifts from a stage of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development, more knowledge-based, skilled, and innovative workers are needed, and it also provides a broad stage for workers and struggles to achieve success in life. The change brought about by this is that the "old scalper" style is still, and the "technical elite" composes a new song. Wang Jinxi, time Chuanxiang, Zhang Binggui and other older generation model workers moved countless people, while "blue-collar expert" Kong Xiangrui, "China's first steelmaker" Zheng Jiuqiang and other new generation model workers to "knowledge-based, technical, innovative" transformation, the spirit in them is also inspiring countless people. "In the selection and commendation, we pay attention to recommending industrial workers, especially high-skilled talents. Many high-skilled talents born in the 80 s and 90 s have grown up." Min Yingqiu, a first-level inspector of the Labor and Economic Work Department of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, said that contemporary workers must have both strength, wisdom and technology, be able to invent and innovate, and play the main theme of the times with practical actions. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "We must vigorously publicize the advanced deeds of model workers in the whole society, and call on the whole society to learn from them and pay tribute to them." "Model workers should cherish honor, be modest and prudent, make persistent efforts, and constantly create greater achievements for the party and the people at a new starting point." A generation has a mission, and a generation has a generation. With the development of the times, model workers will be given more connotations of the times, but whether they are producers or entrepreneurs, whether they are about social benefits or economic benefits, the connotation of the spirit of model workers will last forever. On the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we need to vigorously carry forward the spirit of model workers, stimulate the strength of forge ahead, and work together to create new great causes, compose a new brilliance.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. According to new guidelines issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Covid vaccine recognized in the relaxed travel restrictions in the United States includes not only those approved in the United States, also included are vaccines listed by the World Health Organization for emergency use but not yet approved in the United States. At present, the vaccines that have been included in the WHO emergency use list include Pfizer vaccine, Indian Serum Research Institute vaccine, AstraZeneca vaccine, Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Modena vaccine, and China Kexing and Sinopec vaccine. It is reported that fully vaccinated foreigners and United States citizens returning to the United States will be required to test for the new coronavirus within 72 hours before departure and to show a negative test result before boarding, it must be tested again within 3 to 5 days after arriving in the United States. The CDC also plans to issue a contact tracking order that requires airlines to collect information about passengers traveling to the United States, such as phone numbers and email addresses, and keep contact information for 30 days. Jeff Zienz, White House coordinator for response to the Covid outbreak, said the measure would ensure that the CDC or local health officials can track incoming travelers because of the potential for exposure to the Covid virus and other pathogens. (CCTV reporter Xu Wei)
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Mali in the southern part of the Sahara Desert is an ancient civilization in West Africa. The long history has left many World Heritage sites for Mali, such as the ancient city of Timbuktu, the ancient city of Dogon and the Mausoleum of the King of Gayoaskia. Mali is therefore known as the "cradle of West African culture". Mali attaches great importance to cultural heritage, and many historical sites are full of vitality-the ancient city of Timbuktu is known as "the most perfect ancient city in black Africa". The highest university in the past sub-Saharan is still opening its doors. The study of Ajami manuscripts is also a major feature of Mali. In history, African scholars who studied in Timbuktu used a text called "Ajami" to record the historical facts of the time. This kind of manuscript is of great value for studying African history today. The Government of Mali, with the assistance of UNESCO, has established a specialized agency in Timbuktu to collect and study the Ajami manuscripts, this will help people understand Mali's glorious history and culture from more dimensions. There are many intangible cultural heritages worth exploring in Gao, Kidal and Punti in northern Mali and in the Mopti region in the East-Central Region: traditional knowledge, handicraft skills, oral literature, ballads, rituals and other precious traditional crafts...... Among them, the Dogon mask dance is a pearl full of mysterious charm. The Niger River flows through the Bay of Mali and is inhabited by the black indigenous people-the Dogons. They built spire mud huts on steep cliffs, stacked on top of layers, like honeycombs. There is almost no road on the cliff, and the Dogon people can only use their hands and feet to climb up on stones. Traffic congestion has isolated this ancient nation for hundreds of years, but it has also preserved the most original traditional culture. The mask dance performed in major ceremonies and festivals demonstrates the fierce emotions of the Dogon people for nature and life. Dogon dance is generally led by the old people in the village. They use flutes to imitate the sound of wind and rain, bird language and insects in nature, use drums to create a solemn atmosphere, and sing in a low voice with a unique language. When the tune gradually reached its climax, Dogon young people wearing masks and walking on stilts came on stage. The mask is mainly made of wood, and a slender board extends above the head, which can reach 5 meters high. This makes it more difficult for the performers to maintain balance in the dance. The mask is bright and colorful, and the design is complicated. Some pendants are like exaggerated beard, some are inlaid with shells, and different patterns are given a profound meaning: cow masks represent diligent farming; the antelope mask symbolizes that the Dogon people used to hunt for a living and encourages the young people not to abandon this tradition; The Buffalo mask contains the law of survival advocated by the Dogon people, that is, not to retreat in the face of difficulties, full of strength and courage can be invincible. The mask dance is passionate, and the performers follow the smart drums to shake their bodies and dance their arms. People can get a glimpse of the colorful spiritual world of the Dogon people. Mali's food and clothing culture is also worth experiencing. The roasted whole camel is a special dish for guests in Mali. Before roasting, a roasted sheep is placed in the Camel cavity, a roasted chicken is placed in the lamb cavity, and a cooked egg is also placed in the chicken cavity, then put the whole camel into a roasting pit with dry wood for 2 hours. After the oven is served with seasoning, the flavor is rich and impressive. "Bubu" is the name of local traditional costumes. Men are mostly white and sky blue long shirts; Women wear colorful "cloth", necklines, breasts, and cuffs are decorated with exquisite patterns. "Bubu" has a wide robe and large sleeves, and it is the best to dress in Mali with a hot climate.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [Global network drone Channel reporter Zhao history] British iNews news network said on September 17 that the United States is training "Kamikaze Special team pigeons" to intercept suspicious drones in response to the threat of attack. According to the report, in order to deal with the threat of emerging "swarm" armed drones, American researchers are studying whether they can use the instinct of pigeons to confront armed drones. S. Defense and security services are busy dealing with the extraordinary pace of development of drones (UAV)-and autonomous aircraft technology is spreading from the military to the commercial sector. According to an industry expert, the study of pigeons was conducted by a private company in the United States to take advantage of their natural gathering instincts and keen vision, attracting it to the specific sounds and movements of a quadrotor drone. These birds will be trained to fly to machines (drones) or fleets to stop potential attacks at the expense of their lives. The report believes that although this idea is still in the experimental stage, it is not groundless in reality. During World War II, American scientists perfected a technique to identify images of targets by training pigeons to enable them to effectively fly glider-type bombs. Recently, birds of prey have been trained to intercept drones entering their territory, although the results have been mixed. The report also believes that something special like suicide birds is being carefully studied as a means of anti-drones, this is equally strong evidence of a more alarming point-the speed with which offensive drone technology is developing poses a considerable threat to even the most advanced military. And if the technology is mastered by terrorist organizations targeting Western countries, it will also pose a special threat to civilians. The website also said that it is not a new idea to treat animals as victims in human battles. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union trained dolphins to deal with human and naval targets. Dolphins were trained to intercept enemy divers with harpoons and to die with enemy ships with explosives tied to their bodies; The United States also trained dolphins for military use, although Washington insists that it does not harm humans with dolphins, it is used to guard naval facilities and use equipment to trap intruders...... Other countries have also sought to use marine mammals in conflicts. The history of using animals as weapons dates back to China in the 10th century, when monkeys were used to burn enemy camps.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. A saltwater crocodile in Kununulla, Western Australia, Australia has recently been photographed disappearing in a seemingly clear river. The video shows that the crocodile began to swim slowly in the river, the water is crystal clear, and the water plants under the water can be clearly seen. I saw this crocodile first disappeared into the water with its tail, and after a while the whole body was hidden in the water and could not be seen at all. Just two weeks ago, a cow was reportedly caught here by a saltwater crocodile. People used drones to track the crocodile, and it turned out to be horrifying in seemingly shallow water.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Please take the initiative to report to the community or local disease control department at the above time and place, immediately take the initiative to report to the community or local disease control department, and cooperate with the relevant prevention and control work. Those who conceal the report will be held accountable according to law.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. First, except for supermarkets, pharmacies, grain and oil stores that guarantee people's livelihood supplies, all relatively dense spaces are closed. The business premises should strictly implement the code scanning, temperature measurement, wear masks, and regularly do a good job of environmental disinfection. Fourth, the precise implementation of hierarchical classification control measures, the Xinglong Town, Xinglong Town, Xinglong Forestry Bureau according to the closed control area management, without leaving home, service door-to-door. Other towns and villages are managed according to the control area. People do not leave the community and do not gather. Every two days, one person goes out to purchase daily necessities. There is only one entrance and exit in the village and a service station. The unit employee and other vouchers are in and out.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Nanfang News (Reporter/Su Ruoqian correspondent/Liu Jun and Zhou Linxiu) In order to thoroughly implement the requirements of "learning history and understanding, learning history and advocating morality, learning history", to create a red corporate culture, to inspire new young people in the new era, on the morning of September 18th, Guangdong Zhongde Tendering Co., Ltd. held a lecture in the bid opening Hall of the headquarters. Zheng Hongbiao with full enthusiasm, described the great history of the Chinese Communists with faith, life and struggle in the past 100 years, and discussed the great spiritual wealth of dedication to the Society for a hundred years. He tells the story of the red boat in his hand, and then he talks about how to build a struggling enterprise and cultivate new youth in the new era, the preaching was pushed to a climax with an original poem "The Light of the public", which was given to "public bidding. After the keynote speech, the company's deputy general manager Huang Shaowei made a concluding speech. He emphasized the need to understand the revolutionary spirit, strengthen ideals and beliefs, and do a good job in enterprise construction from three aspects. The first is to strengthen the belief, be loyal to the party, fulfill the mission with the original heart, and give full play to the role of the Party branch in the construction of the enterprise as a battle fortress and the Vanguard and exemplary role of party members; The second is to be in awe and stick to the bottom line, strictly abide by the rules and discipline; The third is to change the style of work, forge skills, and work hard. The majority of young employees should concentrate on their own work, educate new machines and start new games in the company's various constructions, strive for greater deeds, perform their duties faithfully, and jointly promote the company's high-quality development. In the evening, Zhongde bidding company held a seminar. The company leaders Huang Shaowei and Huang Lingli and other party members contacted the young employees to give a lecture on the theme, and talked about the learning experience in the light of the actual situation of the company.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. 5G Smart Factory, 5G tourist bus line, 5G smart inspection...... In 2019, Dongguan became the first batch of 5G commercial cities, opening the road of 5G technology integration and application. A few days ago, the large-scale development of 5G industry application was held in Dongguan. Participants investigated the 5G application in Shenzhen and Dongguan. Dongguan took the opportunity to show a wave of "muscles". According to the data from Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, as of now, Dongguan has built a total of 10895 5G base stations, focusing on building Songshan Lake High-tech Zone, water town functional area, Chang'an, Xiegang and Binhai Bay New Area 5G demonstration areas. Currently, a number of investment of more than 1 billion yuan of large projects, large enterprises are accelerating the layout of floor-to-ceiling Dongguan, intention, 78.1 billion billion yuan. At present, Dongguan has more than 1.3 million the main body of the market, of which the Industrial Enterprise discharges atmospheric pollutants more than 190,000 for 5G application has provided a broad market, especially the high expectations of the industrial internet, more operators and manufacturers bring unlimited imagination. Nandu reporter recently visited Dongguan 5G application case scenario, many enterprises are eager to try, of course, enterprises are also worried about input and output, equipment transformation, base station layout and so on are money. What cannot be denied is that the high speed, large volume and high frequency bandwidth brought by 5G make many impossible and become an important means for enterprises to explore the next stage of development. At present, the application of 5G industry is gradually infiltrating from "point blossom" to all industries, the whole process and the whole link as a whole, and all need to be done for a long time. Save about 560,000 meter cable, product upgrading of production line adjustment cycle from 1 week is reduced to two days...... According to Guangdong Mobile, in Huawei's Songshan Lake Park, a smartphone production line based on the 5G private network has been rolled out. In May 2019, Guangdong Mobile and Huawei signed a smart park cooperation agreement. In the Songshan Lake Park to carry out 5G-based network construction, explore the innovative business and business model of cloud + Network + application. In March 2020, the T-Park 5G intelligent manufacturing network project partner was officially launched. Huawei T Park 5G intelligent manufacturing network project, covering the most typical manufacturing process of the electronics manufacturing industry, 8 categories of application scenarios, 45 use cases. The production equipment has installed a 5G industrial interconnection gateway, and through the 5G network equipment interconnection, the "Braid" of the traditional wired network has been cut off to realize wireless data collection, AI personnel action recognition, AI HD visual inspection, etc., covering the entire process of 3C manufacturing. Through the 5G connection, the production workers and the robot work side by side, which greatly improves the operation efficiency of the production line. In addition, through 5G Intelligent Manufacturing Technology, Huawei's factory has realized wireless flexible connections between various production lines and various production equipment, which has greatly increased the value of the production line. "5G network can be used for the whole building save about 560,000 meters of cable." Compared with the original production line, Dongguan Mobile is introducing the smart phone production line based on the 5G private network. While saving a lot of costs, the production line equipment can be flexibly connected to the network and quickly assembled, to achieve 5G + flexible manufacturing. In the machine vision quality inspection scene, based on the large bandwidth and low delay characteristics of 5G, the AI super computing power on MEC is connected, effectively introduce AI quality inspection into every quality inspection equipment in the production line. This saves the original local quality supervision, inspection and quarantine mode need to be equipped with the IPC count cards, each standard workshop save investment of about 3 million billion yuan. Combined with the AI algorithm, the detection capability and efficiency are greatly improved. Take the dispensing quality inspection process as an example, from the photo upload to the cloud, to the AI to complete the quality inspection and issue instructions to the production line quality inspection equipment to perform operations, the whole process only takes 1.5 seconds. What are the special requirements for 5G in the smartphone production line? Dongguan Mobile introduced that there are three main aspects: high-density and ultra-large bandwidth uplink capacity solution, high-reliability wireless networking, end-to-end network security, and breakthroughs for the above demand points. For example, the factory's requirements for high availability of the network reach more than 99.9%, far exceeding the requirements of SLA for ordinary 5G networks. In order to improve the reliability of wireless disaster recovery, the project team realizes highly reliable wireless networking through equipment backup and inter-frequency flower arrangement networking scheme, 5GC "kite mode" and other technologies. Huawei's case is of great demonstration significance. Dongguan Mobile introduced that for 5G applications, the electronics manufacturing industry has many scenarios, fine processes, and high requirements. It is a "rich mine" for 5G applications in the manufacturing industry ", for the follow-up project cooperation in other manufacturing industries, it will play an important guiding and reference role. Dongguan continues to activate new economic kinetic energy, and in the traditional manufacturing industry, it is ushering in vitality through intelligent and information transformation. Last August, Tiger color Arts Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Tiger color Arts") combined with Dongguan Unicom launched the "5G intelligent production line", the project successfully passed the "2020 Guangdong Province Industrial Internet high-quality development benchmark" final review. It has been 1 year so far. In the bright workshop, the operator sends instructions through the mobile phone Kanban, and the instructions are transmitted to the AGV trolley through the 5G signal, and the trolley then carries out the logistics and distribution between the production lines according to the instructions, the operator can also monitor process information in real time on the Kanban. This is the Tiger color printing workshop, and it is also the workshop where the 5G intelligent production line is located, docking printing orders from all over the country. Each order and production document is connected from the cloud scheduling system to the networked workshop equipment, and then combined with the unique QR code given to each product, the equipment is automatically adjusted during the equipment circulation process, and the printing of one book is realized, to achieve personalized order batch flexible manufacturing. Li Jie, a senior engineer at Tiger Color Printing Art Company, currently 5G is mainly used in material handling and system ends. "Orders across the country are transmitted over the network, carrying tens of thousands of orders every day, and documents may be millions. Ordinary 4G is difficult to meet the demand, now with 5G, download speed increased by 60%. The same time over the past year to download 10,000 single, you now have the ability to download 50,000 single." He said that in the first year, the operation is still good, meeting the 72-hour delivery cycle. A company engaged in mid-to-high-end packaging and printing, why is the first to open the door of 5G intelligent production line? The current market environment of printing enterprises has undergone tremendous changes. Users have become the main factor driving printing production, and the demand for personalized printing is increasing. Li Jie said, "Because it is too personalized, every document is different. For example, it is very difficult to rely on human supervision. Intelligent production must be done, and intelligence is inseparable from big data, the application of big data requires 5G basic support." Products will also have obvious off-peak seasons. 5g and intelligent applications can bring flexible production and intelligent scheduling. Compared with traditional models, costs can be reduced. In the promotion of the industrial Internet, a focus is that the intranet, as the foundation and core part of the production series of applications, carries the efficient transmission of various data at the production site, the seamless connection of multiple terminals, etc, however, there are also unstable factors such as WI-FI switching, wired network wiring cost and security risks, and data security risks in public network transmission. What is the solution for Tiger's intelligent production line? Dongguan Unicom introduced that after multi-party discussion and joint test experiments, it was finally determined that the 5G MEC (edge cloud) networking method was used to build a safe and efficient network environment in the Tiger color workshop, it meets the efficient transmission of data such as workshop automation equipment and intelligent terminals. "In the future, the office network and the production network, 4G and 5G networks will be cut to form an independent intranet." Li Jie introduced, the company has a more than 200 people information team, the industrial Internet This road also needs a long time to explore. "Starting from the Dongguan base, the future will be replicated and promoted in Taian, Shandong, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, and Wuhan, Hubei." Li Jie introduced that according to the plan, Tiger Cai is based on 5G technology and user-centric. In the future, through intelligent production, intelligent equipment, and intelligent management, high quality, low cost, short cycle, efficient product manufacturing model. In the future, we will also shift the perspective to industry applications, through the experience of Tiger's own construction and operation accumulated experience data and platform, and gradually provide external services to empower the industry. In addition to the application of the industrial Internet, Dongguan has a lot of practice in 5G unmanned automatic inspections. China Southern Power Grid Guangdong Dongguan Power Supply Bureau took the lead in the attempt. In 2019, Dongguan Power Supply Bureau and Dongguan Unicom jointly promoted the "5G UAV + programmatic operation" pilot project, this mode is the first national application in the field of intelligent patrol of power supply systems. Dongguan Power Supply Bureau is carrying out a pilot project of digital transmission construction. One of the highlights of this digital transmission construction is to increase the intensity of unmanned arrangements. Dongguan Power Supply Bureau will be "unmanned automatic inspection Demonstration Area" construction in Songshan Lake area, the project through the construction of 110 kV champion pen station, 220 kV Peiran station two substation center, covering two substations, the integrated intelligent operation and maintenance system of UAV transmission and distribution of 12 110 kV and above lines, as well as multiple distribution network lines, promotes the transformation of UAV operation mode to transmission and distribution integrated mixed inspection, with intelligent, control centralized transformation of the main line, to achieve autonomous inspection of drones. It is reported that the project is currently under way in an all-round way and the construction phase, when the expected August this year would complete the whole construction and put into trial operation, after the completion of the project will have many functions, include, but are not limited to: based on the transmission, three-dimensional laser point cloud model of distribution lines and substations, independent planning of inspection routes, and output safe inspection routes with high-precision geographic coordinates and repeatable operations; able to complete visible light inspection, infrared inspection, tree barrier detection and other tasks in accordance with the instructions issued; After the inspection task is completed, the drone will automatically return to the smart machine nest to achieve accurate landing, the inspection results are automatically downloaded and uploaded to the intelligent O & M system for unified and standardized data management. Liu Zhujiang, a transmission line crew member of the Dongguan Power Supply Bureau, said, "In the near future, the staff can easily sit in the office 20 kilometers away, it is possible to give orders to the drones in the 'unmanned automatic patrol demonstration zone' located in the Songshan Lake area of Dongguan, so that the drones can carry out autonomous inspections, which will greatly improve work efficiency." Liu Zhu Jiang thought about it. 5G activates virtual reality and augmented reality, and has a wide range of applications in learning, training, consumption, industry and other scenarios. 5G can link all aspects of industrial production to achieve digital modeling collaboration, intelligent manufacturing, machine vision, digital twin, supply chain management and market management. 5G is constantly improving its accuracy in positioning, and indoor positioning has a level that cannot be achieved by satellite positioning, which will further promote the application of automatic driving, terminal loading and unloading and other fields. Although the construction and application of 5G networks worldwide is to some extent affected by the epidemic, the trend that will continue to advance will not change, the human vision of scientific and technological progress is still promoting the development of 5G. 6G research and development has begun. 3GPP will carry out research on 6G in 2023 and standardize 6G in the second half of 2025, advanced communication countries have successively launched 6G research and development, and ICDT under mobile communication connection will carry the hope of high-tech industry. -- Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chairman of the Future Mobile Communication Forum In Dongguan, China Southern Power Grid Corporation built Songshan Lake Taroko optical storage and charging integrated charging station, which integrates a series of functions such as 5G base station, charging pile, Internet of Things, optical storage and charging, and through the configuration of a new intelligent 5G supervision system, it can automatically identify vehicles, effectively prevent non-new energy vehicles from occupying charging parking spaces, which greatly facilitates the travel of new energy vehicle owners. The station also uses 5G energy storage technology, using the peak-valley time difference, basically realizing self-sufficiency in operation and operation.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Since the beginning of this year, global energy tensions have become more pronounced, especially the continued rapid growth of natural gas and coal prices, supply shortages and global carbon reduction arrangements may complicate the situation, the risk of stagflation in the world's major economies is also increasing. In China, for example, this year 1 to Jul fen, domestic production capacity, a year-on-year growth of 4.9%, imports fell by 15%, the demand side, compared with about 10% between supply and demand there are 6% of Gap. This gap whose forming reason lies in many aspects, the supply-side "Tenth five" during the cumulative exit coal mine at more than 5500, eliminate backward coal production capacity of 1 billion tons/year or more, however, the new advanced production capacity did not keep up in time. Supply is usually made up for by increasing imports, but since the beginning of this year due to various reasons, the market gap has widened. On the demand side, as other countries were severely affected by the epidemic, a large number of orders flowed into China, resulting in an increase in industrial electricity consumption, which in turn increased demand for thermal coal. The impact of climatic factors is also more obvious. In the first half of the year, due to insufficient precipitation, the supply of water and electricity decreased. At the same time, the continuous high temperature in some areas stimulated residents to reduce heat and electricity. It can be seen that the shortage of supply and demand has caused the continuous rise of coal prices, and this structure is difficult to solve in the short term, which will stimulate further distortion of supply and demand, especially hoarding and speculation. In the international market, the impact of the skyrocketing natural gas prices is even greater. According to statistics, over the past year Asia natural gas prices 5 times European 14 months to rise by 10 times. Price increases also have both supply and demand factors. First, because of the pandemic since 2020 and ultra-low gas prices, a large number of large global gas and LNG projects have been delayed since 2020, global LNG supply will increase for each year from 30 million to 40 million tons, and 2020-2021 years has increased by only 10 million tons, the gap. At the same time, weather factors have led to a surge in global demand for major natural gas and LNG consumption. Europe and the United States suffered a cold wave in the last winter and a cold spring this year. The demand for electricity has increased sharply, leading to tight natural gas supply. This year, in response to the possible re-emergence of the cold season, the gas storage capacity has been vigorously increased, causing the price of natural gas to rise. Although the price of natural gas has reached a record, in Europe, due to carbon quota restrictions and high carbon prices, the combined cost of generating electricity from coal is not lower than that of natural gas, thus strengthening the demand for natural gas. Europe snapped up natural gas and caused prices to skyrocket, causing other countries to participate in the rush, and stimulated global coal demand and rising prices. It can be seen that the frequency of extreme weather caused by climate change has become a major variable in energy demand, especially the extreme heat and cold in the northern hemisphere, which requires an increase in energy reserves to maintain the elasticity of electricity supply, avoid a power outage tragedy like last year in Texas. Once the climate changes cause a run on energy capacity, it often causes price fluctuations that are difficult to control. On the supply side, there is a shortage of short-term capacity investment caused by the impact of the epidemic, and in the long term, under the global carbon reduction arrangements in response to climate change, the adjustment of energy structure will lead to long-term tension in energy supply: the slow increase in green energy, and the withdrawal of coal will lead to a sustained rise in energy prices. China is one of the countries most affected by this change in supply and demand. In the past year or so, the eastern and southern regions of China have experienced power outages in the cold winter or heat, affecting the lives of residents. The reasons for the limited power supply are complicated, but there is no good solution. In terms of supply, it is difficult for China to get rid of its dependence on coal and electricity in a short period of time, but it must do a good job in carbon reduction. New energy sources lacking energy storage system can only be supplemented at present. Therefore, china's development may be subject to the conflict between carbon emissions and energy restructuring for a long time. Unlike European and American countries, which are dominated by service industries, China's large-scale industry, rising energy prices and power shortages will have an impact on the industry. Price increases can force enterprises to invest in energy-saving technologies and new energy technologies. However, energy prices continue to be unstable and trigger a series of raw material price fluctuations. If weather factors are coupled with irregular shocks, this long-term uncertainty disturbance will be extremely detrimental to the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. Therefore, in the process of implementing carbon neutrality and reaching carbon peaks, the stability of energy supply should be viewed from a strategic perspective, especially energy adjustment and structural shocks will be global challenges, china will be subject to the continuous impact of multiple environments. With 19 1970s the energy crisis of the effect is similar to the global monetary easing to limit and the widening gap between the rich and the poor in the context of climate response measures on the traditional energy price and tax costs remain high, it will promote stagflation in the global economy. Considering the damage of climate change to agriculture and rising housing prices in developed countries, the possibility of stagflation is very high, which will bring challenges to China's manufacturing industry.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. On September 17, the Beijing Stock Exchange issued the "Measures for the Administration of Investor Suitability of the Beijing Stock Exchange" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures"). The measures clarifies that individual investors access to capital threshold for the securities assets of more than 500,000 million. Institutional investor access does not set a funding threshold. From the date of the release of the rules, investors can make an appointment to open the trading rights of the Beijing Stock Exchange. In addition, the New Three Board innovation layer investor access capital threshold date from 1.5 million yuan to 1 million yuan. The "Measures" are clear, participant participates in the market of individual investors in the application permission to open the 20 trading days securities account and capital account assets within the daily no less than RMB 500,000 yuan (does not include the investors through the margin trading and short selling integration funds and securities); participated in securities trading for more than 24 months. Institutional investor access does not set a funding threshold. It is understood that investors who have opened a selection layer trading authority before the opening of the Beijing Stock Exchange will automatically shift to the Beijing Stock Exchange. CBEX relevant person in charge of the CCTV Finance said in an interview with reporters, investors threshold is reduced from 1 million to 500,000 primarily for two aspects to consider: a horizontal comparison risk. The companies that will be listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange are specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises. Although they have the risks of large performance fluctuations and unstable performance, they compare financial derivatives transactions horizontally, trading risks such as futures options are objectively relatively low, so the investor threshold can be appropriately lowered. Second, lowering the threshold for investors can increase sector liquidity. At present, The New Three Board best fitted the 1 million threshold of 1.75 million households in the lower the barriers can let more investors to participate in CBEX stock trading for the listed companies to develop a wide range of financing channels, increase the fluidity of the at the same time improve the premium, investors can also make better investments. At the same time, the Beijing Stock Exchange will adhere to the integrated development and institutional linkage with the New Third Board innovation layer and the basic layer. Investors with the New Third Board innovation layer and the basic layer trading authority will include the shares of the Beijing Stock Exchange. CBEX said the rules after they have been posted to CBEX pre-opening, investors to participate in the selection layer stock trading still meet 1 million yuan securities assets standards.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. The draft document shows that the EU and the United States are cautiously moving to curb China, seeking stricter enforcement of investment screening rules, and seeking to prevent technology abuses that may threaten security and human rights. According to Bloomberg, the document seen by reporters was prepared for the U. S.-EU Trade and Technology Commission (TTC) inaugural meeting on September 29. The document states that Member States will cooperate to promote the protection of labor rights, combat forced employment, and coordinate export control measures to maintain international security and create a global level playing field. The document shows that they will also jointly resist the challenge posed by non-market distortions to their trade policies, which means China. The content of the draft may be changed. S. Representatives attending the important meeting were Commerce Secretary Raymondo and Trade Representative Daiqi, and the European Union was represented by European Commission Executive Vice-Presidents Margrethe Vestager and Valdis Dombrovskis. But France is trying to postpone the EU-US trade meeting, so whether the TTC meeting can be held as scheduled is still pending. According to the draft document, TC will establish 10 working groups to enhance relationships and cooperation in areas such as technical standards, climate, supply chains, semiconductors and global trade challenges. Member states will share non-market distorted policy and behavioural information to address the challenges faced by workers and businesses in the United States and the European Union, and to explore risk-reduction measures, the document states.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. (Morning Post) Japan announced on Wednesday (22) that the import restrictions imposed by the United States on food produced in Japan after the Fukushima nuclear accident have been lifted. The United States takes measures to stop imports in Japanese counties. After the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan in 2011, the United States imposed restrictions on food imports from Japan. Previously restricted objects include 14 counties such as Fukushima, and the restrictions are lifted this time. It involves a total of 100 varieties of rice produced in Fukushima, logs and other places. Japan's Minister of Agriculture, Kotaro Noo, revealed on Wednesday that the EU will also partially relax import restrictions from October 10. Mushrooms will not need to provide certificates of origin, etc., but some aquatic products produced in Fukushima, wild mushrooms and others will continue to face restrictions. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the United States is the third largest export destination for Japan's agricultural, forestry and aquatic products and food. 2020, with the United States exports for 118.8 billion yen (about 1.5 billion Xinyuan); Wherein the free Fukushima production of rice is about 0.56 billion yen. In view of the lifting of import restrictions by the United States, the import restrictions adopted by 55 countries and regions after the nuclear accident in 2011 were reduced to 14 countries and regions. The Japanese government will continue to appeal to the remaining countries and regions such as mainland China, South Korea and Hong Kong for the lifting of restrictions.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. According to the analysis of the interviewed scholars, the tone of China and the United States at the UN General Assembly is relatively moderate, indicating that the tension between the two countries has eased slightly after the heads of state call this month. The first general debate of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly was held between late last night and early this morning (morning to afternoon New York time on the 2 1st), US President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered speeches at the meeting through live speeches and pre-recorded videos. In the speeches, the two sides did not see the strong smell of gunpowder since the Alaska meeting in March, and the speeches did not name each other. American think-tank, the Asia Society US-China relations, director of the Center for Schell (Orville Schell) acceptance of the Lianhe Zaobao differs access describe Xi Jinping at the United Nations General Assembly speech tone is calm and restraint ". He interpreted that Xi Jinping described China as a peace-loving member of the international community, solving global problems through peaceful dialogue, not through conflict. Wu Xinbo, director of the Center for American Studies at Fudan University, judged that the moderate tone between China and the United States showed that the relations between the two countries had eased after the phone call between Biden and Xi Jinping on September 10. Although Xi Jinping criticized the United States in his speech, his focus was on clarifying China's "builders of world peace, contributors to global development, and defenders of the international order, international positioning of" providers of public goods. However, Xia Wei believes that this does not mean that China has really changed its tough diplomatic line. He said that it is now necessary to observe whether the speech heralds a change in Beijing's policy, but Beijing's recent actions show that he has no willingness to make concessions; If China does not make some concessions, china and the United States will continue to argue. As for China's new emission reduction commitments after U.S. President's special envoy for climate Kerry visited China from August 31 to September 3 and the subsequent call between the two heads of state, whether it shows that communication between China and the United States on climate change issues is playing a role, Xia Wei is not optimistic. He pointed out that Xi Jinping has shown that as long as the tension between China and the United States in other fields is not resolved, China will not have too much willingness to Sino-US climate cooperation. Wang Zheng, director of the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at West East University, believes that Xi Jinping's announcement to stop investment in coal power plants is a positive policy announcement released by China before the climate change summit. Wang Zheng pointed out that both Biden and Xi Jinping are avoiding too much comment on Sino-US bilateral relations on multilateral occasions such as the United Nations. Xi Jinping focused on showing the world the image of a responsible power, and to some extent responded to the call of UN Secretary-General Guterres that China and the United States should avoid a new Cold War and manage conflicts. Wang Zheng noted that there were many unanimous views in Biden and Xi Jinping's speeches, both of whom stressed the need to help developing countries fight the epidemic, restore their economies and make commitments to climate change, and the importance of United Nations and multilateral cooperation. These two statements illustrate a very important phenomenon in Sino-US relations-when the leaders of the two countries have a lot in common when they jump out of the framework of bilateral relations and talk about the problems of today's world from an international perspective, but once it is restored to the bilateral framework, Sino-US relations become "gloomy". Wang Zheng reminded that scholars and officials of the two countries should pay close attention to this phenomenon, and that relations between the two countries have been greatly influenced by nationalism and populism in recent years, this is why the contradictions are infinitely magnified to the point of disregard for common interests and shared responsibilities.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. 1. At about 11 o'clock on September 13, Shi (male, 29 years old, from Longhu Town, Jinjiang City) fabricated "Shenzhen Shanghai Xinhao seafood has been investigated," Contact personnel to isolate "and other false information related to the epidemic, sent on the WeChat circle of friends, causing panic among the masses, causing adverse effects; Its behavior constitutes a fictitious fact to disrupt public order, jinjiang police in accordance with the law to give Shi an administrative detention for 10 days, and a fine of 500 yuan. 2. At about 3 o'clock on September 15th, Ke Mou (male, 44 years old, from Yangxin County, Hubei Province) who lives in Jinjiang forwarded a video of medical staff to vent his dissatisfaction, at the same time, it was accompanied by the abusive text of "Fujian people can die", which had a bad influence. Many netizens reported and asked the public security organs to severely punish them. Ke's behavior constituted a provocation, and the Jinjiang police detained him for 10 days according to law. 3, Sep 17th 20 o'clock living in Jinjiang of Zhang (male, a 24-year-old Ji'an city of Jiangxi province) work WeChat group released the United States mission zong cang found the Covid with a name, quanzhou has completely stopped distribution and other false information. In this regard, Jinjiang Police immediately launched an investigation. In view of Zhang initiative to report the case or provide information to a public security organ surrender and timely work WeChat group apologizing for the clarification Jinjiang police in accordance with the law on administrative detention 3 days. The police reminded: the Internet is not a place outside the law, and anyone is responsible for their own remarks. The public security organs will severely crack down on illegal and criminal acts such as fabricating and spreading rumors and provoking trouble. The broad masses of the people are requested to consciously maintain a good network order and work together to prevent and control the epidemic.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. According to Chutian Metropolis Daily-looking into the news Sep 21st reported Sep 21 Harbin city, Heilongjiang province, Bayan county, the second People's Hospital of report to add the Covid had tested positive for the virus infection and 1 case. After 7 months Harbin recurrence local Covid virus infection. According to the epidemiological survey report, the people living in Sep 7 from Jiangxi province arrived in Harbin, for 3 consecutive days play script killed. At present, the community where it is located has been closed, and the local citizens do not need to leave. The flow report showed that the infected person took the G492 high-speed rail to Nanchang and took flight 3U8266 from Nanchang to Harbin Airport. Floor-to-ceiling after September 7-9 infected people in Daoli district of Harbin Central Street Junyi Hotel. On September 21, the reporter contacted Junyi Hotel and learned that the hotel has received a notice and conducted internal nucleic acid testing and comprehensive disinfection. After that, the shop may be closed according to epidemic prevention measures. If the shop is closed, the customer will be contacted for a refund. September 8-10 infected people was 3 times to Nangang District Grand Mercure Vientiane sub-silence script kill play. The staff told reporters that they were preparing to open their doors for business on the morning of the 2 1st, and they received the notification of the epidemic, so they immediately closed the store, and all the staff in the store cooperated with the epidemic prevention measures for nucleic acid testing, and self-isolated at home. The script killing staff said that there were many customer reservations on the Mid-Autumn Festival, but now they have been canceled, and the shopping mall where they are located has been temporarily closed. "There will be losses, but if the epidemic prevention is not coordinated, the damage caused may be even greater. So be sure to cooperate with the epidemic prevention work. We are also at home with our family during the Mid-Autumn Festival." The staff member said. For infection was 3 times to the store to play script killed staff over the past more than 10 days no longer remember. However, customers who come to play scripts in the store need to cooperate with epidemic prevention work, such as temperature measurement. It takes about 3 hours to play a script in the store. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the merchants in Limin Home, Xinglong Forestry Bureau of Bayan County, Harbin City. Many merchants said that the store had been temporarily closed and the community was closed. They have been notified of nucleic acid testing and are waiting for arrangements. At noon on the 2 1st, Harbin City's response to the Covid pneumonia epidemic work headquarters issued a notice No. 28, saying that the general public is not necessary to leave ha, and those who really need to leave ha need to pass with the Health Code Green code; Mahjong hall, Bath, cinemas and theater spaces are relatively closed; At the same time, nucleic acid screening is carried out in an orderly manner in the areas involved in the trajectory of positive infected persons.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Today is Wednesday, September 22. The new working day has begun. In the past Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, these big companies can pay attention to: Xu Jiayin spoke up, and the Mid-Autumn Festival sent a letter to all employees; material in response to "1599 yuan sneakers to 69999 yuan"; Affected by the lack of core, ideal delivery in the third quarter is expected to lower at least 500 vehicles... On the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 21, Xu Jiyin sent a letter to all the employees of Evergrande, thanking the employees for their hard work and paying tribute to the employees' families. In the letter, Xu Jiyin said that at present, the company has encountered unprecedented difficulties, and all Evergrande employees have experienced severe challenges that have never been seen before. Leaders at all levels are the mainstay of ensuring the overall stability of the company. Xu Jianyin said in the letter that he firmly believes that Evergrande will be able to get out of the dark moment as soon as possible, will accelerate the comprehensive resumption of work and production, and will certainly achieve the major goal of "safe delivery", to buyers, investors, partners and financial institutions hand in a responsible and responsible answer. On September 20, in response to Reuters's disclosure that "Didi co-founder Liu Qing told her subordinates that she plans to step down," Didi Chuxing's official Weibo denied it, saying: didi is currently actively cooperating with the network security review. Reuters's rumors about Didi's management changes are false information, and some media have repeatedly targeted Didi's malicious rumors and rumors, we express our strong condemnation and reserve the right to take all legal measures to pursue their tort liability. On the evening of September 21, Lucky Coffee issued a statement stating that the company issued three announcements today, announcing that the company has achieved a number of "milestone" progress in its restructuring plan and capital market disclosure, including: the company with the United States collective litigation plaintiff was signed by representatives of 0.1875 billion dollars of reconciliation of intent; The company has to the Cayman court formally submitted on convertible bond creditor debt restructuring of the programme; the Company formally submitted its 2020 annual report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), including its audited financial report. Lucky Coffee said that the current management has made fundamental adjustments and innovations to the previous strategy and model for more than a year, and achieved remarkable results. Sep 21st night Ruixing coffee reissuance of a residence permit the SEC audit of 2020, results show that Ruixing coffee 2020, net revenues 4.033 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 33.3%; As 2020, 1Feb 31 ruixing coffee cumulative transaction number of customers more than 64.9 million, from 40.6 million a year earlier. Material response "1599 yuan shoes fried to 69999 yuan": the price is the seller's personal settings, and no buyer deal On September 21, @ Due Wan App released the "About the" AJ1 Lightning Barb Three-party Joint Name "Price Volatility Explanation". It is mentioned in the description that after verification, the net Barb price is 69999 yuan for a seller's personal bid, and there is no buyer transaction under the price. In view of the fact that the price of this commodity is still fluctuating, the platform has been removed from the shelves. To A said "AJ1 lightning Barb tripartite ming kuan" July this year listed, after the listing of certain attention and among the most sought after treatments globally, the company will pay more attention to by many foreign e-commerce platform of open data, the same premium exists for this item. Therefore, the material has released a promotional map of "rational consumption reminder" on the commodity page in August. On September 20, a charity organization in Shanghai released a video of more than 100 pet blind boxes abandoned by the roadside near a community in Jiading District, Shanghai. On the afternoon of September 21, Zhongtong Express responded: In response to a large number of videos of Zhongtong outlets suspected of illegally sending cats, dogs and pets, after verification, Zhongtong confirmed that the behavior involved in the video has nothing to do with Zhongtong outlets, the relevant Zhongtong outlets have reported to the local public security and provided the police with clues such as the cargo owner and carrier. On the evening of September 20, Fanhua Holdings Group Co., Ltd. issued a clarification announcement stating that the company recently noticed several media reports that the company had not fully repaid its expired offshore priority notes. The Company clarified that as of the date of this announcement, there were no overdue offshore priority notes issued by the Company as of the date of this announcement. The company is doing well, with abundant working capital and does not have any liquidity problems. Sep 21st message, have more than 0.6 billion of the DAUS "shaking sound" and "shake yin shan edition" and two short video after byte beating again layout short video in the field. Bytebeat recently launched an App called "Little Fun Star", its product positioning is a short video product for children's interest. Sep 21st message local time on Tuesday, Google announced that the company decided to spend 2.1 billion billion acquisition located in Manhattan, New York St John's Pier (St. John's Terminal), further demonstrates the enthusiasm of technology companies to expand their physical office areas. The deal is also the highest price for single-family construction in the United States after the outbreak began, according to the data firm Real Capital Analytics. (Finance Association) On the morning of September 21, Evergrande Automobile announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that the company had adopted its shareholding plan on June 6, 2018, the Grant of shares to a number of independent non-executive directors of the company and a number of research and technology employees of the Group, etc., which will give the rights to the grantee after the grantee accepts the shares, A company by subscribing to a total of 0.324 billion new shares, the equivalent of about one company at the date of this announcement all the issued shares about 3.31%. According to the announcement, the board of directors believes that this time mainly grants shares to a number of independent non-executive directors of the company and scientific research and technical personnel of the group, it will help continue to promote and support the company's development and ensure the overall interests and long-term stability of the Group, and strive to enhance the company's corporate value and achieve the company's long-term goals. On September 20, Ideal Motors announced that due to the impact of the Covid epidemic in Malaysia, the special chip used by the ideal car's millimeter wave radar supplier has severely reduced production. Based on this, ideal car expects its 2021, third quarter vehicle delivery is about 24,500, the previous 25,000 to 26,000 units in a single delivery is expected to reduce the 500 to 1,500. On September 21, Weilai Automobile's "High-speed Power Exchange Network Layout Plan" was released. According to Weilai's plan, before the Spring Festival in 2022, the five vertical and three horizontal metropolitan areas will soon be completed. Among them, the five vertical refers to the G1 Jingha Expressway, the G5 Beijing-Kunming Expressway, and the G15 Shenhai Expressway; The three horizontal refers to the G30 Lianhuo Expressway, the G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway, and the G60 Shanghai-Kunming Expressway; The four major metropolitan areas refer to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, yangtze River Delta, Dawan District, Chengdu Chongqing. According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the data center, 2021, Mid-Autumn Festival holiday 3 days, the cumulative domestic tourism travel 88.1593 million times, at comparable diameter recovery to 2019, Mid-Autumn Festival holiday of 87.2%. Domestic tourism income of 37.149 billion billion yuan, at comparable diameter recovery to 2019, Mid-Autumn Festival holiday of 78.6%. Cat's Eye pro data show that as Sep 21st 21:30 pm 2021, mid-autumn festival gear box office (including pre-sale) has exceeded 0.49 billion billion yuan; The peak explosion "on my mom's Everything lead, the peak explosion of box office has super 0.2 billion. The National Day holiday is coming in a week or so, more than a dozen new films such as "Changjin Lake", "My Fathers and Me", "Railway Hero", "Ten Years of Warm Ruyan", "Piperu and Ruxixi's Canned Little Man" will be released.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. The anonymous official said that another trans-Atlantic four-party talks between Britain, France, Germany and the United States was not a ministerial meeting, but was attended by representatives of lower-level officials. Blinken will also meet with Josep Borrell, the European Union's senior representative for foreign and security policy, who has publicly supported France, which has been abandoned by Australia because of the U.S., Britain and Australian submarine agreements.
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2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. (Observer Network) According to a Reuters report on the 2 1st, the Afghan Taliban (referred to as Atta) appointed acting foreign minister Mutachi (Amir Khan Muttaqi) sent a letter to UN Secretary-General Guterres on the 20th, it was requested to address the General Debate of the UN General Assembly this week, along with the nomination of Afghan Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen as Afghanistan's permanent representative to the United Nations. The news was confirmed by Guterres' deputy spokesman, Farhan Haq. Huck said Guterres 20th received with "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs", which was signed had the odd letter letter had asked to participate in 2021, September 21-27 held in the General Assembly di 76 session. Atta also wrote that "the mission of Ghulam Isaczai is over and he no longer represents Afghanistan" and that "the new permanent representative to the United Nations is Shaheen". Haq believes that since Isakzai is the permanent representative of the Afghan government to the United Nations, Atta's move is equivalent to a "showdown" with Isakzai ". Huck said Atta require you to replace the United Nations at the request of the representative of the United States has been submitted to a 9-member of the full review and adjudication board to make an adjudication members including China, the United States and Russia. However, the committee is unlikely to hold a meeting on this issue next Monday (27th), before the end of the UN General Assembly, so it is doubtful whether Mutaqi can speak at the UN. In response to the Taliban's request, a spokesperson for the US State Department said at a telephone press conference that the United States does not believe that this issue can be resolved during the high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly. According to the regulations of the United Nations General Assembly, the Plenipotentiary Review Committee usually convenes a meeting in October or November to assess the qualifications of all UN Member States, and then submit a report to the UN General Assembly for approval before the end of the year. Until the Plenipotentiary Review Committee makes a decision, Isakzai will continue to serve as the Afghan representative to the United Nations. He is currently scheduled to speak on the last day of the meeting on September 27, but it is unclear whether any country will dispute this after the Taliban sent a letter. Reuters said that pushing the United Nations to finally accept its own nominated permanent representative is an important step for Atta to win international recognition, which will help cash-strapped Afghanistan obtain frozen funds. Guterres has said that the Taliban must establish an inclusive government and respect the rights of the Afghan people, especially women. This is the only way for the Taliban to gain recognition from the international community. At a press conference held by the Kabul Information Center (GMIC) yesterday (21), Ata spokesman Zabiura Mujahid said that the Taliban are working hard to promote the international community to unfreeze Afghan national assets and funds. He revealed that the Taliban will publish some of the newly appointed officials, including non-Taliban members, to demonstrate the "inclusiveness" of the new government ". The new officials will focus more on provincial politicians or tribal elders. Mujahid also promised that the Taliban is conducting dialogue with a number of countries on foreign cooperation and will take a series of measures to ensure national security and maintain economic order, combating terrorists including the extremist group "Islamic State Khorasan Branch.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. In response to the NPC deputies put forward that "the government advocates that all media should not use discriminatory language such as 'migrant workers' in propaganda, so that the operators have dignity and introduce policies, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security replied on September 17 to increase the weight of the government-led scoring system for employees engaged in manufacturing and service industries," Although our city cannot require the local media not to use the expression of'migrant workers', it will also guide the news media to use the expression of'to deepen the builders' in the light of the actual situation in Shenzhen ". On September 17th, the official website of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security issued the reply letter on recommendation No. 20210698. The reply letter was written on August 18, 2021. The Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human resources and Social Security stated in its reply, "Our city has always attached great importance to the publicity and reporting of the manufacturing and service industries, and actively cooperated with relevant national and provincial departments, and coordinated the city's media to carry out publicity and guidance, to create a good atmosphere for promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing and service industries in our city." The reply letter pointed out: After verification, the People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency and other major central media still use the expression of "migrant workers" in their reports. The "Regulations on Guaranteeing the Payment of Migrant Workers" passed at the 7 3rd Executive Meeting of the State Council on December 4, 2019 also adopted the expression "migrant workers. The reply letter stated: "In contrast to relevant laws and regulations and the main media reports of the central government, although our city cannot require the local media not to use the expression of" migrant workers ", it will also be combined with the actual situation in Shenzhen, guide the news media to use the expression of" deep builders ", and guide and urge the local media to increase the publicity of the builders." The first is to vigorously publicize the policies and measures of the municipal Party committee and municipal government to support and safeguard the rights and interests of the builders, publicize the outstanding contributions made by the builders to Shenzhen, and dig deeper into the advanced models in various industries and fields, show the good mental outlook and work style of the builders, guide the whole society to care and care for the deep builders, improve the sense of professional honor, and show personal value and social value. The second is to organize the media to actively carry out publicity and reports, expand the awareness rate and influence, and guide the society to participate in the city's new measures and new practices on solving the problem of recruitment difficulties in the manufacturing and service industries, to alleviate the problem of recruitment difficulties. Actively publicize and report the experience and practices of other countries and regions to provide reference. According to previous media reports, Lu Lei, deputy to the National People's Congress and vice chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Association of writers, suggested on the eve of the two sessions in 2007 that the title of "migrant workers" should be abolished and that they should be called workers. Lu Lei suggested that paying attention to the special talents among migrant workers and giving them a special channel to develop themselves. He said that China's population is more than 0.2 billion migrant workers, mostly among young and middle-aged, there are many and can cause of material such as, the contingent of writers and there was a lot of ideas, a brilliant and of migrant workers who come from the countryside. But because of the current civil service and cadres to the degree has mandatory so that more than 0.2 billion people destined to increase space. Even if some talented migrant workers writers and poets want to enter the Guangdong Writers Association, they are excluded because of their household registration. "Hua Luogeng, Shen Congwen and others are not from a professional class, but they have been reused because of their outstanding talents. We should now also set up a special channel to give some special talents room to rise, instead of limiting them to death with rules and regulations." Lu Lei said.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. According to the official website of the Xiamen Municipal People's Government on September 22, Xiamen City's response to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic headquarters issued [2021] No. 15 notice, pointing out that on September 22, Xiamen City will carry out the fourth round of nucleic acid testing. In order to ensure the quality of nucleic acid testing and ensure that the inspection should be carried out, the party and government organs, enterprises and institutions at all levels in the city (except the national economy and people's livelihood guarantee units and continuous production enterprises that cannot be interrupted) will not arrange employees to work for the time being. Please consciously follow the arrangement of the community where you live to participate in nucleic acid testing nearby. Thanks to all the citizens and all units for their support!
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. (Observer Network) according to Yonhap news agency 1Jan 4 reported that the payment of their financial contributions to the United Nations Committee on the day of the said North Korea 1Jan 2 contributions in 168,320, become di 132 a paid 2020, contributions of members of. The United Nations membership fee is the main source of the United Nations and the normal budget. It is paid by each member and is divided every three years according to the objective economic indicators such as the national income and foreign debt of each member. South Korea's Yonhap news agency also said that South Korea has Jan 22nd paid 63.596951 million dollars, and with international organizations after a war of words between the United States are not paid. Earlier, the United Nations website published a document on October 16, mentioning the issue of arrears of Member States. According to the document to provide up-to-date data possible to our, as of September 30 this year United Nations member states are in arrears in the payment of contributions amounting to USD 1.497 billion, in which the United States is in arrears in the payment of USD 1.09 billion, unpaid contributions from 73% per cent of the overall level.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. A reporter asked a question. According to reports, on the 11th, Pompeio tweeted that as the largest contributor to the United Nations, I put US taxpayers and US interests first. The United Nations cannot be without the leadership of the United States. The United States cannot afford to return to multilateralism as usual. What is China's comment on this? Zhao Lijian said that the United States is not the largest contributor to the United Nations, and the international community has its own public opinion. However, the United States is the largest arrears of the United Nations, which is well documented. The United States is also vivid in its "breaking the contract. Please ask Pompeio to pay the dues owed to the United Nations first, rejoin the treaties and international organizations that the United States has withdrawn, and then talk about American leadership. Once again, Pompeo's fallacies reflect his ignorance and prejudice towards China. As a permanent member of the Security Council, the second largest contributor to the United Nations and a peacekeeping contributor, as well as the largest contributor to peacekeeping among the five permanent members, China has always firmly upheld multilateralism and supported the work of the United Nations, defend the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations. When attending a series of high-level meetings on the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, President Xi Jinping once again announced a series of major initiatives and measures, reflecting China's commitment to supporting multilateralism and promoting international peace and development. This is a fact that is evident to all in the international community. In recent years, the United States has pursued unilateralism and bullying, withdrew from important United Nations bodies such as UNESCO and the Human Rights Council, and withdrew from the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue approved by the United Nations Security Council, causing unprecedented damage to the international order, it is opposed by more and more countries. The world has entered the 21st century, and it is impossible and should not return to the old path of the 20th-century cold war and confrontation. Humanity is facing more and more global challenges, and the only way out is to be dialogue and consultation on an equal footing, strengthening international cooperation, jointly upholding multilateralism and upholding the international system with the United Nations at its core, maintaining an international order based on international law.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. China is expanding into a military superpower. India, Vietnam and Singapore are increasing defense spending. Japan also tends to do the same. Now, with the support of the United States and Britain, Australia has let military competition with China leap into a new stage of tension in Asia. In order to better compete with the Chinese Navy, the three countries reached an agreement last week to equip Australia with covert long-range nuclear-powered submarines, which could lead to long before the submarines are put into use, it will accelerate the arms build-up in Asia. In response, China may accelerate its military modernization, especially in terms of technology that can hinder nuclear-powered submarines. The new arms agreement, which confirms the Biden administration's determination to challenge China's strength in Asia, could lead other countries with large military spending, such as India and Vietnam, to tend to speed up their own weapons programs. Countries that are trying to remain neutral, such as Indonesia and Malaysia, are facing a potentially more volatile region and the growing pressure that Australia has faced, choose a side station between Washington and Beijing. "The current situation is that three Anglo-Saxon countries are engaged in military business in the Indo-Pacific region, which is in line with China's statement, that is," external forces "act in a way that does not conform to the wishes of regional countries," said Dino Patti Djalal, a former Indonesian ambassador to the United States. "The fear is that this will trigger an untimely arms race that is not needed in this region and will not be needed in the future. 」 These nuclear-powered submarines will not be launch for at least a decade. But the announcement of the three parties immediately triggered a geopolitical uproar and gave Beijing time to gather opposition and plan military retaliation among its Asian neighbors. Other Asian governments have expressed concerns or concerns, either through comments or silence, over the practices that have angered China. Many leaders in Southeast Asia want the US security pillar role to remain the same, says Ben Bland, director of the South-East Asian program at the Sydney Institute. "But they are also worried that the increasingly tough approach taken by the United States and allies like Australia will force China to respond similarly, it leads to an escalating cycle that is centered on Southeast Asia but ignores the voices of Southeast Asian countries," he said. Even before the agreement was announced, some governments had deployed new ships, submarines and missiles, at least in part because of concerns about China's rapid military construction and disputed territorial claims. China accounts for 42% of all Asian military spending, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies (International Institute for Strategic Studies). Japan's policy-makers have began publicly toying with military spending to improve to a quarter of gross domestic product by 1% or more from 1970s since Japan's military spending has remained in this upper limit under. South Korea's attention has focused on the threat from North Korea, whose defense budget has increased by an average of 7 percent a year since 2018. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison flew from Sydney to the United States on Monday to meet with President Biden. India has increased military spending as tensions with China have intensified, but the economic blow of the new coronavirus could slow growth. India plans to procure another 350 locally assembled military aircraft over the next 20 years, the air force commander said this month. Japan is developing ultra-supersonic missiles that can pose a threat to Chinese naval vessels in conflict. China considers a territory of the governments of the autonomous islands Taiwan put forward next year, 16.8 billion dollars of military budget, including 1.4 billion United States dollars for the purchase of more jet fighter. The Biden administration has pledged to help Asian countries fight China's military growth, a point highlighted by the new agreement signed with Australia. President Biden may discuss this agenda when he meets other leaders of the "Quartet Security Dialogue" mechanism at the White House this week, which includes Australia, Japan and India. "China is an approaching threat that we must worry about, not only now, but also in the near and long term," said Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, air Force General John E. Haydn (John E. Hyten) said at an event at the Brookings Institution last week. But governments in many Asian countries, particularly those in Southeast Asia, want to avoid having to make the choice made last week by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, that is to announce a "permanent partnership" with the United States. Chinese sailors are on the deck of the new guided missile destroyer "Nanchang", taken in 2019 near Qingdao, Shandong. India, which is struggling to repair the uncertain relationship with its neighbors, has not yet expressed its position on the Australia-UK-US agreement. So is South Korea, which wants to focus attention on a potential conflict with North Korea while maintaining a stable relationship with Beijing. The Indonesian Foreign Ministry said that the country is "deeply concerned about the ongoing arms race 」. Malaysia also expressed concern, according to the Straits Times, Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in diplomatic rhetoric, he hopes that "this partnership will make a constructive contribution to peace and stability in the region 」. Singapore is a city-state and maintains good relations with both Beijing and Washington. On the surface, Australia's plan to eventually build at least eight nuclear-powered submarines seems to have little impact on China's Abacus. In terms of quantity, the Chinese Navy is the largest in the world, with about 360 warships and about 12 nuclear-powered submarines. China's nuclear-powered submarine fleet could increase to 21 ships by 2030, according to information from the U.S. Navy Intelligence. S. Navy has about 300 warships, including 68 submarines, all nuclear-powered. Even if Australia's operations are relatively rapid and efficient-which is not a feature of the country's acquisition of submarines in the past few decades-its first nuclear-powered submarine will probably not be put into use until the late 1930s. April this year, China's top leader, Xi Jinping, in Sanya, Hainan China People's Liberation Army flag navy captain. The deployment of these difficult-to-track submarines in waters close to China, Japan and the Korean peninsula could pose a powerful deterrent to the Chinese military, tang Anzhu (Drew Thompson), a former Pentagon official in charge of China affairs, said. "The Middle East war is over," said Tang Anzhu, who is now a senior visiting researcher at the National University of Singapore. "We are in an intermission of war, and the next war will be a high-end, high-intensity conflict with our rivals, probably involving China, and most likely in Northeast Asia. 」 The Chinese government has made few other comments after last week's condemnation of the submarine agreement. But Chinese leaders and military planners will certainly consider military and diplomatic retaliation, including new methods to punish Australia's exports to China. As relations between the two countries have deteriorated, Australia's exports to China have been hit by bans and punitive tariffs in the past few years. China may also be far before Australia's nuclear-powered submarines arrived, accelerate the development of technology to find and destroy nuclear-powered submarines. Most experts say a technology race is more likely than an all-out arms race. China's production of new naval vessels and fighter jets has been growing rapidly. China's anti-submarine technology is not yet advanced.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. • None Xi Jinping's speech criticized the United States, saying that "democracy is not the patent of any country". In a pre-recorded speech at the UN General Assembly, Xi refuted US criticism of the Chinese government's authoritarianism, predatory and expansionism, claiming that the world should embrace "different forms of civilization", and expressed anger at the military cooperation between the United States and Australia. He also mentioned that China will no longer build overseas coal power projects. Analysts believe that this move is aimed at enhancing China's global position in addressing climate change. • None Biden spoke at the United Nations for the first time. After the Trump administration pursued "America First" isolationism, Biden tried to bring the United States back to global leadership. At the UN General Assembly, he called on allies to unite in response to the Covid pandemic and the rise of authoritarian countries such as China and Russia. But after the Taliban control Afghanistan and the United States helped Australia deploy nuclear submarines, its foreign policy has increasingly disappointed the outside world. • None behind the Evergrande crisis: Cracks in China's real estate market. Evergrande was China's most productive developer, it was more than 300 billion of millions of dollars in debt overwhelmed. Experts have made increasingly pessimistic predictions about Evergrande's ability to stick with it without a government bailout and the consequences of a possible collapse. But it is not only the fate of the company that is currently at risk, but Evergrande's woes have raised concerns about the possible collapse of China's residential and commercial real estate markets. • None Harbin has three new confirmed cases of Covids, two of which are the Philippines returning to the country to lift the quarantine. After entering the country, the two patients have completed 14 days of medical isolation and 14 days of home isolation, and the diagnosis is confirmed after 20 days of isolation. According to the official itinerary, all three confirmed patients have visited a script killing shop. This 10 million population of any city in the implementation of the long-standing commitment to the "zero tolerance" policy, according to the Official Gazette of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia city mahjong, bath massage places, theaters, dance halls and other are to suspend business, the public "does not need to leave". • None Global Epidemic Review: Johnson & Johnson said the enhanced needle will greatly enhance the protection against the virus, two doses of vaccine to prevent mild to severe infection effective up to 94%. Melbourne construction workers clashed with police to protest mandatory vaccination orders. A gas station attendant was shot for refusing to sell beer to a customer who did not wear a mask, German prosecutors said. • Will the non-US-British-Australian Defense Agreement intensify the Asian arms race? India, Vietnam and Singapore have increased defense spending as China emerges as a military superpower, and Japan tends to do the same. With the support of the United States and the United Kingdom, Australia has also participated in it, allowing military competition with China to enter a new stage of tension in Asia. In response, China may accelerate its military modernization. This will force other countries in the region to upgrade their spending, and there will be more pressure on countries trying to remain neutral. • None Trudeau won the Canadian election by a narrow margin, and his party failed to win a majority. The number of voters in this election hit a new low, and the Trudeau-led Liberal Party had almost the same seats in parliament as before the election, as did other parties. Some Canadians believe that this election is fruitless. Critics say the vote may have undermined Trudeau's credibility and reinforced the perception that many see him as a political opportunist. -None of the Taliban completes the formation of an interim government and nominates representatives to the United Nations. The selection of the remaining team of the Taliban government is still all men. The organization rejected the call of the United Nations and the international community to choose female officials, but did join several men from ethnic minorities. In addition, the Taliban has nominated a UN special envoy whose foreign ministers have asked to speak at the UN General Assembly. This puts the international organization in a dilemma, and the current envoy of the overthrown government in Afghanistan remains in office. • None documents show that the Trump campaign knows that "election conspiracy theories" are groundless. Two weeks after the 2020 election, a team of lawyers close to Trump held a press conference at the Republican headquarters, claiming that a voting machine company was working with a voting software company, financier Soros and Venezuela, the victory was stolen from Trump. But court documents show that the Trump campaign has previously written in an internal memo that the voting machine company does not use the software company's technology and is not directly related to Venezuela or Soros. Thanks for reading today's briefing, new readers please click here to subscribe. Click here for past updates. Welcome to follow us on Twitter(@ nytchinese), Instagram and Facebook to learn more about Chinese. Also welcome to visit the Chinese website homepage to read more news. If you have any suggestions and ideas, please write to share with us:
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. The end of the year is up, Alipay wants to save you some money. Recently, many young netizens found that their flower quota has been lowered. A college graduate student said that her flower page showed that the used amount was greater than the total amount, because she lowered her total amount this month. On Huabai's quota page, the official explanation stated that it is generally because the user has used the temporary quota before and the temporary quota has expired. At present, her used amount of more than 5000 yuan, but the total amount shows only 3000 yuan. However, the student said that he had not violated the rules, had not used up the monthly quota and had been repaying in time. Another Shanghai 90 after tells interface news he had 20,000 yuan flowers chant, but in the past few days is down-regulated the day after yesterday I received 3000 yuan, large-span. It is understood that although they are young users, they have sufficient deposits and have not experienced overdue repayments. In Zhihu, many netizens also reflected, on December 17th their flower quota was lowered to 3000 yuan. It is worth noting that most of the people who have been lowered are young people, and most of them are lowered from different quotas to 3000 yuan. In response, Ant Group replied that Flower Bai is recently adjusting the quota of some young users and advocating more rational consumption habits, but Alipay has not disclosed the specific downward adjustment standards and user scope. It is worth noting that Alipay has recently removed Internet deposit products, which are only visible to users of purchased products. In response to this, Ant Group responded to interface news that the move was based on regulatory requirements for the Internet deposit industry, and users holding products would not be affected. On December 15th, Jing Xiandong, chairman of Ant Group, gave his first public speech after Ant was suspended from listing. He said that over the past month or so, Ant Group has made every effort to do a good job in the aftermath of the suspension of listing under the guidance of supervision. "We are deeply aware of the maintenance of financial security, the prevention of financial risks is the prerequisite for all innovation and development in the financial field. Ant serves many consumers and small and micro enterprises. In maintaining financial security and preventing financial risks, the safety water level should be raised, claim yourself with higher standards and stricter regulations."
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. From now on, users can enter the health consumption guard assistant page through the consumption assistant below the flower Bai, more conveniently adjust the payment order, set the flower amount, repayment date, you can also check the Flower Weekly. It is worth noting that users can also turn on the flower alarm clock. When the monthly bill exceeds the reminder amount, the flower will issue a consumption reminder. In addition, borrowing has also launched the "rational borrowing security guard" page, which can facilitate the adjustment of the quota and choose to close the loan. Before the suspension of listing and supervision, the Ant Credit product promotion style was not the case. Last November flowers chant in Shanghai subway advertising, "the 22-year-old young people with flowers chant the furniture", "My brother uses flowers to buy a new computer for my sister who has just gone to college." "The construction team leader uses flowers to celebrate his daughter's birthday" and other slogans, part of the content was questioned by netizens and the media as promoting advanced consumption and wrong values. But in the past two months, under regulatory pressure, Ant Group has contracted again and again in its Internet credit product strategy. Previously, Ant Group chairman well Xian building December 15 last year in 2020 the fourth session of the China Internet Financial said at the forum, ant is carefully studying the "14th Five-Year Plan" recommendations and a series of central government policies on financial security and financial stability and development, in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities, carefully conduct a comprehensive self-examination, and actively cooperate with supervision to further implement regulatory requirements. Only two days later, Alipay went offline to the bank's bank deposit products on the wealth management page for users who did not hold its Internet deposit products. In the following week, Flower Bai began to adjust the quota of some young users. In response, Ant Group replied that Ant Group is advocating more rational consumption habits, but did not disclose the reduction of standards and user scope. During the same period, the People's Bank of China and other four institutions interviewed Ant to urge and guide them to implement the requirements of financial supervision, fair competition and the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in accordance with the principles of marketization and legalization, standardize the operation and Development of financial business.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [Text/Observer Network Wang Shicun] "Soon after I was sworn in, Senator Jon Tester asked me what my priority was. My answer is that I have three top priorities: China, China or China." S. Air Force website released news on September 20 local time, in the United States Air Force Association (Air Force) "Air, space and network" conference, august this year new assumption of the presidency of the United States, the new Air Force secretary Frank Kendal (Frank Kendall) for the so-called "China challenges published 30 fen zhong speech. In his speech, Kendall believed that China was "the most urgent security issue" and repeatedly mentioned "China" 27 times ". Kendall said that although the United States still dominates the military field, Americans are more challenged now than at any time in history. He claimed that China has accelerated the pace of military modernization and its progress direction is "disturbing". In order to meet the challenges, with limited budgets and time, the U.S. Air Force and Space Forces need to unite with the defense industry, Congress, allies and other partners to replan their methods of action and advance innovation, and the mature advanced technology will be implemented into the hands of the troops as soon as possible. In addition, he continued to call for the retirement of old equipment to "maintain technical advantages". At the meeting, Kendall said that America's strategic rivals studied how the United States fought, and they took asymmetric steps to exploit our weaknesses and beat us. Kendall said: "Although the United States is still the dominant military force on the planet today, we are more challenged militarily than at any time in our history...... I had the opportunity to learn information about China's (military) modernization plan. If anything, China has accelerated the pace of modernization and is moving in some disturbing directions." In response to China's challenges, Kendall said the appropriate response was multifaceted and that in addition to new technologies, tactics and equipment-such as B- 21 bombers-the culture within the units needed to change, Kendall said, his first organizational principle can be described in four words: "One team, one team, One fight." Kendall then took the defeat of the war in Afghanistan as a counterexample-he said that it was precisely because of disunity within the Afghan National Government that the parties did not become "a team", that led to the ultimate failure of the Afghan National Government. Kendall said that in addition to the Air Force and the Air Force to work together for a common goal, the military and other services will work closely together and work with industry to develop and produce new equipment, to maintain the key advantages that the United States and its allies have historically enjoyed." In industry, Kendall hopes that all parties can drive innovation and be more rapid and flexible in applying new technologies. Kendall said he supported the US Air Force Chief of Staff Brown's order to "accelerate, change or lose. To become stronger, the US military must change. The US military must be open and objective about technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence and data analysis." But he also said to make smart choices about our future and investment. The U.S. military should procure low-risk projects and should not continue to invest in "unmaintainable prototype and demonstration projects" from the laboratory ", it is necessary to deploy weapons of practical significance to the US military operating users as early as possible. For this reason, the US military will use the most advanced analytical tools to do this. In addition to calling for innovation, Kendall continued to call for the retirement of the US military's old aircraft. He said that because time is tight, funds are as always limited, and the challenges from China continue to grow. This means that the US Air Force must acquire new capabilities, which makes the US Air Force unable to bear the "cost of continuing to deploy old and poor performance equipment". Kendall also pointed out that the Air Force and Space Forces must solve long-standing internal problems, such as issues involving diversity, sexual assault and harassment. On July 28, local time, Kendall was officially sworn in as the new US Air Force Secretary. Kendall graduated from West Point and worked in military procurement for nearly 50 years and served as Pentagon procurement director. Kendall worked for a defense contractor before taking office as Air Force Minister in the Biden administration. Kendall said his return to public services was largely due to "the rise of China". After taking office, Kendall promoted the "China threat theory" on many occasions ". In an exclusive interview with Defense News on August 13, he said that the US Air Force's goal should be to develop the kind of leapfrog technology that "scared China. But whether the Air Force can do that depends on whether Congress agrees to return untimely old aircraft. However, the Chinese Air Force was not "scared" by Kendall ". In response to Kendall's speech, on August 31, Chinese Air Force spokesman Shen Jinke made it clear that the Chinese Air Force has always inherited and carried forward the bloody courage of "one is not afraid of hardship, the other is not afraid of death, we will resolutely defend the air and space security of the country.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. News from the National Health Commission website on September 22: At 0-24 on September 21, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 41 new confirmed cases. Among them, there were 25 imported cases (14 in Yunnan, 6 in Shanghai, 2 in Fujian, 2 in Guangdong, and 1 in Sichuan), including 2 cases from asymptomatic infection to confirmed cases (1 case in Fujian, 1 case in Sichuan); 16 local cases (13 cases in Fujian, including 11 cases in Xiamen and 2 cases in Putian City; 3 cases in Heilongjiang, all in Harbin). No new deaths. 2 new suspected cases, all imported cases (all in Shanghai). As Sep 21st 24 according to the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and the public finance bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps report existing confirmed 984 cases (severe cases, 14 cases), A total of 90231 cured and discharged cases, a total of 4636 deaths, a total of 95851 confirmed cases, and 4 suspected cases. Accumulatively tracked 1182333 close contacts, still under medical observation of 16770 close contacts. 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 9 new cases of asymptomatic infection (all imported from abroad); 2 cases were converted to confirmed cases on the same day (all imported from abroad); on the same day, 14 cases were released from medical observation (all imported from abroad); 342 cases of asymptomatic infection still under medical observation (333 cases imported from abroad).
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Core tip: experts pointed out that the current US Air Force bomber unit is the smallest in history, and the number of fighter jets is also decreasing. Experts also say that the U.S. Air Force's command, control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C2ISR) forces are also stretched. Reference News Network reported on September 22 that the British "Jane's Defense Weekly" website published an article entitled "Modernization Strategy of U.S. Air Force Combat Forces in Focus" on September 20. The full text is excerpted as follows: the two experts will pay close attention to the annual US Air Force Association meeting to see how the US Air Force deploys its future combat force strategy in the absence of congressional support. The U.S. Air Force has been trying to retire older military aircraft such as A- 10, but this plan was flatly rejected by members of Congress. But one expert said that as the United States withdraws troops from Afghanistan, that could change. In the face of this political reality, Congress has repeatedly rejected the U.S. Air Force's plan to decommission its old military aircraft, in the face of this political reality, how the US Air Force responds to the modernization strategy of its combat troops will become the focus of attention. This year the US Air Force Association annual meeting of September 20-22 outside Washington held. Before the annual meeting, Doug Bo, executive director of the Mitchell Institute of Space Research, told Jane's Defense Weekly on August 30, he's going to be keeping a close eye on how the new U.S. Air Force Secretary, Frank Kendall, is coming to fix this. Another expert, Brian Clark, a senior researcher at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D. C., told reporters that Congress obstructed the US Air Force's military aircraft retirement plan, which affected the US Air Force's investment in the development of new capabilities. Another important issue to be discussed at the meeting is how the U.S. Air Force balances its short-term and long-term goals, Burkey said. He said that short-term crises-such as the withdrawal of the US military from Kabul when they leave Afghanistan in August-will occur, and almost all military aircraft of the US Air Force are facing high demand and low inventory. Burkey previously said that as part of the U.S. evacuation operation in Afghanistan, the Pentagon opened the civilian reserve air force, which is an important warning sign, it shows that the US Air Force's strategic air transport formation has been cut too much. Reference News Network reported on September 22 that the British "Jane's Defense Weekly" website published an article entitled "Modernization Strategy of U.S. Air Force Combat Forces in Focus" on September 20. The full text is excerpted as follows: the two experts will pay close attention to the annual US Air Force Association meeting to see how the US Air Force deploys its future combat force strategy in the absence of congressional support. The U.S. Air Force has been trying to retire older military aircraft such as A- 10, but this plan was flatly rejected by members of Congress. But one expert said that as the United States withdraws troops from Afghanistan, that could change. In the face of this political reality, Congress has repeatedly rejected the U.S. Air Force's plan to decommission its old military aircraft, in the face of this political reality, how the US Air Force responds to the modernization strategy of its combat troops will become the focus of attention. This year the US Air Force Association annual meeting of September 20-22 outside Washington held. Before the annual meeting, Doug Bo, executive director of the Mitchell Institute of Space Research, told Jane's Defense Weekly on August 30, he's going to be keeping a close eye on how the new U.S. Air Force Secretary, Frank Kendall, is coming to fix this. Another expert, Brian Clark, a senior researcher at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D. C., told reporters that Congress obstructed the US Air Force's military aircraft retirement plan, which affected the US Air Force's investment in the development of new capabilities. Another important issue to be discussed at the meeting is how the U.S. Air Force balances its short-term and long-term goals, Burkey said. He said that short-term crises-such as the withdrawal of the US military from Kabul when they leave Afghanistan in August-will occur, and almost all military aircraft of the US Air Force are facing high demand and low inventory. Burkey previously said that as part of the U.S. evacuation operation in Afghanistan, the Pentagon opened the civilian reserve air force, which is an important warning sign, it shows that the US Air Force's strategic air transport formation has been cut too much. Burkey said that the current US Air Force bomber unit is the smallest in history, and the number of fighter jets is also decreasing. He also said that the U.S. Air Force's command, control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C2ISR) forces are also stretched. Clark said whether the U.S. Air Force will consider purchasing a new aerial tanker code-named "Bridge" to support its more remote deployment in the Pacific, this will be a key issue that may be discussed at this meeting. He said that this is because the US Air Force currently installed Boeing's KC-46A "Pegasus" tanker has not yet achieved "full combat capability" and may not have enough fuel to support from Hawaii, warplanes from very distant bases such as Alaska or eastern Australia. On July 19, the U.S. Air Force issued an invitation to the industry about a new aerial tanker, formerly known as the "KC-Y" tanker project. The U.S. Air Force is expected to purchase 140 to 160 of these tankers as part of a full open competition plan for the future. Clark pointed out that he would not be surprised if the US Air Force's "next-generation air superiority" plan does not bring about earth-shaking changes as people expect. He said that this plan may be different from traditional procurement plans. It may eventually acquire many UAS systems, perhaps an upgraded version of the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter made by Lockheed Martin, with improved engines and advanced technology. Clark believes that the US Air Force will not purchase military aircraft that are included in the "Next Generation Air Advantage" program in large quantities.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Core tip: The article points out that this force, still known as the "Self-Defense Force", has the potential to launch a large-scale offensive. Japan's Defense Ministry intends to from 2022, Apr 1 start of the next fiscal year for 5.48 trillion yen (approximately USD 49.86 billion) budget. If Congress approves, the military budget for the new fiscal year will increase by 2.6% year-on-year. The 130 billion yen for additional F-35 fifth-generation fighter, 10.2 billion yen for the acquisition of a Marine vehicle. Experts pointed out that in this century, the strength of the Japanese Self-Defense Force has not only increased year by year in terms of military technology. Tokyo's official conceptual views on the functions of the national armed forces have also undergone major changes. This force, still known as the "Self-Defense Force", has the potential to launch a large-scale offensive. June this year late Jul early between Japan and the US armed forces complete the di 36 "Oriental shield" joint military exercises. The main purpose of the claim is to exercise joint operations and operations in various environments (multi-domain and cross-domain). The exercise program includes the use of cyberspace and space to perform combat missions. In late August, the "Malabar" multinational naval exercise involving US, Japanese, Australian and Indian warships was held in the Western Pacific. The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force deployed the "Kaga" helicopter carrier, the destroyer "Murayu", the destroyer "Shiranhe", a submarine and a patrol aircraft. Japan's Defense Ministry intends to from 2022, Apr 1 start of the next fiscal year for 5.48 trillion yen (approximately USD 49.86 billion) budget. If Congress approves, the military budget for the new fiscal year will increase by 2.6% year-on-year. The 130 billion yen for additional F-35 fifth-generation fighter, 10.2 billion yen for the acquisition of a Marine vehicle. Experts pointed out that in this century, the strength of the Japanese Self-Defense Force has not only increased year by year in terms of military technology. Tokyo's official conceptual views on the functions of the national armed forces have also undergone major changes. This force, still known as the "Self-Defense Force", has the potential to launch a large-scale offensive. June this year late Jul early between Japan and the US armed forces complete the di 36 "Oriental shield" joint military exercises. The main purpose of the claim is to exercise joint operations and operations in various environments (multi-domain and cross-domain). The exercise program includes the use of cyberspace and space to perform combat missions. In late August, the "Malabar" multinational naval exercise involving US, Japanese, Australian and Indian warships was held in the Western Pacific. The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force deployed the "Kaga" helicopter carrier, the destroyer "Murayu", the destroyer "Shuntianhe", a submarine and a patrol aircraft. Japan is increasingly actively participating in joint military exercises with a number of NATO and "Indo-Pacific" countries. It was learned in August that before the end of this year, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force will conduct joint flight training with the Indian Air Force for the first time in history. The theme will be to drill the tactics of fighting in the air with fighters. According to Asian media reports, the Indian Air Force plans to send Russian-made Su-30mki fighters. Through this exercise, Japan empty from the pilots will be able for the first time to have a closer look at Su-30 series aircraft combat performance, mobility and combat radius. The Government of Japan intends to deploy an air defense missile unit of 500 to 600 troops and a shore defense anti-ship missile unit on Ishigaki Island in the near future. Island for Okinawa the third largest island is Nansei chain on the very edge of the islands lived on the island that included more than 46,000 people. The Ministry of Defense of Japan has set the time for the new troops to be stationed-before the end of 2022. In addition, considering the deployment of electronic warfare forces on the westernmost inhabited island of Japan (located at the westernmost point of the Ryukyu Islands, 125km from the east coast of Taiwan) is being considered. Tokyo plans to complete this task in 2023. In addition, the Japanese military budget in 2022 attaches great importance to research and development in the field of advanced technology. For which it is proposed to 300 billion billion yen. A priority direction in this regard is the development of hypersonic weapons. Japan's Defense Ministry is looking forward to obtaining "hypersonic cruise missiles" (HCM) and "ultra-high-speed gliding bombs" (HVGP). The HCM will use a scramjet. The test prototype of the new weapon test prototype is planned to start from 2024 to 2028. Another research and development direction of advanced technology is to build artificial intelligence drones to support FX fighters under construction. The latter should replace the air-powered Mitsubishi F-2 support fighters by 2035.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. According to a report by TASS News Agency Moscow on September 20, Ella Pamfilova, chairman of the Russian Central Election Commission, announced on the 20th that in the election of the State Duma (lower house of parliament) from 17 to 19, there are 5 parties through party lists elected to the State Duma. The United Russia Party's constitutional majority (above 2/3) is maintained and will receive more than 300 seats (a total of 450 seats in the Duma). The Russian Communist Party vote significantly improved the Liberal Democrats vote slipped nearly half last year before the establishment of the new party vote more than 5 wt% of the threshold. According to the report, according to the Central Election Commission, the final turnout rate was 51.68%, which was higher than the 47.88% of the 2016 election. In Sevastopol, Kursk, Murmansk, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov and Yaroslavl 6 districts through the federal platform of online voting, the voting and 93.21%. According to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, nearly 50% voters in the capital voted, and nearly half of them chose to vote online. The report pointed out that as the Central Electoral Commission counting nearly 100% from the results, the vote exceeded the constitutional limit of 5% threshold party is the United Russia party, the Russian Communist Party, the Liberal Democratic Party, just Russia-Patriots-for the Truth Party and the Newcomers Party (5.33%).
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Reference News Network Sep 22nd reported according to the Russian guan dian bao website Sep 22nd reported by billionaire Alexei nie qia ye fu under the leadership of the new party poised for more than 5% This vote threshold. Where are the reasons for the success of this new party based on young people? According to the report, the newcomer party was established shortly-March 2020. Party leader Necayev is the founder of the cosmetics company law Belic. He ranks second in the list of all Duma representative candidates. According to the report, a movement launched by the former Mayor of Yakutsk, the second figure of the Newcomers Party, Sardana Avksineyeva, has made people look at the party with admiration. During her time as mayor, she attracted widespread attention for auctioning official vehicles and refusing to reimburse a large amount of hospitality expenses. Yevgeny Minchenko, president of Minchenko Consulting, believes that the victory of the Newcomer Party is attributed to the sum of the following factors. "First of all, the name is very successful. Second, the party has established a fairly large regional network." The Newcomer Party is most popular in Siberia and the Far East. Mingchenko pointed out: "This happens to be a region that attaches great importance to its own regional attributes. The Newcomer Party proposes to redistribute budget funds from the central government to the region. These regions agree very much." The leader of the Newcomer Party himself positioned the party as a youth party. Vladislav Davankov, chairman of the Executive Committee of the Newcomers Party, said in an interview with The Viewpoint that the Newcomers Party can hear the voices of young people, which is one of the key factors for the party to enter the State Duma. He said: "Our activists come from various cities. They are young people between the ages of 20 and 27."
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. News that is not good for yourself is "fake news"! The science that is not conducive to oneself is "fake science"! The study of climate change is "rubbish"! Who pays, who is responsible for making the rules of the game! Where is here? This is the United States. Are we thinking of America too good? Might as well go and see what the former U.S. official said. David Michaels served as Assistant Secretary of Labor under President Obama from 2009 to 2017, serving as Assistant Secretary of Labor for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and is the longest serving administration official in the agency's history. Prior to that, he served as Assistant Secretary of Energy under President Clinton. He is currently a professor at the George Washington University School of Public Health. With this special identity, he exposed the evils of American society in his book "The Victory of Doubt. The U.S. government's behavior is absent on issues such as climate change, drug addiction, obesity, air pollution, and brain damage, and uses this argument to justify their inaction: the scientific conclusion is not clear, the data is not perfect, and further research is needed. The truth is not the case. Tobacco, automobiles, food, medicine and other industries, for their own benefit, employ some profit-only scientists to confuse themselves. These industries continue to attack real science and provoke doubts about the existing scientific evidence to achieve the purpose of influencing public policy formulation. Today, if a company is involved in a negative storm and a product is questioned about safety, few CEOs can stand up and say, "We will hire the best scientists to thoroughly investigate this issue. If the results of the investigation show that the product does have hidden dangers, we will immediately stop production." In fact, most companies facing a crisis will choose the opposite path. They seem to instinctively abandon morality, deny accusations, defend their products at all costs, and concentrate their fire on the scientific evidence that exposes problems. You may not be surprised by the business's mercenary behavior, after all, profit-making is the nature of businessmen. We don't expect businessmen to act like scientists. In most people's perceptions, scientists should be fair, political, and non-participating in interest disputes. Unfortunately, this book will break this perception by referring to "scientists" who make good use of science for profit ", and the" product defense industry "they rely on for a living-an industry that is entangled with well-known experts, clever public relations, and political lobbyists who work together to concoct pseudoscience to serve employers. When the Boston University brain study found that 110 of the 111 former major league football players surveyed had chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), major League football has hired its own scientists to refute these disturbing findings. While the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the National Toxicology Program (NTP) of the United States link alcohol consumption to certain cancers, the alcohol industry is still arguing that the links are uncertain, and double emphasis on "moderate drinking is good for health". When a company's products, raw materials or production methods are accused of hidden dangers-such as the release of toxic gases, pollution of water, the bounty scientist is responsible for integrating a set of scientific evidence to prove the product, there is not much problem with raw materials or production methods. These "experts" will concoct bright and unconventional reports and publish peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals (of course, the peers participating in the review are also "Gunners" who are paid). Michaels called this strategy of the company "production suspicion", derived from a paragraph written by an executive of the tobacco company in 1969. The executive admits that the tobacco industry is determined to fight back against all scientific research conclusions that are unfavorable to them and refuses to recognize the health hazards of smoking. He wrote: "We produce suspicion, because only by sowing the seeds of doubt in the hearts of the general public can we shake the 'existing fact' they originally believed '. Making doubts can also turn the fact of being one-sided into a debate." Nowadays, there is a lot of discussion about the scientific basis of public policy. In this debate, the relevant industries have achieved amazing results by relying on the corporate strategy of "production doubt. Some of their arguments seem ridiculous at first glance, but the real purpose of the product defense team is to disrupt the audio-visual and strive for breathing time. After raising doubts and disrupting the situation, some companies or industries may be able to gain enough time to consolidate their market position or develop alternative products. Because they sow the seeds of suspicion, measures originally used to maintain public health or protect the environment may be postponed or stranded. When a suspicious voice is confusing, the jurors in the court may also be affected by this. The evidence of certain serious diseases caused by a certain product is not conclusive. In addition, production doubts and attacks on science can also contribute to dangerous myths, such as misunderstandings about pressing issues such as vaccines, abortion, and climate change. In the long run, people will be subconsciously biased and ridiculed science and resist science-based policies. This is a great harm to the people, to the environment, and to the future. Assuming that there is a product used by every household, there is a one in ten thousand probability that the user will cause cancer. It is not easy to prove the causal relationship in this type of research. On the contrary, it is necessary to question the incomplete, the inadequacy is simply a breeze. One may say that one in ten thousand carcinogenicity is negligible and does not pose a "significant risk". But a billion people, which means that there are 100,000 people this product sick, can you and that 100,000 percent of people say their nutrition health important to you? Behind the icy number is living life. In public health, where we can't see, the lives of ordinary people are in danger. It is in order to save the lives behind the cold numbers that the formulation and implementation of public health policies are particularly important. The basic principles of regulatory agency policy formulation are based on the best scientific evidence available, but the product defense industry and its behind-the-scenes companies are preventing the government from fulfilling its basic obligations by walking skepticism. What is even more impressive is that American public officials have also participated in it, which has become a major "culprit" hindering policy making ". I have to mention the "revolving door" mechanism. The most interesting case of the revolving door is that the executives of large enterprises give up high-paying jobs and enter government departments, and become regulators in their original industries. After just a few years in the position of regulator, they will return to their original industry, get higher salaries and become higher executives, and make full use of the information they get within the government to guide businesses to circumvent regulation. In addition, there is also a more hidden and common practice. Some public officials may have worked within the system for 20 years or more, a number of years that will ensure that they receive a full pension from the government after retirement. With this guarantee, these people will choose to retire from public office and enter the industry they originally supervised. The "revolving door" phenomenon has intensified in the United States. After accumulating certain experience in the system, they turned to join the opposing camp, using their original accumulated contacts and understanding of the process within the system to confront their original allegiance system and obstruct supervision, delaying the introduction of safety and health policies. This is undoubtedly very ironic. In the United States, when a new public health standard is consulted, the draft new standard must be reviewed by the White House. Any regulation issued by any department will calculate the economic cost of every human life saved on average, and then it will prove to the White House that it is "earned" to spend so many lives, otherwise, the draft will be difficult to get the support of the White House. This is undoubtedly an uncomfortable calculation problem. It puts the economic benefits of the enterprise and the health of the employees on the opposite side, either chooses to spend money to keep the life and health of the employees, or sacrifice the life and health of the employees in order to save money. When the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration formulated the new Silica regulations, economists converted every life and every healthy lung into dollar values according to the standards recommended by the White House. Was 2012, then the price, every life is of value is 9 million dollars. The next step is cost-benefit accounting, and every life saved is a "gain". If any provision is to be approved, its benefits should be higher than the cost. Ideally, the benefits should be significantly higher than the cost. There is also an uncomfortable part of this calculation process, which is "discounting", which converts the value of assets at a certain point in the future to the value of the current point in time. Because the cash on hand can be used for investment, which leads to further economic growth, that is, "money makes money", so the dollar you have today is more valuable than the future one dollar; the value represented by a dollar today is also added to the interest calculated at the compound rate for the next 30 years. When calculating the value of life, it will also follow this method: if one person will die in 30 years, and the other person will die today, then save these two lives, when calculating the value, the current life is much more "valuable" than the one 30 years later. But at the same time, because of inflation, the dollar value of each life will rise over time. In the face of such abstract and harsh issues, the White House has set parameters and conversion rates. In this regard, President Trump's position has instead made the issue more straightforward, insisting that the federal government should have less regulation and less intervention, so the White House will not support any regulatory measures that increase the burden on businesses, regardless of their benefits. As soon as President Trump took office, he issued an executive order: If any department wants to introduce new rules, it must repeal two old rules, the cost of compliance with the new regulations should be less than the sum of the costs of the two old provisions. As for how many people's lives could be saved by the abolished old regulations, it is not within the scope of consideration. If a system is to be established to protect people and the environment, the United States must make corresponding changes. "The Victory of Doubt" takes the industry as a chapter and analyzes how companies manipulate science for profit, win over experts, and sacrifice public health. Michaels used his pen tip to expose the ugliness of dark money and bad science. The title of the book "The Victory of Doubt" is undoubtedly an irony. The victory achieved by the production of suspicion will not last long, and the mask of hypocrisy will be torn off sooner or later. This is a bold book that rings the alarm of scientific corruption and reveals the truth that needs to be popularized. Michaels wrote at the end of the book: "I wrote this book for them and for every generation in the future. I hope that they can make good use of the great power of science to create a safer, healthier and livable environment, so that every resident and every living thing can live a better life, this is what we need most, and there is no doubt about this."
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2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. According to Reuters in New York, US officials said on the 2 1st that "due to scheduling problems", A multilateral meeting on the sideline of the UN General Assembly with the participation of European countries such as France and US officials has been canceled. According to the report, the meeting is one of the three originally planned meetings. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and French Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian and foreign ministers from other countries will attend. This would have been the first time that the two sides have gathered since Washington and Paris fell into an unprecedented diplomatic crisis last week. Senior officials of the US State Department said at a briefing to reporters that the meeting planned by the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom on the 2 2nd had been canceled, but they did not say whether the cancellation was related to the submarine dispute. A senior US State Department official said: "I think the schedule has hindered the holding of the ministerial meeting." Asked if Blinken would hold separate bilateral talks with Le Drian, the official said: "I expect the secretary of state and the French foreign minister to have the opportunity to exchange views sometime this week." (Compilation/Wang Qun)
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. According to Agence France-Presse, the new Iranian President Ibrahim Leahy said at the United Nations on the 21th that if nuclear negotiations lead to the termination of sanctions by the United States, he supports talks on the 2015 nuclear agreement. "The Islamic Republic of Iran is considering useful talks, the final result of which is the lifting of all oppressive sanctions," Leahy said at the UN General Assembly." In his speech, he also declared that the hegemonic efforts maintained by the United States "suffered a fiasco". According to the report, Leahy said of the collapse of the US-backed Afghan government and the impact of the US Capitol on 6 January: "What we see in our region today proves that not only the hegemonic system, and the plan to impose a Westernized identity on others has suffered a fiasco." (Compilation/Wang Qun)
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Reference News Network reported on September 21 that the Spanish "National News" website published an article entitled "Germany: Facing the Confusion brought by the New Political Layout" on September 19, saying that the German election will bid farewell to "Merkel's stability". Full-text excerpts are as follows: The Germans are about to vote with a strange feeling. This is the first time in 16 years that there is no "writing" who will lead the country in the next four years. Some of the flaws previously made up for by Merkel's omnipresence have now been exposed. The great female prime minister has conveyed a sense of firmness, credibility and predictability in her decision-making, and now, with the general election approaching, no candidate has yet been available to replace her. "Merkel's stability" will end with her stepping down. The scattered vote, the multiple possibilities of a ruling coalition and the lack of strong leaders will revolutionize Germany's political landscape. The certainty will give way to confusion. With a week left in the general election, anything is possible. Although the polls give the SPD's Schultz a small lead, no one can rule out the possibility that the CDU's Raschet holds the premiership for his party. It is also impossible to predict which political parties will enter the government. Many parties, from the Liberal Democrats to the Left, to the Greens are likely to be part of the coalition leading Germany. All but the far-right German Choice Party, which has been excluded from the list of partners from other parties, has a chance. Core tip: The article said that "Merkel's stability" will end with her leaving office. The scattered vote, the multiple possibilities of a ruling coalition and the lack of strong leaders will revolutionize Germany's political landscape. Ulrik Gello, an expert on European politics, pointed out: "Germany has never experienced a general election where the opportunity is so open. The only certainty is that it is moving towards a combination of a three-party ruling coalition, and the possibility of a Green Prime Minister has disappeared." Germany will face three-party cabinet negotiations that have never been seen in the past 50 years.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Reference News Network reported on September 22 that Japan's "Asahi Shimbun" published an editorial on September 18, reminding Japanese people not to forget September 18. The editorial pointed out that compared with the memory of the victim, it is more difficult to pass on the history of harm. Full-text excerpts are as follows: On this day 90 years ago, a railway explosion occurred in Fengtian, northeast China, now Shenyang, on the outskirts of a place called Liutiao Lake. The September 18th Incident planned by the Japanese Kwantung Army started with this, and the Woo Lake incident became the starting point for invading China. After that, there was an intermittent war between Japan and China, and eventually fell into an all-out war called mud. The number of all casualties caused by the Japanese war of aggression against China far exceeds that of the war between Japan and the United States. In China, September 18th and July 7th, where the Lugou Bridge incident occurred, are called "National Shame Day". But in Japan, there is no such understanding of September 18th. Shousuke Yasukawa, an emeritus professor at Nagoya University, has insisted on investigating college students for many years. According to him, few students can answer when the war between Japan and China began. Compared with the memory of the victim, it is more difficult to pass on the history of harm, not to mention that fewer and fewer people can testify about it. Mie Prefecture was born of the Japanese army corporal Kondo a May this year died at the age of 101 years old. He once told about his experience of participating in the war after being sent to the front line of China in 1940. They used the captured Chinese for assassination training, or they had a group of people lined up vertically to conduct shooting through the experiment. Some comrades in the past were gradually alienated from him because he said these things to "embarrass his companions", but Mr. Kondo insisted on leaving testimony on the events of the year. "If you conceal these things, you can't tell future generations the truth of the war." In the memory of the old man Kondo, there are both brutal acts in China and the massacre of his comrades in arms during the subsequent battle in Okinawa. For him, speaking out these two experiences at the same time can be regarded as passing on the memory of the war. History will not repeat in the same form, but sometimes it will change its position, change its means, and still rhyme. Although many conditions in the first half of the 20th century are different from those of the present, we cannot slack off and no longer look for a perspective from history that does not repeat the same mistakes. It is indispensable not only from the standpoint of Japan, but also from the perspective of other relevant countries to look back and think. At that time, how did other countries understand our actions and ideas, and why did the war fall into a tragic end that no one wants to see? If Japan cannot analyze it with this multi-perspective historical view that relatizes itself, it will not be able to come up with an effective foreign and security policy today. The basic essence is to accept the historical facts and pass it on without asking whether it is the perpetrator or the victim. Core tip: The editorial said that if Japan cannot analyze with this multi-perspective historical view that relatizes itself, it will not be able to come up with an effective diplomatic and security policy today. The basic essence is to accept the historical facts and pass it on without asking whether it is the perpetrator or the victim. This is the scene of the September 18th not to forget the September 18th. On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the September 18th Incident, don't forget that the bell-ringing ceremony was held on the morning of the September 18th History Museum in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Xinhua News Agency reporter Pan Yulong photo
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Reporter from the recently Shandong communication organized by the authority of the "sail dual Gigabit Digital New Shandong" theme activities was informed that, as of now, Shandong cumulative completed and activated 5G base station 73,000 A, all of the county (city, district) to achieve continuous coverage of key urban areas. According to the plan, to 2023, end Shandong will build 180,000 a 5G base station 5G users accounted for 50%. In recent years, Shandong's information and communication industry has accelerated the construction of new infrastructure represented by "dual Gigabit" networks, promoted the high-quality development of the industry, and injected new momentum into the construction of a strong digital province in Shandong. Up to now, the Shandong province cumulative completed and activated 5G base station 73,000; To create a "5G + industrial internet industry application solutions 510 benchmarking demonstration project in 142; the province's fixed internet broadband access to the greatest extent to meet the 37.36 million households in the Gigabit User nearly 500,000 households, some important business building, large residential community, large-scale enterprises and institutions and other key areas have gigabit network access; all urban areas and administrative villages in the province have achieved 100% fiber coverage and 4G network coverage, and the Internet access capacity of urban and rural households has generally reached 200m. Zhang Hongyi, director of the Shandong Provincial Communications Administration, said that as the main force of the new infrastructure, Shandong's information and communication industry is fully committed to accelerating the overall upgrading of information and communication infrastructure and efficiently supporting the high-quality development of Shandong's economy, society and digital economy. Among them, focus on 5G and Gigabit optical network construction, continue to improve the network coverage level and gigabit business user experience; Focus on 5G and gigabit optical network industry applications, solid migration and synergy, complementary advantages, accelerate the integration of the real economy and the digital economy.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. His main research areas are strategic management, regional economy, low-carbon economy, etc. He published more than 80 academic papers, published many books, and presided over a series of related research topics. In the afternoon of the golden autumn, on the banks of Xili Lake, the campus of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), which has just bid farewell to the summer vacation and ushered in the beginning of the school season, has resumed its former excitement. The office of Wang Dong, director of the Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) Climate Change and Low-Carbon Economy Research Center and director of the Shenzhen Climate Change Research Center, is on this vibrant campus. More than 10 years ago, by chance, Wang Dong began to engage in related research in the field of low-carbon economy. Relying on the scientific and educational resources of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), he and his team united with domestic and foreign scientific research forces to build a high-level academic research base for Shenzhen in the field of climate change and low-carbon economy, and participated in the policy design work of Shenzhen carbon market construction. Wang Dong, 54, came to work in Shenzhen in 1992. In the past 30 years, his research field has shifted from early international investment to today's climate change and low-carbon economy. In 2010, in academic exchanges, scholars came up with the idea of building a "world-class ecological knowledge city" in Shenzhen. This is the origin of Shenzhen International Low Carbon City. "At that time, we only put forward an academic topic, but it was highly recognized and strongly supported by Shenzhen and Longgang District, and soon entered the demonstration stage." Wang said. The street lights on both sides of the road are complementary lights with small fans on the head and solar panels on their shoulders. They rely on wind and solar lighting to reduce energy consumption; The streets are equipped with supporting charging facilities, to meet the charging needs of electric vehicles; Discarded steel has been made into various sculptures in squares and gardens...... In Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City, the concept of green and low-carbon is everywhere. The designers have applied green building, waste recycling, low-carbon energy and other technical systems to transform the existing buildings and surrounding environment in the area. Wang Dong introduced that Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City itself is a built-up area, which is relatively remote, and the level of economic development is relatively lagging. "Facts have proved that low-carbon development can achieve industrial transformation and promote urban development. The international low-carbon city is a fresh case of Shenzhen's development of green transformation, a concrete action taken by the country to actively respond to climate change, and an internationally recognized replicable low-carbon development sample." As a researcher in the field of climate change and low-carbon economy, Wang Dong, who has worked and lived in Shenzhen for nearly 30 years, has changed the city from "Shenzhen speed" to "Shenzhen quality, feel very deep. Wang Dong believes that the continuous optimization of industrial structure and energy structure is an important reason for Shenzhen's breakthrough in low-carbon development in the past 10 years. The Shenzhen carbon market launched in June 2013 is one of the first carbon emissions trading pilots in the country. Wang Dong once led the team of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) Graduate School to participate in the construction of Shenzhen carbon market in terms of market mechanism design and carbon emission factor standard formulation. As China's 7 carbon emissions trading pilot provinces and one of the branches of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange in Shenzhen to 2012, launched China's first standard carbon trading in the local laws and regulations, the first in China to build up of carbon trading on the framework of the legal system; in the field of carbon financial innovation, Shenzhen has also explored "carbon bonds" and private "carbon funds. "Shenzhen's exploration has provided many institutional and empirical references for the establishment of the national carbon trading market." Wang said. "How to achieve the 'carbon neutral' goal? All localities still have to adapt to local conditions and cannot be 'one size fits all '." Wang Dong believes that "every city must choose a low-carbon development path that suits itself. With the passage of time, in the future, the innovation field of green and sustainable development will surely usher in huge growth space. It is still necessary to increase the exploration of new technologies and find more opportunities for industrial development in the process of achieving carbon peaks and carbon neutrality." "Climate change and low-carbon economy are an emerging discipline that requires a lot of talent support" Shenzhen Climate Change Research Center was established in 2017. It is a climate change decision-making think tank jointly established by Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission and Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen). "We focus on climate change, low-carbon economy, public policies, green cities, urban carbon emissions and other fields to carry out research, aiming to actively carry out inter-city and international exchanges and cooperation on climate change, promote Shenzhen and the country's major strategies to address climate change, low-carbon economic transformation and industrial development." Wang Dong introduction. In 2017, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) innovated and established the discipline of climate change and low-carbon economy. Wang Dong and the team members of the research center regard this discipline as the focus of the talent training system to deal with climate change economics, low-carbon technology economy and industrial economy, energy economy and finance, the four major directions, such as urban planning and low-carbon development, actively promote the construction of disciplines, and provide a large number of high-quality professionals for the government, enterprises and scientific research institutions. "Climate change and low-carbon economy are an emerging discipline that requires a lot of talent support." Wang Dong introduced that the discipline is very complex, so special attention should be paid to the interdisciplinary training of talents. "Many people think that economic-related research requires a management or economics background, but most of our graduate students are in forestry, energy, machinery and other professional backgrounds. For example, the study of low-carbon economy needs to be closely integrated with big data, and we have recruited graduate students with computer majors. Our center has collected more than 1.2 million carbon emissions data information, and on this basis to build carbon emissions information database." Wang said. "Water conservancy, energy, planning, electromechanical and other majors can be combined with green and low-carbon." Wang Dong said that in the future, colleges and universities can explore elective courses related to climate change and low-carbon economy for different majors. The important thing is to let all kinds of talents learn to think about problems with green and low-carbon thinking, to solve the problem.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Standing at the new historical intersection, based on the new development stage, implementing the new development concept, building a new development pattern, and promoting high-quality development, China's green hair is fully focused on the "dual carbon" goal, in the development of clean energy, work hard on the construction of low-carbon cities, the upgrading of modern service industries, and the cultivation and expansion of strategic emerging industries to promote the green and low-carbon development of enterprises and help build a beautiful China. Energy security is an overall and strategic issue related to the country's economic and social development. It is vital to the country's prosperity and development, the improvement of people's lives, and the long-term social stability. China Green Hair has thoroughly implemented the new energy security strategy of "four revolutions, one Cooperation", and vigorously developed large-scale, lean, and intelligent green energy industries, in order to build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, help the industry transformation and upgrading to play its strength. Relying on the national new energy development plan, China Green hair is developed with "base type, benefit type, demonstration type, innovation type and high quality type", in Qinghai, Xinjiang, Gansu, Hebei, Jiangsu, inner Mongolia and other 12 provinces have developed and constructed new energy projects such as wind power, solar thermal power generation, and energy storage, forming a green energy system of "land and sea, multi-energy complementary. Innovation is the first driving force to lead development. To grasp innovation is to grasp development, and to seek innovation is to seek the future. China Green Hair has always adhered to the innovation-driven development strategy, made every effort to enhance independent innovation capabilities and core competitiveness, solved the problem of "stuck neck" restricting the development of clean energy, and continuously improved the construction and operation level of clean energy. The national demonstration project of multi-energy complementary integration and optimization of Haixi Prefecture built by China Green Hair in Qinghai is a multi-energy complementary project integrating "wind, light, heat, storage, adjustment and load, achieve 24-hour stable continuous power generation and provide support for peak and frequency regulation of the power grid. In the field of offshore wind power, China Green Hair has carried out comprehensive technical research on automatic identification and positioning of submarine optoelectronic composite cable suspension, offshore wind power construction digital management technology, and 220 kV XLPE submarine cable construction technology in the intertidal zone, formation of offshore wind power characteristic development program. The key technology of peak shaving of the Jiuquan high-proportion renewable energy base developed by China Green Development and State Grid of China Green Development and State Grid fills the gap in the power grid peak regulation technology of large-scale new energy centralized AC/DC hybrid power grid under wide-area and multi-scale power grid. Focusing on this technological breakthrough, China Green Hair has achieved a series of innovative results with independent intellectual property rights and published 10 related academic papers. In recent years, China Green Hair has continued to increase the research and development of emerging industries, and has conducted in-depth Exploration and Research in hydrogen energy, energy storage, geothermal, and comprehensive energy services, and is committed to promoting the "two integration" and the landing of base projects, leading the diversification of the clean energy industry. Jinan Lexiu City, built by China Green Hair, obtained the health community Operation Gold level certification in 2021, advocating a healthy lifestyle of sports, leisure and entertainment, relying on the natural environment of Sanshan Eight Parks, configure intelligent environmental monitoring equipment, healthy water system and other supporting facilities, as well as convenient community medical and emergency rescue services, to create a community space to meet the health needs of the whole age. China Green Hair continues to explore the relationship between architecture and occupants, from architecture to community, from supporting to service, in the four directions of healthy building, quality community, health service and smart life, to create a Chinese green hair health home product standard system, with more comprehensive and high-quality green space to serve the residents of the good and healthy life. China Green Hair has made every effort to promote the in-depth development of the modern service industry, comprehensively advocate the concept of green and health in the development of cultural and tourism, commerce, hotels, property and other industries, and promote the formation of a green and low-carbon circular operation mode, leading the transformation of modern service industry to green development. In order to better protect the green water and green mountains, China's green hair will run through the whole process of planning, development and management of various cultural and tourism products. In the Luneng resort of Thousand Island, China's green hair research and application of low-carbon emission technology, using green energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials and low-carbon and efficient construction methods to build sports venues, and formulate ecological greening, seven ecological improvement plans focusing on ecological rehabilitation will create a sub-village of Qiandao Lake Chun'an Asian Games. For commercial, hotel, property management and other projects, China Green Hair adheres to the concept of energy conservation, emission reduction and green sustainable development, and puts "low energy consumption, low pollution, high efficiency, and high responsibility" throughout the design, construction, operation of the whole process. Up to now, 21 hotels have been certified as "Golden Leaf Green Tourism Hotel" and "Green Hotel. Relying on the natural resources and geographical advantages of rural areas, China Green Hair takes rural areas as an important starting point for achieving the "dual carbon" goal, actively implements the strategy of rural revitalization, and supports the development of rural areas according to local conditions, further expand the relationship between the project and agriculture, rural areas, and farmers, and make positive contributions to the construction of ecologically livable and beautiful villages. In the beautiful countryside of Luneng in Chongqing, China's green hair is based on smart agriculture, reducing the consumption of production resources, reducing the impact of agricultural production on the natural environment, and sharing the fruits of the development of modern service industry with villagers, it presents a vivid scene of "strong agricultural production, rural ecological beauty, and rich peasant life. In Zhongchagou, Jiuzhaigou County, Sichuan Province, China Green Hair built Jiuzhai Luneng Resort with the principle of "light development and heavy experience. The overall energy-saving design is adopted to make full use of new energy resources, reduce carbon emissions, and at the same time increase the green area and carry out ecological restoration, so that the building and the surrounding ecological environment complement each other. Through counterpart cooperation, China Green Hair and villagers jointly promote the improvement of village style and business cooperation in Zhongchagou, and promote the high-quality development of the local tourism industry. Focusing on the national "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 2035 long-term goal, China Green Hair builds a modern green industrial system, and strives to build a comprehensive industry leader with green and low-carbon as its main business, in order to achieve the goal of reaching carbon and carbon neutrality, promote the construction of ecological civilization, achieve sustainable development and build a modern socialist country and contribute wisdom and strength.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. In the golden autumn of September, under the blue sky and white clouds, a tall rig is roaring, rows of pumping units are busy waving bright red "arms", and the yellow land under their feet-in the Loess Plateau of northern Shaanxi, the crude oil production base of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group presents a picture of vitality. From 1907, onshore China the first oil well-extension of the well completion of the oil, as of now, Yanchang Petroleum Group has accumulated production of crude oil and 0.22 billion tons. In the first 8 months of this year, the company completed over the course of the production of nearly 68% from tens of millions of tons of the Tenth Five-Year Plan even stable "within a whisker. Innovation and development, supply and production, clean and low-carbon, this has a 116-year history of the "time-honored" oil enterprises, with their own practical actions, practice the new development concept, "Come on" for the 14th National Games (National Games) held in Shaanxi ". In the first half of the oil field production of crude oil and 5.63 million tons, overproduce progress 80,000 tons for three consecutive years hard majority ", tons of oil completely cost year plan decreases by 102.39 yuan, the production and business operation indicators better than expected. -- This is the "report card" released by the Yanchang Oilfield Company in the first half of the year ". This "report card" is still constantly refreshing. Aug fen oilfield production of crude oil and 980,000 tons to overproduce 20,000 tons. As Aug bottom Company has cumulative production of crude oil and 7.5622 million tons, the completion of the annual plan of 67.52%. Behind the data is the strength and ability of the oil group to "refuel" the National Games. From the former small oil workshop in northern Shaanxi, to today's world's top 500 enterprises, a hundred years of extension has grown into an important engine of Shaanxi's economic development, an important part of China's oil and gas industry. In the first half of this year, the group of industrial added value growth year-on-year growth of 26.11%, higher than the entire province by 14.51 percentage points, it is higher than the 10.21 percentage points, taxes and duties 21.4 billion yuan. "The task of protection is to protect development. As the official partner of the 14th National Games, since this year, in order to create a good environment for the National Games, we have coordinated the epidemic prevention and control and production and operation work, planned in advance to ensure supply and increase production." Lan Jianwen, chairman of Yanchang Petroleum Group, said. In addition, the reporter learned that, in order to enhance the convenience of oil consumption during the National Games, recently, Yanchang Petroleum Group in Shaanxi Province 463 gas stations to fully realize the oil card "interconnection", consumers can use the extended oil gas card or the extended Shell gas card to refuel at the gas station under the extended oil group. Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains. A good ecological environment is not only related to the sustainable development plan, but also the business card of the city's image. As the core plate of Yanchang Petroleum Group, Yanchang Oilfield has continued to increase scientific and technological innovation since the beginning of this year, exploring ways to achieve carbon neutrality, and contributing to the realization of the "dual carbon" goal in Shaanxi Province and even the whole country, program and strength, this is also one of the important points of the company's service to the National Games. "The well site is full of trees, and a small vegetable garden is planted next to the duty room. The green garden is green, but a weed can't be found. The well site is clean and tidy, and it also brings its own natural 'oxygen bar ', warm like a 'home'......" Speaking of the green ecological changes in the oilfield in recent years, an oil producer at the Xiasiwan Oil Production Plant of Yanchang Oilfield said with emotion. It is worth mentioning that Yanchang Petroleum Group pays special attention to the application of new technologies and processes. For example, to carry out the pilot test of carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage (CUS) technology, launch a number of wind power photovoltaic multi-energy complementary projects, Oilfield Company affiliated clean energy company pilot green plant, equipment companies pilot green supply chain management enterprises, etc. Yanchang oilfield face 3060 double carbon target highly motivated -- a case study of geological storage advantages to vigorously promotion CCUS technology, with the implementation of group 5 million tons/year CCUS project, it not only accelerates the realization of the "dual carbon" goal of the oilfield, but also turns waste into treasure, and uses carbon dioxide to drive oil to improve the recovery rate; It is cooperating with the group company to prepare the "dual carbon" and "two highs" dual control plans for high energy consumption, high-emission facilities and equipment list a timetable for renovation and elimination. The person in charge of the company pointed out that as a petrochemical enterprise, risk control, safety, ecological protection, and development are not only the prerequisite for implementing the "dual carbon" goal, but also the due meaning of sustainable and high-quality development. Yanchang Oilfield insists on safe and stable production and environmental protection development, pays attention to preventing and resolving major risks, and fully promotes the three-year special rectification of production safety, and fights the "four major defense wars" of environmental protection ", especially since the flood season, flood control has been included in the prevention and control of major risks, focusing on production on the one hand and controlling risks on the other, successfully achieving safety" zero accidents "," zero pollution "for environmental protection, and" zero casualties "of personnel", property "zero loss". "Please accept the epidemic prevention inspection, please wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, measure your body temperature, disinfect frequently, do your own protection, and consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations." Walking into every production area of the extended oil field, reminders like this can be seen everywhere. Effective prevention and control of the epidemic is a prerequisite for ensuring the stable operation of the social economy and the key to ensuring the smooth holding of the National Games. "Epidemic prevention and control is a major event of 'one stability and one loss. To this end, all the members of the company are working together, and with the attitude of 'preferring to prevent nine vacations, not to lose the prevention', it has started a campaign to safeguard the lives and health of the employees, A new epidemic prevention and control war to ensure the smooth operation of enterprise production and operation." Blue Jianwen said. Since the launch of the epidemic prevention and control work, Yanchang Petroleum Group has adhered to the prevention and control strategy of "external defense input, internal anti-rebound, and people with the same prevention" prevention and control strategy, and continued to sort out the shortcomings and loopholes in each link, and do a good job of wearing masks, prevention and control measures such as access control management, temperature measurement and killing, staggered dining, information management. Suspension of offline meetings and training, if it is really necessary, reduce the scale, control the number of people, strictly implement epidemic prevention measures, and report to the territorial prevention and control department for review. Strictly manage the travel of employees, formulate strict prevention and control plans, strengthen the control of three types of key groups, and do a good job in responding to emergencies, and effectively achieve "advance knowledge, early control, full knowledge, and full program control". At the same time, strengthen the organization of staff vaccination. Yanchang Petroleum Group statistics show that the current group's Covid vaccination rate is 96%, except for physical reasons temporarily unable to vaccinate, should receive the group vaccination rate reached 100%.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. The petrochemical industry has a large scale, many products and a wide range of radiation, which is of great significance to economic transformation and upgrading. The reporter recently learned that around the goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutrality", the National Petrochemical industry has accelerated strategic adjustment, but for comprehensive iteration, there are still insufficient regional coordination, low industrial level, the industry is facing challenges such as "stigma", and needs to promote location reconstruction, structural reshaping, vitality, and accelerate high-quality development. Enterprises and parks actively explore low-carbon paths. Jun end Sheng Hong 16 million tons/year Refining-Chemical integration project in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province medium-term delivery. "With a total investment of 67.7 billion billion yuan, safety and environmental protection investment of 11 billion billion yuan, after the completion of more than 80% of the raw materials and products in the base, the mutual cycle." Yu Huiyong, general manager of Shenghong Refining and Chemical, said that the second phase of the project is designing the general process according to the principle of "no carbon heating, no new oil products, and high production of olefins" to create a world-class green and low-carbon benchmark. According to the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, in Shanghai, Nanjing, Huizhou and other places, chemical parks with strong scale and strength are committed to green, low-carbon and coordinated development. Strengthen the coastal layout, East, West and synergy. For a period of time, the layout characteristics of China's chemical industry along the river are obvious. In recent years, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other provinces have accelerated the construction of coastal petrochemical industry. For example, Guangdong's high starting point layout of coastal petrochemical industry belt, BASF, ExxonMobil and other multinational giants and domestic central enterprises led petrochemical projects have landed. Some progress has been made in the exploration of linkage between the East, Middle and West regions. For example, Jiangsu Yangnong Group has joined hands with Sinochem International to build a new material industrial base in Ningxia, and Zhejiang Huafeng Group relies on Chongqing natural gas resources to develop adiponitrile, spandex and polyurethane industries. "'Double carbon' is not only a traditional concept of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, but also a development model innovation." Li Shousheng, president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, China's petroleum and chemical industry will enter an era of great transformation and reconstruction of the mode of development: the strategic transformation of the energy industry is coming, the structural reconstruction of the chemical industry is imminent, the low-carbon green development mode will be a "butterfly" leap, the competitiveness of leading enterprises and parks will be enhanced and reshaped, and the new development pattern, cooperation and win-win value chain will create the future with a new attitude. The petrochemical industry is related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and almost all developed countries are chemical powers. Some enterprise leaders and industry experts believe that in the face of the new situation and new requirements, China's petrochemical industry still has at least three shortcomings. Regional collaboration is still insufficient, and the spatial pattern needs to be reconstructed. "Many of the transfers to the West are resource-based industries, labor-intensive industries, and high-environmental load industries." Zheng Baoshan, vice president of the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, analyzed that the separation of resources and markets is also easy to bring new problems. For example, the production capacity of bulk commodities such as methanol is mainly in the Northwest resource areas and needs to be transported to the east for deep processing, it not only increases transportation costs and carbon emissions, but also has safety risks. The overall level of development is low, and the industrial structure needs to be reshaped. According to the analysis of industry experts, China's petrochemical industry is mainly concentrated in low-end levels such as mining, basic raw material processing, and general manufacturing. The proportion of high-end manufacturing and strategic emerging industries is very low, and the homogeneity is serious, the modernization level of the industrial chain supply chain needs to be improved, facing a series of challenges such as process technology, basic management, and alternative energy, and the task of accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry is arduous. On the whole, China's chemical industry accounts for a high proportion of low-end products, obvious resource-driven characteristics, and prominent resource contradictions. High-end chemicals such as surface coagulants and biochemicals not only have insufficient output, but also have a huge gap with international advanced technology. In recent years, a number of refining and chemical integration projects led by private enterprises have been put into production one after another, which has greatly changed the situation that some chemical products are highly dependent on imports. The industry faces "stigma" and technological vitality is to be revived. "Learning chemical engineering is not willing to dry chemical industry, which greatly restricts the power and ability of technological innovation." Qiao Xu, president of Nanjing University of Technology, said that in recent years, the public image of the chemical industry has not been seen in many places, and its attractiveness to talents has dropped significantly. Some people in the industry have reported that in some areas, the petrochemical industry is generally included in the "two highs and one capital" for strict control, and some areas have one-sided emphasis on controlling the total energy consumption, affecting stable expectations and objectively restricting the high-quality development of the petrochemical industry. Some people in the industry believe that thanks to China's huge market demand and the general trend of world economic recovery, the petrochemical industry is still in an important period of development opportunities, and whether the petrochemical industry can supply high-quality and sufficient new energy materials, it also affects the "dual carbon" process to a large extent. In the long run, it is necessary to strengthen policy design to guide the healthy, efficient and sustainable development of the petrochemical industry and help achieve the goal of "dual carbon. Optimize the spatial pattern and adapt the corresponding policies. Zheng Baoshan said that the adjustment of the layout of the petrochemical industry in the new era should follow the four principles of high-quality upgrade development, high-standard and standardized development, high-level agglomeration development and high-standard green development. According to the analysis of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, the petrochemical industry must do a good job in basic work and rely on advanced green processes and process technologies to achieve carbon emission reduction. Some experts and business leaders believe that it is necessary to attach great importance to the current situation of carbon emissions in the industry, but also to appropriately leave room for development. It is necessary to integrate the market, resources and other aspects to promote "transfer is upgrading", research on the appropriate emission rights, environmental capacity and other policies. Encourage cutting-edge projects and strengthen demonstration leadership. Some large petrochemical enterprises have called for "strict approval" at the same time, moderately accelerate the implementation of projects with real strategic leading value. Yin said that aiming at the national energy transformation, industrial security and the shortcomings of high-end new energy and new materials, Shenghong Group is deepening its strategic transformation, with the overall goal of building a world-leading new energy and new material industrial base, refining and chemical projects will be transformed into a large platform with strong basic raw material support capabilities, and self-reliance on science and technology will help China move from a petrochemical country to a petrochemical power. Give full play to the advantages of the industry to help the "double carbon" goal. The final solution of carbon neutrality is inseparable from the chemical industry, and energy evolution, energy conservation and emission reduction are inseparable from chemical reactions and chemical technology progress. Qiao Xu said that the chemical industry has a lot to do in the process of carbon neutrality. While promoting its own green development, the chemical industry should expand the carbon capture and carbon utilization industry chain. Industry experts believe that it is necessary to see the problem of carbon dioxide emissions from the production process of the petrochemical industry, but also to fully affirm and play the important role of petrochemical products and petrochemical materials in energy conservation and emission reduction for mankind and the whole society, green hydrogen preparation, purification and application, carbon dioxide capture, storage and utilization, etc. have strong potential, it is necessary to encourage industry cross-border collaboration, mining technology development and application of new space. Strengthen the guidance and reverse the image of the industry. "The chemical industry is by no means a sunset industry." Many industry experts believe that from chips to biomedicine, the chemical industry is the foundation for the development of many strategic emerging industries. The majority of enterprises in the petrochemical industry need to achieve iterative upgrading and gradually reverse their image through their own efforts; Some places should also accurately correct and change a series of "discriminatory" policies, including investment promotion, forming an organic renewal and virtuous circle of the industry.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [Global Network military report] According to the Russian satellite news agency Sep 21st message, a citizen of the Russian Federation in the future for a three-year budget draft explanatory notes show that Russia 2022-2024 budget set out in the draft, Russia 2022, defense spending for 3.51 trillion rubles, 2023, 3.55 trillion rubles, 2024, 3.81 trillion rubles. In terms of the proportion of GDP, Russia's defense expenditure in 2022-2024 accounted for 2.6%(2022) and 2.5%(2023 and 2024) respectively. According to the report, the Russian news agency obtained a copy of the draft explanatory note, compared with 2021 (accounting for 14.4% of the Russian federal budget), defense spending in 2022-2024 increased, they account for 14.9%, 14.5% and 15.3% of the Russian Federation's budget.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [Global Network Military Report] According to the Russian Satellite News Agency on September 21, the Russian Ministry of Defense "Red Star" TV reported that in the just-staged "Peace Mission" joint exercise of the SCO member states, for the first time, the Russian Army sent a "lens" armored ambulance. The armored vehicle is able to withstand shock waves and killing fragments from the equivalent of 8 kilograms of TNT explosives. According to the report, the "lens" armored ambulance uses a higher protective capacity of the "Typhoon" armored vehicle chassis, which can protect members and the wounded from light weapons and strengthen the anti-mine armor, it can withstand the shock waves and fragments generated by the explosion of 8kg TNT equivalent explosives. According to the report, the armored ambulance entered the Russian military equipment sequence in 2020. Its manufacturer said that the "lens" armored ambulance has attracted worldwide attention, and India has shown great interest in this armored ambulance. Reported that the peace mission 2021 the SCO joint anti-terrorism exercises September 20-24 in Russia Orenburg held China participating forces, including the nearly 5500 national military personnel and more than 1200 weapons and equipment in making.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [Global Network Reporter Xu Luming] Russia and Belarus held the "Western-21" strategic exercise just came to an end, the U.S. media hyped that, the Russian Army conducted a simulated nuclear strike on the US military stationed in Poland during the exercise. The United States Defense blog website Sep 20th reported that according to an unnamed Russian sources said, the main purpose of the "West-21" exercise hosted by Russia is to simulate counter-attacks in the event of a large-scale conflict with the United States and its NATO allies. During this exercise, the Russian army carried out a simulated bombing attack including live-fire long-range precision bombing. According to the report, as part of the exercise, two Russian Air and Space Army's Tu-22M3 bombers simulated an attack on the US military command in Poland, in addition, a Russian artillery unit with nuclear strike capabilities conducted live-fire drills. In the exercise, the Russian Army used the Soviet era developed 203mm caliber heavy artillery improved model, this kind of 2S7M artillery fired ordinary shells with a range of 47 kilometers, the use of rockets to increase the range is as high as 55.5 kilometers, and the main task of this artillery is to launch nuclear shells. It is reported that Russia white "West-2021" strategic exercises soldiers phase September 10-16 in Russia 9 range and Belarus 5 range held. "Security blog website quoted in the Russian media said that the exercise by a total of 200,000 soldiers, 80 aircraft and helicopters, 760 combat vehicles, including 290 tanks, 240 sets of artillery systems and multiple rocket launchers and 15 warships. According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on September 10, during the Russian-Belarusian "Western-21" exercise, the Polish Army also held a large-scale exercise at the same time. Reported that the military exercise code-named "Lynx-21" military exercise in the eastern part of Poland on September 10th kicked off, Poland dispatched more than 4000 officers and soldiers to participate in the exercise.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. "China and India are worried about sesame supply." According to a report by Radio France International on the 20th, the Asian Sesame market has been under tremendous pressure. India's sesame crop has had a poor harvest this year, but local demand is facing a strong recovery. According to the report, some agricultural experts said that the scarcity of supply has caused the Indian Sesame market to be "hot and abnormal". Indian agricultural data show that the wholesale price of white sesame in Gujarat has been rising from July to August, and there is still no downward trend. "Chinese buyers have been increasing Sesame purchases this month, probably because manufacturers replenishment to cope with tight demand." According to the report, the Chinese market is also facing a gap this year, and the global Sesame supply may be in short supply. Affected by adverse weather conditions, the harvest of Chinese sesame seeds is not satisfactory. The latest data show that compared with last year, China in the first quarter of the sesame imports surged 57% percent, an increase of 400,000 tons. According to the report, as the origin of sesame, the African continent has always been the main export destination of sesame seeds in the world. China and India demand have benefited Africa's major Sesame exporters Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso and Mozambique. Data show that African Sesame production accounts for about 50% of the world's total output. In the past ten years, China has maintained the status of the most important source of sesame imports. 2020, 10 yue to 2021, Apr African exports to China of sesame total amount of more than 400,000 tons, accounting for China's total procurement volume of 60%. African countries in the Western China's largest exporter, amounting to 120,600 tons. ▲
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. "Toyota will temporarily stop production in all factories in Japan." According to the "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported on the 17th, affected by the Covid epidemic in Southeast Asia, Japan's Toyota announced that 27 production lines of 14 factories in Japan will stop production in October. This is the first time Toyota has announced the shutdown of its local plant. After many days of supply chain pressure and even the loss of some foreign enterprises, Vietnam "thaw" epidemic prevention measures on the 2 1st to speed up the resumption of work and production. According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, Toyota's discontinued factories include the Motomachi factory and the Takaoka factory in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. The shutdown time of each factory is 1 day and the longest is 11 days. Toyota main models affected total will reach 150,000 million. At the same time, overseas factory will also cut 180,000. Earlier, Toyota Motor Corporation has said that 10 yue of car production than had been planned and reduce 40%, Toyota is expected to Aug to 10 yue reduction of scale will reach 900,000 million or more. According to the analysis of the report, Toyota in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries in the outbreak of operating rate decline, resulting in the impact of the supply chain. Japan's carmakers have been hit hard by the rapid spread of the Covid pneumonia virus in Southeast Asia, according to the website of the Japan Radio Association. Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo has also been affected by the epidemic situation in Southeast Asia. According to Japan's Fuji News Network reported, Fast Retailing announced from 17th on sales of Uniqlo series costumes, there are 4 is expected to extend to 10 yue mid sales. It is reported that affected by the Covid epidemic, Uniqlo's foundry in Vietnam may encounter production suspension, or face shortened working hours, resulting in the impact of supply. Uniqlo has the largest number of foundries in China, second only to China in Vietnam. According to Vietnam the "labor news" website reported that the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi from Sep 17th 6, local supermarkets, automotive, appliance, home building materials and the like, relate to people's livelihood industry restart, restaurants can resume takeaway business. However, restaurants are not allowed to operate Hall food, and the business hours of business premises shall not exceed 9 pm. Except for the government and diplomatic organs, military and police departments, and international organizations authorized by the epidemic prevention regulations, other government organs, enterprises and institutions should strictly implement the 50% principle, that is, the number of people working in the unit and at home is 50%. At the same time and strictly control the personnel of cross-regional flow. According to a reporter from The Global Times, the flow of vehicles and people on the streets of Hanoi increased significantly on the 2 1st, and many vehicles were full of various types of goods. The shops facing the street are basically open to welcome guests. In Southern Vietnam, from September 15th, Ho Chi Minh City will resume some commercial activities in the 7th and Guchi counties of the city. The Ho Chi Minh City Government requires that all employees authorized to operate must complete the vaccination of two doses of the Covid vaccine and must hold a valid nucleic acid test negative certificate. Wear protective equipment at work, and the catering industry can only provide takeout services, business hours must not exceed government regulations, etc. According to Vietnam's "Young People Online" website, Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Li Wencheng asked relevant departments to promote the progress of vaccination, and the government should actively guide and help people who have been vaccinated with two doses of vaccine back to production positions, eliminate obstacles in the transportation of goods, optimize approval procedures, and gradually promote economic recovery. Regarding the "three-in-place" model of enterprises that is still being implemented, the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam recently submitted a report to the central government showing that after the outbreak, the "three-in-place" model (local production, on-site dining and local accommodation) have led to a serious shortage of personnel, a sharp decline in production capacity, and even the industrial chain of some industries has been interrupted, and the export and foreign investment environment have serious difficulties. Enterprises guarantee the strict implementation of the Ministry of Health to formulate the epidemic prevention and control requirements, gradually resume work and production, will bring benefits to promote economic recovery. The report recommends reducing personal and corporate income tax and value-added tax rates, reducing productive costs such as productive land, water and electricity rents, and encouraging banks to provide credit support and interest reductions to enterprises to help enterprises resume work and production as soon as possible, to promote economic recovery. Li Mei Yulin, head of a motor equipment manufacturing company in Ho Chi Minh City, said that due to the severe impact of the epidemic and the lack of orders and employees, only a few of his company's Ho Chi Minh City Automobile Industry Park are still in production. The only goal of the business at present is to hold on to workers and orders. The early resumption of production will help enterprises to return to the state of development as soon as possible. Chen Yueying, general manager of South Taishan Import and Export Co., Ltd., said that the company strictly implements the government's "three-in-place" principle and epidemic prevention regulations, in line with the government's requirements for the number of employees in the factory, and the vast majority of employees were given two doses of vaccine. The early resumption of production will help companies reduce costs in terms of epidemic prevention, and the company has also actively adjusted its production plans. The pressure on Vietnamese companies to rush to resume work also comes from the trend of order transfer by international companies. Seriously affected by the epidemic, some US-based enterprises in Vietnam have transferred some orders to China, Singapore and other countries and regions. A few days ago, the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, the US-ASEAN Business Federation, the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam and other organizations submitted a joint letter to the Vietnamese government, saying that if the economy is not restarted as soon as possible, foreign capital may not return to Vietnam. At least 20% manufacturing companies have moved some of their production away from Vietnam, the letter states. ▲
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Sep 20th the wee hours of the morning Beijing Tongzhou District cell fire burned area of 60 square meters, resulting in 5 person's death. The preliminary investigations the fire department, fire up because the 3 layer tenants will be electric bicycle lithium battery into indoor occurred while charging the explosion. According to the data released by the Fire and Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Management, there are about 2000 fires related to electric bicycles every year, of which 80% are caused when charging. Electric bicycle fires cause life and property losses frequently stinging the public's heart. In view of this, the Emergency Management Department has issued new regulations to prohibit charging electric bicycles in public spaces of civil buildings. However, due to the lack of electric bicycle parking and charging places in some communities, the number of charging piles is also seriously mismatched. Some people have no choice but to take the battery home to recharge; Some people lack fire safety knowledge and do everything possible to find channels to illegally modify the battery to extend the mileage. As everyone knows, every Fluke is a huge risk, which is very likely to lead to irreparable consequences. To avoid electric bicycle fire accidents, the most important thing is to reduce the risk from the source. Only when the parking place and charging facilities are sufficient, and the residents will not "play guerrilla" and do not have to take the battery home to charge and cause danger. In addition, I would rather "offend people" than "dead people". In response to the phenomenon of some residents parking, electric vehicles "going upstairs", privately pulling wires and charging day and night, some community owners and property management personnel have spit out that management is weak-"You can't send someone to watch at the entrance of every corridor." "Neighbors say and offend people". However, public safety is related to everyone's vital interests, and it is not afraid of "offending people" in order to minimize the occurrence of tragedies. In addition, law enforcement agencies should also strictly enforce the law and enforce the law in a timely manner. The new regulations formulated by the Emergency Management Department have been formally implemented, and fire departments in many places across the country have successively issued "fines" for serious violations, fully releasing the warning effect. However, there are still some places that have not yet carried out special rectification actions in conjunction with the new regulations, and there are phenomena such as untimely law enforcement and carelessness. Life safety is above all else. To control electric bicycle fires, we should not only be vigilant and guard against death, but also change blockage into sparse, strengthen infrastructure construction, and make up for the "shortcomings" of people's livelihood ". There is no "pain" that can't be controlled, only the "injury" caused by letting go ". (Commentator Wu Wenxu, Zhang Xiao)
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. "In terms of the domestic power engineering construction market, the diversified pattern of supply and demand in China's power industry is becoming more and more clear, and the trend of low-carbon structure is becoming more and more obvious. In the future, domestic coal power is expected to focus on the western and northern regions of China." Li Bin, executive vice president of the China Electric Power Construction Enterprise Association, said at the press conference of the annual development report 2021 of China's electric power construction industry. The report pointed out that renewable energy will change from the original incremental supplement of energy and electricity to the incremental main body of energy and electricity consumption. Enterprises in the power industry will take multiple measures to promote clean energy development. In the future, hydrogen energy is expected to play an important role in solving energy crisis, environmental pollution and other issues. In the power engineering construction, 2020, over the course of the power engineering construction projects in 2030, with a total installed capacity of 429.48 million kW; Power grid engineering construction projects a total of 3936 total substation capacity of 516.25 million KVA, total line length 79367km. "From the perspective of regional distribution, affected by the degree of economic development and the country's policy factors to make up for shortcomings, the total transaction amount of power construction projects in 2020 tends to be more open in the eastern region." Shi Yucheng, director of the industry department of the China Electric Power Construction Enterprise Association, said. In the international market, 2020, China power enterprise foreign direct investment (FDI) the total amount of 7.85 billion dollars, an increase of 84.3% over the same period. It is noteworthy that the 2020, Chinese enterprises in overseas power engineering construction field signed the contract in the amount of 50.73 billion dollars for the 7.6% per cent year-on-year fall in but major power companies overseas signed the contract in the amount of 27.17 billion dollars for, yoY growth of 12.8%. "The international electric power engineering construction market, ASEAN is among the world's top energy consumption of one of the fastest growing areas, with an average annual growth rate of about 6%." Shi Yucheng said that coal-fired power generation is still the main power generation method in the ASEAN region. With the advancement of green energy transformation, clean energy such as renewable energy and natural gas will become a new growth point for its power construction. Affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and other factors, various types of power construction enterprises in terms of operating income, net profit, asset-liability ratio and other aspects have different changes. Among them, thermal power, hydropower, power transmission and transformation, supervision and commissioning enterprises have all achieved varying degrees of growth in total operating income, but except for power transmission and transformation enterprises, the net profits of other types of power construction enterprises have declined. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, a total of 144 power projects won the "National Quality Engineering Award" and 23 power projects won the "China Construction Project Luban Award". "In 2020 alone, China's power projects have created 8 world firsts, and many of the world's most powerful power projects are under construction." Li said. With the rapid development of the power construction industry, there are still phenomena such as irregular operation of the bidding market, unequal responsibilities and rights of the supervision industry, and an imperfect business environment in the industry market, in the operation of some power construction enterprises, there are common problems such as heavy transformation tasks, low contract conversion speed, and weak awareness of contract risk prevention. Li Bin believes that on the one hand, the government and industry associations need to take macro measures to carry out government supervision, industry self-discipline and coordination from the perspective of strategic planning and top-level design. On the other hand, enterprises need to improve quality and efficiency, to tap the potential to increase income, risk prevention and other aspects to take corresponding countermeasures to resolve.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. With the emergence of the recent structural market, many public equity funds have attracted the attention of many investors due to their outstanding short-term performance, and continue to obtain large net purchases, while some high-performance public funds have uncharacteristically opened the sales restriction mode. Wind data show that as of September 16th, a-share market has 4032 public funds (different shares calculated separately) suspended large or suspended subscription, of which, the number of restricted funds increased significantly in 8 months and 9 months, since 8 months, more than 500 funds have issued relevant announcements on the suspension of subscription, and the number of outstanding funds is relatively high. Chen Dong, director of the financial products department of Liantai Fund under Investment Technology, believes that sales restrictions are commonly used by fund managers. The rapid increase in the size of the fund may not only affect the investment operation of the fund manager, but also may dilute the income and affect the interests of the original holders. Some fund managers are forced to take the initiative to control the scale of management and open the sales restriction mode in order to ensure the smooth operation of the fund. Industry insiders said, in general, fund restricted more than 10 million yuan, equivalent to the basic refused institutions inflows of financial resources; Restricted 100,000 yuan or 1 million yuan, basically declined to retail in large; Limit 1000 yuan, it is basically equivalent to suspending the purchase. Is the increase in fund sales restrictions a signal of changes in market investment styles? Ren Tu, an analyst at China Merchants Securities, said that since the beginning of this year, the number of cases of restrictions on the sale of public funds has increased. In addition to active equity funds, some index funds have also opened the sales restriction mode, the fund company's explanation for the suspension of large-scale subscriptions is "to ensure the smooth operation of the fund and protect the interests of fund holders". In the current structural market, high-quality investment targets are limited, the scale of the fund is too diluted, and the influx of large amounts of funds will also increase the difficulty of fund managers to adjust positions to a certain extent, thus affecting fund performance. Due to the variety of specific reasons for restricting sales, most high-quality fund restrictions are not necessarily the timing signal of the market. In the long run, this approach actually protects the interests of fund holders, and investors should rationally treat the increase in fund sales restrictions. For fund managers, most of the restrictions on selling "no" to scale are for better investment performance in the future. Chen Dong said that since the beginning of this year, the overall volatility of the index has intensified, the structural characteristics of the market have been further strengthened, style switching and plate rotation have been significantly accelerated, and excessive management scale will limit the flexible adjustment of funds, increase the difficulty of fund managers. For public funds with heavy positions in small and medium-sized stocks and relatively small scale, due to the strong performance of small and medium-sized stocks this year, and the smaller scale is more convenient for fund managers to adjust their positions flexibly to adapt to market changes, therefore, the overall performance of the recent performance is superior. When the size of the fund rises rapidly, large-scale funds may not be able to participate in some small and medium-sized market capitalization targets due to the limitation of the proportion of holding circulating market capitalization, which increases the difficulty of stock selection and investment restrictions for fund managers. In addition, when the fund ushered in a substantial purchase, the new funds need to open positions, resulting in higher transaction costs and shock costs, thus dragging down short-term fund product performance. In addition to considering the operation of the fund, some fund managers restrict the behavior of blindly chasing up through restrictions on sales, which is also to guide investors to invest more rationally and protect the rights and interests of investors.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. She won the bronze medal in the National Games this time. She also said on Weibo, I really want to win a championship. It would be a consolation for him, But I am really......" Already competing with a small round of athletes, Facing the same as Fu Yuanhui But fortunately, But his experience of the 3 ~ (th) National Games, "The next National Games will be in our Guangdong Greater Bay Area, But my chances of participating are already very small. But it doesn't mean it's my last game." Thank him for his dedication to Chinese track and field. Are the only three pre-95 s in this final, "I am now a teacher at Jinan University, This is a competition between teachers and students."
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Andrei Baranov, deputy director of the Central Design Bureau of Russian "Ruby" naval equipment, said in an interview with the satellite news agency a few days ago, the Bureau has submitted the latest plans for several fifth-generation (conventional) submarines, including the Karina class, to the Russian Ministry of Defense. According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on September 21, in response to a question about the fate of the fifth-generation conventional submarine "Karina" class, Baranov said that the "Ruby" design bureau submitted several plans to the Russian Navy, "The decision is in the hands of the Russian Navy". Alexei Rachmanov, general manager of the Russian United Shipbuilding Group Corporation, said earlier that the Russian Ministry of Defense has no longer invested in the latest fifth-generation submarine "Arctic Snow Dog" (Husky) nuclear submarine project and "Karina" class diesel-electric submarine project, united Shipbuilding Group is currently advancing these two projects at its own expense. Earlier, Rachmanov revealed that the fifth-generation submarine will be very quiet and a veritable "ocean black hole."
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [Global Times Comprehensive Report] There are many surnames in Taiwan. According to Taiwan's United News Network on the 2 1st, a netizen shared the "Ministry of the Interior" statistics on the Internet, showing that there are 1832 surnames in Taiwan. The first name is "old" di 2 to 10 sequentially to the forest, yellow, Zhang, Li, Wang, Wu, Liu, Cai, Yang. There are also many rare surnames. For example, some people use the position as the surname, and there are surnames in the east, west, north and south; There are also people surnames in the spring, summer, autumn and winter, or the "Heavenly Stems and Earth branches" as the surname. Some netizens replied jokingly that they felt that the surnames of no more than 20 people were actually family members; Others said, "When I saw the last name, I felt that my surname was not rare". (Name)
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. The "General Office of the General Assembly" of the Taiwan authorities recently announced the results of a 10-year census, in which the marriage and childbirth problems reflected have attracted the attention of public opinion and experts. The media recently reported that Taiwan marriageable population wei hun lv up to 43.2%, which is equivalent to about 3 million people are the fertility decline would break in the workforce and economic growth influence greatly. Relevant analysis pointed out that the main reason why young people in Taiwan do not marry is "trapped in low wages". Taiwan's "Business Times" Review article pointed out that a survey of women's marriage and childbirth and employment found that the three major reasons why Taiwanese women do not marry are: they have not yet encountered marriageable objects, economic factors, and work factors; for how to improve the willingness to marry, 40 percent of the respondents checked "have a stable job and income".
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Overseas Network, September 22. On the 2 1st local time, Philippine President Duterte criticized rich countries for hoarding Covid vaccines at the United Nations General Assembly, resulting in many developing countries facing vaccine shortages, and called it "selfish behavior that is neither unreasonable nor ethical". According to the Associated Press and the New York Times on the 2 1st, at the United Nations General Assembly held on the same day, Duterte said through video that "the current situation is not optimistic" and that rich countries hoard life-saving Covid vaccine, poor countries are still waiting for a small amount of vaccine to arrive. "(Rich countries) are now talking about getting a booster shot, while developing countries are considering one shot." He mentioned that the difference was "shocking and unbelievable" and that it was "a selfish act that was neither unreasonable nor ethical and should be condemned." Duterte added: "The obvious fact is that unless the new coronavirus is defeated everywhere, this epidemic will not end." In addition, other heads of State, including the Presidents of Peru and Colombia, also referred to the need to reduce global inequalities in vaccine access. (Overseas network Zhang Ni)
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. The World Intellectual Property Organization released the 2021 Global Innovation Index on the 20th, showing that China is further closer to the top ten in the world, rising from the 14th place in the 2020 list to the 12th. North American and European economies continue to "dominate the list" Global Innovation Index, followed by Switzerland, Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, the Netherlands, Finland, Singapore, Denmark and Germany. Among all middle-income economies, mainland China ranks the highest on the Global Innovation Index and is the only one in the top 30. Among other middle-income economies, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, India, Ukraine and Montenegro ranked among the top 50. From a regional point of view, North American and European countries occupy eight seats in the top ten. However, the economies of East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania have also shown strong innovation vitality, gradually narrowing the gap with the leaders in the past decade. In the 2021 list, South Korea's performance was quite bright, from the tenth place in the previous year's list to the fifth place in this year's list. Among the economies of East Asia and Southeast Asia, in addition to South Korea, Singapore and China, Japan and Hong Kong are also among the top 15 in the Global Innovation Index, with Japan ranking 13th and Hong Kong, China ranking 14th. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) pointed out that the global innovation investment in the Covid prior to the outbreak reaches the highest historic peak, global R & D investment in 2019, growth in 5%. Despite the huge impact of the Covid epidemic on the global economy, many governments and enterprises around the world are still increasing their investment in innovation, which fully demonstrates the resilience of global innovation investment, it also illustrates the recognition of the important role that innovation will play in the recovery of the epidemic and economic growth. ▲ (Zhen Xiang)
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [Global Times Comprehensive Report] The election of the president of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan will be held soon. Several candidates have shown hardship to China, but one of the candidates, former Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono, has encountered "Red Red". According to Japanese media reports on the 2 1st, many people on the Internet question that Kono's family business is related to China. If he becomes Japanese Prime Minister, his China policy will be affected. On the 2 1st, Taro Kono said at a press conference that "this has no impact on my political activities at all". According to a report by Japan's "Japanese terminal Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "Japanese terminal") founded by the Kono family is inextricably linked with China, according to Japan's "Japan's" Shiji Shimbun "report on the 2 1st. Founded in 1960, the company mainly produces and sells electronic equipment such as wiring heads and connectors. Yohei Kono, the father of Taro Kono and former Speaker of the House of Representatives, served as the major shareholder, and Kono Jiro Kono served as the president. Taro Kono once entered the company in 1993 and then withdrew, but still holds shares in the company. Japan's "Business Daily" said that public information shows that the Japanese terminal in Beijing in December 1995 set up a joint venture company, in which the Japanese terminal invested 60%, "A company with the Communist Party of China" contributed 40%. After the Japanese terminal, a number of subsidiaries were established in Hong Kong, Suzhou, Guangzhou and other place. As a result, the Nippon Electronics founded by the Kono family is considered to be "injected into the blood of the Communist Party". Japan's weekly wen chun of 21st issued a document, said family businesses in recent years Kono provides 67 million yen of political contributions. In response to these reports, Taro Kono made it clear on the 2 1st that "this has no impact on his own political activities at all". Even if he holds the company's stock, "every time he earnestly reports the assets, there is no problem". In addition, the network also spread such a message: Kono 8 years ago with the Obama-era ambassador to Japan met once said, japan-China relations because the Senkaku Islands (that is, the Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated islands) that are full of stones, it is better to give them (referring to China). Kono denied the rumor at a press conference on the 2 1st, saying that "it is inconsistent with the facts and is fake news". Another candidate, Gao City, is busy with the Chinese topic to show his presence. On the evening of the 20th, she held a "video meeting" with Tsai Ing-wen, leader of the Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan, to discuss "cooperation between the two sides". Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the main supporter of Takaomiao, a former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, issued a social media statement that "the two people who protect freedom and democracy have the world's attention". However, according to the Asahi TV 21, the latest public opinion survey shows that in response to the question "who is most suitable for the next president of the Liberal Democratic Party", The Japanese respondents who answered Taro Kono were 53%, occupying the first place, more than double the second-ranked Fumio Kishida (20%). But the answer Takaichi and ye tian sheng zi of respectively 13% and 5%. (Xing Xiaojing)
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [Global Network Report] "You call me a killer, I am a little unhappy." The new book of an American reporter broke the news that Russian President Vladimir Putin once expressed his views on "killer" remarks during a phone call. Russia Today "(RT) message, according to The Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, and Robert Costa on Biden government a few weeks prior to the beginning of the behind-the-scenes reporting April this year, in his first bilateral call with Putin since he took office, Putin said to Biden:" I'm a little upset that you call me a killer." The report mentioned that, according to Woodward and Costa, Biden only said that his comment was "not premeditated". "I was asked a question and I gave an answer. It was an interview on a completely different topic." He said. The report mentioned that, shortly before the call, Biden was asked in an interview if he thought the Russian leader was "a killer," "Mmm-hmm, I think so." Biden said in answer. According to previous media reports, Putin later accepted media interviews and responded when talking about Biden's "killer" remarks, "I hope he (Biden) stays healthy". He stressed that this was no joke or irony. Russian President's press secretary Dmitry Peskov also told reporters in June that the Kogong thought Biden's remarks about Putin were "very bad" and that "Biden made it clear that he did not want to improve relations with our country, we will use this as a prerequisite for (action against the United States)." June this year Putin and Biden met again before the response to the matter said: "In my term of office, I have become accustomed to from various angles, in various fields, all kinds of excuses, reasons for, I am not surprised by the attacks against me with different calibers and different levels of intensity." He also said at the time that Washington-Moscow relations were at their lowest point in years.
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Morrison posted a photo of the meeting with Biden, posing "respectful", Australian netizen: Does he know who you are?
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. Bloomberg September 21 article, original title: China's second-hand market is booming Chinese consumers have become more and more cautious. Strict epidemic prevention and control measures are one reason, and another is the government's recent rectification of industries from real estate to extracurricular counseling. Nowadays, more and more consumers are not spending in shopping malls, but buying second-hand goods. In the first half of this year, through e-commerce platform for the sale of second-hand of the user the number reached 0.202 billion, more than 0.183 billion for all of last year. For a long time, there have been contradictory relations between China and second-hand goods. Second-hand clothing was once considered unlucky. However, not all second-hand goods are being avoided. For decades, most of China's cities have had a booming market for second-hand Electronics, which often cater to college students looking for cheap electronics. China also has a long-standing booming second-hand luxury market. China's tech giants are also targeting this market. In 2012, Alibaba launched an online flea market called "Xianyu. acquired the online market "Pat net" and positioned it as a direct competitor to Alibaba (idle fish). 2017, Tencent's second-hand platform "around" 0.2 billion billion dollars. At first, the business growth of these second-hand E-commerce platforms was slow, but some key advantages quickly emerged. First of all, after 30 years of rapid consumption, many Chinese families have accumulated items that far exceed their actual needs, especially clothing. Study estimates that Chinese consumers annually throw away 26 million tons (scrap) clothing. Most of this can be resold: China is now one of Africa's largest suppliers of second-hand clothing. From mobile phones to sofas to cookware, similar surpluses are present in a range of other goods. Second, young Chinese consumers have not inherited their parents' contempt for second-hand goods. 2020, China second-hand goods market volume of more than 48 billion billion dollars, an increase of 19% over the same period, this year is expected to reach 62 billion dollars. (Translated by Ding Yuqing)
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. The French letters Sep 20th article, the original title: Alzheimer's disease, of China's public health "time bomb" at present, China has around 10 million in patients with Alzheimer's disease, the world of the total number of patients with 1/4. "There is no other public health problem in China that is so threatening," said Wei Shou Chao, a neurologist at Guangdong Medical University. According to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, College of the latest studies, with a rapidly ageing population to 2050, China's Alzheimer's disease patient number is expected to double in the next (40 million),. The report says Alzheimer's disease in medical expenses in the nation's labor force loss of two on each year by a staggering 1 trillion dollars economic losses. In China, the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is often late, which complicates follow-up treatment. When Chen Shaohua, 68, began to lose his keys and wallet, relatives and friends blamed carelessness. "We never thought (he would get Alzheimer's disease) because there is no history at home and he is still very young," said Chen Shaohua's daughter. He Yao, an expert on the executive committee of the National Center for Clinical Medical Research on Geriatric Diseases, pointed out that some patients have not been treated or helped for many years due to the lack of effective diagnosis of the disease. He said: "This is regrettable because early intervention can slow the development of the disease." In addition, as millions of people move to cities, the elderly left behind in the countryside are vulnerable in preventing Alzheimer's disease. China issued the "Healthy China Action (2019-2030)" in 2019, which emphasizes the promotion of Alzheimer's disease testing at the community level, but does not include details about the establishment of nursing institutions or training doctors. Wei Shou Chao said that doctors in rural areas have basically not received training to diagnose early Alzheimer's disease. Even in Beijing, only one nursing home care home learns how to care for people with Alzheimer's disease. (Zhao Feng English translation)
2021-09-22: [Original Article]. [Open in a new tab]. [Global Network Report] The general debate of the 76th United Nations General Assembly kicked off on September 21 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA. According to the Associated Press, UN Secretary-General Guterres said in his speech that day, "We are facing the biggest crisis in our lives." He said that there are "six major gaps" in the world today and said that "the world must awaken". "We are on the edge of the abyss, heading in the wrong direction." According to reports, Guterres said, "I'm here to sound the alarm. The world must awaken." According to the report, he also said that the world has never been threatened and divided. He said that people may not only lose confidence in their own government, but when they see all kinds of corruption and cruel reality, they may lose confidence in basic values. In response, he urged world leaders to bridge six "gaps": promoting a peaceful end to conflict, rebuilding mutual trust in the northern and southern hemispheres in response to global warming, narrowing the gap between rich and poor, and promoting gender equality, ensure that people who cannot access the Internet will be online by 2030 and address the intergenerational divide by giving young people a "place. The report also mentioned that the tension between China and the United States and the situation in Afghanistan are also urgent issues on the agenda of world leaders. Before the opening of the general debate of the UN General Assembly, Guterres issued a warning on Sino-US relations, saying that the relations between the two countries are "completely dysfunctional" and may trigger a new Cold War. He also said that the United States and China should cooperate on issues such as climate, "but unfortunately, there is only confrontation". In response to this on the 20th, White House spokesman Psaki declared that the United States was competing with China rather than conflict, and predicted that Biden would emphasize that the United States "does not seek a new Cold War" in his speech at the General Assembly ". Biden used this statement when he spoke on the 2 1st, but the inconsistent words and deeds of the United States made his remarks subject to many doubts.